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San Francisco issues SMACKDOWN on parking spot sale software

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Re: Money For Nothing, Over and Again...

@ Kristian Walsh

"If it's a roadside meter, the next person doesn't have to pay anyway..."

It must be nice, living where you do. A lot of the cities in my neck of the woods that haven't gone the "ticket kiosk and numbered space" route have installed coin-op digital meters with sensors that flip the time remaining to zero when the vehicle leaves the space in front of it.

Wikipedia insists paid editors reveal their bits in public

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"... can threaten the trust of Wikimedia(...)"

DOES anybody actually trust Wikimedia?

Ohio man cuffed again for shagging inflatable pool raft

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There's a raft of things wrong with this story.


Kids hack Canadian ATM during LUNCH HOUR

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@ Matt Bryant Re: Mephhead Not an 'hack'.

"...For me, an 'hack' is a tool coded as one part of an attack..."

Perhaps this escapade falls more into the M.I.T. definition of a "hack":


"The word hack at MIT usually refers to a clever, benign, and 'ethical' prank or practical joke, which is both challenging for the perpetrators and amusing to the MIT community (and sometimes even the rest of the world!). Note that this has nothing to do with computer (or phone) hacking (which we call 'cracking')."

Urine a goldmine for fuel-cell materials: boffins

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"...doped collections of carbon atoms recovered from human urine..."

Can I smoke ANY old dope, or does it have to be a specific breed?

"Well, Mr. Johnson, the bad news is that you failed the drug test, so you can't make you an offer for that management position. The good news is that it means that we CAN offer you a position in our battery-manufacturing division!"

Texan parks quadcopter atop Dallas Cowboys stadium

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It'll come back down...

What with the tornados, supercell storms, etc., that roll through Texas in the summertime it'll come down eventually.

All he has to do is hang around outside the stadium during a thunderstorm and wait for it...

I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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"Alistair Dabbs is recovering from the dreaded lurgy..."

So the trombone therapy is working, then?


Samsung wants to 'thingify' your BODY with Simband

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This sounds like it would be collecting the same sort of data that a polygraph does -- BP, respiration, skin conductivity, heart rate, etc. I'm sure that this would be very convenient for organizations that might want to ask one embarrassing questions, since they wouldn't need to hook you up to any distracting equipment (nor, presumably, ask your permission to do so). Better still, if the wristband stores data locally between uploads to the cloud, they would have a really good set of baseline readings for you.

...Or am I misunderstanding how this thing would work...?


Mike Moyle Silver badge


Thanks, Mr. Ford, but I'll pass on your fancy "au-to-mo-bile". I've got a horse and buggy for local trips and there's a train station right in the center of town.

What's that...? "The technology will change the world in ways you never imagined...?" Don't make me laugh!!

Come with me if you want a lid: Apple bags Terminator-esque LiquidMetal mobe patent

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Re: thermal movement

Actually, I don't think it would matter WHAT the backside/case is made of. My first thought was of an older-style mono body iPod/iPhone case with a lip at the top making a channel around the opening. Pop the glass in and squirt the liquid metal between cover and case. Presto...! You have your glass locked in by a metal gasket locked in a metal channel. The only way to repair any parts would be to break the bezel out and re-install with another MIM machine. Not only would this not be something that the average home hobbyist would be likely to own, it would probably be too expensive for most commercial electronics repair services.

And people complained about the hot-glue-sealed-screen models being hard to repair!

'Bladdered' Utah couple cuffed in church lawn sex outrage

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This *WAS* a Catholic parish, after all... If they WANTED to turn kids off of sex, seeing this would probably do it!

Truck-sized asteroid slips silently between Moon and Earth

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What's this thing suddenly coming toward me very fast?

Very, very fast. So big and flat and round, it needs a big wide-sounding name like . . . ow . . . ound . . . round . . . ground! That's it! That's a good name- ground!

I wonder if it will be friends with me?

Hello, Ground!

Ouch... right in the Androids! Google hit by another antitrust sueball

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I dunno about Android...

But I would be immensely amused if the courts forced Google to include a check-box list including Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc., for "Preferred Search Engine" when a new user first started up a Chromebook, in order to avoid antitrust sanctions.

I have to admit that I would get a huge laugh out of that... Does that make me a bad person?

Shocking 'new iPhone' is also - BZZZZT!! - a Taser-like stun gun

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@ Version 1.0

Actually, these are generally regulated by the individual states (and, occasionally, municipalities) and -- since there is no National Rifle Association equivalent to fight for these -- can be HARDER to obtain/carry in some places.

Name: Version 1.0

U.S. Knowledge: Version 0.5 (alpha)

Denmark dynamited by cunning American Minecraft vandals

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Re: I see two possibilities...

@ Ken Hagan -- No... flying a national flag upside-down is -- I believe -- an internationally-recognized distress signal; flipping the colors around is just stupidity.

I'm, honestly, leaning towards option B myself, but -- remembering that the "Mohammed cartoons" controversy started in a Danish newspaper -- I can't COMPLETELY rule out someone seeing a chance to tweak the noses of both Denmark and The Great Satan in one go. I'll admit that I put the odds pretty low on this possibility, but I wouldn't put them at zero.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

I see two possibilities...


A -- The site pictured was done up by non-Americans and was, literally, a "false-flag" operation, or;

B -- U.S. Minecraft players who are THAT juvenile and jingoistic are too stupid to get their own flag right (Even if the number of stripes is limited by the construction program, at LEAST get the order right with the RED stripes on the top and bottom edges)!

Behold! World's smallest 3D-printer pen Lix artists into shape – literally

Mike Moyle Silver badge

I want!

...But only if there are interchangeable color cartridges. I want to be able to draw in 3D in color.

Teen jailed for ARMED ROBBERY says he and pals had been inspired by Grand Theft Auto

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Re: The "I'm a victim, not a perpetrator!" defense.

Gee, Officer Krupke...


Boffins build billion-synapse, three-watt 'brain'

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Re: As a matter of interest ....

"I reckon it will be a good decade before these things even approach puberty."

...And then it'll be "Saturn 3" all over again!

Apple inaugurates free OS X beta program for world+dog

Mike Moyle Silver badge

I'm curious...

Is it safe to assume that all of the people here razzing Apple for opening betas of OS X to all and sundry find it equally absurd/abhorrent when Android developers or open-source software developers post their daily/incremental builds for people who want to test them out (or just want to live on the bleeding edge)?

Now, if you want to complain about Apple putting conditions on downloading the betas, THAT could be a fair cop (although I figure, it's their product, they can make the rules on how they release it). OTOH, if you're going to rag on Apple for the public betas then you kind of need to address the other companies who do the same thing. As my old mother used to say, "What's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander."

Patch iOS, OS X now: PDFs, JPEGs, URLs, web pages can pwn your kit

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Re: Did they fix the bug where you can't use a Swype keyboard?

Meh -- tried Swype, didn't care for it.

Now, if they'd let me use Swiftkey on my 'Pad... THAT I'd be happy about. S-wype, not so much.

Most Americans doubt Big Bang, not too sure about evolution, climate change – survey

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Re: Breaking News!!

@ AC

"And we still end up with smarter, better, more liked and more competent leaders than yours."

But they WEREN'T necessarily smarter, better, more liked, or more competent when you were the dominant world power, as the U.S. is now. Seriously -- need we mention how successful you were at ingratiating yourselves to the Africans, Indians, and Chinese in the 19th century...? Now that they no longer have to answer to your government's whims, they like you a lot more. When we are no longer trying to prove anything OUR leaders will magically become smarter, better, more liked and more competent, too.


Neither Anonymous nor Coward

Reg gets sneak peek of Getac's chunky TOUGH AS NAILS 8.1-incher

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"but with that dust and splash protection, it’ll certainly prove its worth on the beach."

...So where's the Reg-standard picture of the girl on the beach with the tablet badly Photoshopped in place of the netbook?

Right, El Reg -- Go and write a hundred lines "I will not mention computers on the beach without including the gratuitous picture of the Eee girl."

Innovation creates instability, you say? BLASPHEMY, you SCUM

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...and cows...

As the token Graphics Geek here, I have to toss in the story of a painting professor, originally from Colombia who once spent some time in class discussing his theory of art, which seemed to involve cows. Now, we had seen his work, which didn't SEEM to include pictures of bovines in them so, after a particularly obscure reference, one of the class finally bit the bullet and asked, "Excuse me, professor, but I'm not sure I'm getting it... Cows...?"

"Yes, of course! All art revolves around the conflict between order and cows!"

"Ah...! In English, I think the word you're using is pronounced 'chaos'."

(BTW -- Great Niven reference: Stairway to Heaven/A Matter of Life and Death is one of my all-time favorite movies.)

UFO, cosmic ray or flasher? NASA rules on Curiosity curiosity

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Testing the Sky Beam™

before opening the new MGM Luxor Mars casino.

Judge rules Baidu political censorship was an editorial right

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So, if search results are protected free speech and the companies providing the search functions can't be sued for the results, where does this put torrent-listing sites? They are, after all, (if I understand correctly) nothing but search engines cataloging the torrents. Does that mean that they are (at least in theory) protected?

FTC: Do SSL properly or we'll shove a microscope up you for decades

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Re: Many iOS devices only have wi-fi.

Just to be complete, add "Everyone with a wifi-only Android tablet."

Just sayin', the article notes that it's not just IOS.

British trolls to face 'tougher penalties' over online abuse

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Toughen up?

This is called "blaming the victim", and most civilized people consider it really bad form. It says that trolling/stalking is -- if not actually acceptable (although it does strongly IMPLY that it is) -- at least sufficiently commonplace as to be unexceptional.

The assumption seems to be the classic "If they don't know that it bothers you, they'll stop doing it," claptrap. The reality is that, in many cases, if trolls, bullies, and similar wastes of oxygen don't get the reaction that they want, their response is often to push harder. There is a limit to how much the target of an attack should HAVE to "toughen up" when the interconnected nature of our world today means that, where once a lone hater was just that -- alone and relatively harmless -- now the first shot, if repeated in the appropriate venue, can be like throwing chum into the water, drawing others to the attack. I think that we can ALL think of a few venues whose denizens practically LIVE for a good bit of fresh meat to attack for no other reason than for trolling's own sweet sake.

Further, beyond a certain point, the common assumption that "where there's smoke, there's fire" kicks in in the public mind when there are repeated attacks with no response from the victim (and giving no response is, after all, the tactic that "toughen up" requires). Add this to the apparently common practice today of potential employers, romantic partners, etc., doing an online search of a new prospect and finding page on page of unanswered falsehoods with no countervailing arguments and, I think, you can see that simply "toughening up" and "not letting them know that it bothers you" can be worse than useless.

Gmail data-mining lawsuits fail to get class action status

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Ignorance and Stupidity

Be as pissed as you want, but make sure you have your facts right and put on your big-boy face or no one will take your whining seriously.

The point that Judge Koh was making, I believe, was that, while Gmail users had agreed to Google's Ts & Cs, NON-GMail-users who received messages from Gmail customers never had a chance to accept OR decline those Ts & Cs. Therefore, these are TWO different groups and can't be combined into one class.

"Even if that's the only choice on the menu, I do not give it to them."

Despite what you might want to believe, the Ts & Cs that you click that little box on that says "I agree to the Terms and Conditions of <NAME>." ARE a valid contract/agreement between Google and its users and that click-through means that you *DO* give them whatever those Ts & Cs say.

Also, despite what you may believe, if you don't like a company's Ts & Cs, your choices are either:

1 -- not to use the service, or;

2 -- to hold your nose and use it anyway -- and accept that there are things that you don't like, but that they are outweighed (in your estimation) by the parts of the service that you DO like enough to use it. Really, legally, there is no third option.

Actually, there IS a third option: You can argue that there has been a violation of LAW. That's what the courts rule on, not degree of butthurt. I don't believe that Judge Koh has said that the various suits may not go to trial, or even that the plaintiffs can't form discrete groups for purposes of taking Google to court -- Gmail users, non-users sending to/receiving from Gmail users, etc.; just that the categories of people claiming harm do not fall into one monolithic group ("class"), because not all had the same options available to them.

I'm not sure what "theft of services" you think Judge Koh is (allegedly) guilty of. From the article, it appears that she followed both the LETTER and the SPIRIT of the law, as a judge should. Now, the law may not be what you would LIKE it to be, but there you go.

Also, unless Larry Page and Sergei Brin came to every email user's house and physically assaulted them, then NO ONE was (per your original post) "literally raped" by Google. Whether they were FIGURATIVELY raped is left as an exercise for the student. (Personally, I prefer to reserve the use of the term "rape" to describe actual cases of... you know... RAPE, but clearly you have a different standard.)

Further, as others have noted, email should be considered to be a postcard, rather than a letter in an envelope. Bots are sent in clear and the postal workers along the way may or may not look at it. If you want your mail to be (more) private put it in an envelope (encrypt it) before you send it off.

...And "bitch"...? Please... this isn't Reddit. Grow up.

Finally, "its" is possessive, while "it's" is the contraction of "it is". Learn the difference.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Ignorance and Stupidity

Wow... Dude, you should probably have your doctor adjust your meds, because doing it yourself can be a REALLY bad idea.

Earth's night-side gets different kinds of neutrinos from day-side

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Depending on how many data points they have...

Shouldn't there be at least SOMETHING resembling a bell-curve measuring from noon to noon with highest numbers of electron neutrinos at midnight? As more of the earth intervenes between detector and sun, the number of neutrinos decaying to the electron flavored-ones should increase, if only slightly, right?

Scam emails tell people they have cancer to trick them into installing a money-stealing Trojan

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@ Jim Willsher

Re: a business case for ZIP files:

I work for a government agency. Our MIS people block access to cloud/FTP sites (SendSpace, DropBox, etc.). Inserting multiple attachments (InDesign document and PDF from one folder, fonts from another, images from a third -- repeat if you're sending multiple documents) into an email to send off to the printer's is a PITA when compared with dropping in one ZIP archive.

So, yeah; While it's not an ideal solution, ZIP still serves a useful function in business.

UK.gov to train up 11-year-old cyberwarriors

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Re: Re: Obvious Star Wars reference


Ender's Game!!!

The book, not the film (not seen it, but bound to be terrible in comparison though)."

...Ender's MMORPG", perhaps?

Ethical hacker backer hacked, warns of email ransack

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Requisite Monty Python reference is attached

Those responsible for hacking the people who have just been hacking have been hacked.

SATANIC 'HELL DIAMOND' tells of sunless subterranean sea

Mike Moyle Silver badge


"Ringwoodite, the highest pressure peridot, has previously been found in meteorites, but has never been discovered on Earth before because scientists can't reach the planet's core."

Wouldn't this imply that the old, (I thought....) discredited "planet between Mars and Jupiter" explanation for the asteroid belt may have some validity after all? I ca't see how a crystal that apparently needs deep-crustal pressures to form would show up in meteorites, otherwise.

What am I missing?

NZ bloke's drunken poker bet ends in 99-letter name

Mike Moyle Silver badge

...on the shores of Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg.

Show more CANADIAN-MADE PORN, insists Canadian government

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Actually, Canada produces a LOT of "special-interest" smut:

For those into interracial lesbians there's the "Mabel and Brown Sugar" series.

For those who prefer gay males there's "Man-to-Manitoba".

For those into sex during a woman's period there's "Maple Leaf Rag".

For those of a conservative bent (*ahem*) there's the "Northwest Tarry-Tories"

...And, of courses, they classic "Poutine Poontang" series.

Twin GEEKS: NASA studies identical brothers – one on Earth, one IN SPAAAACE

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Are they, by any chance, telepaths?

...Just in case the ISS goes FTL, you know.

Phisherman's friend: Confused hacktivists deface FAKE BANK SITE

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Re: Maybe Anon can be provide a useful servcie after all

Within a few hours, expect a "We... MEANT to do that...! Yeah...! That's the ticket! We MEANT to take those guys down! NOT the bank! The bank was NEVER our target... We were ALWAYS after the malware guys!" communiqué from the Anony-Mouse.

Hundreds of folks ready to sue Bitcoin exchange MtGox

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Truly, a Cunning Plan™...!

I'm sure that the law-enforcement agencies of the world AREN'T waiting for the plaintiffs aiming to recover their otherwise-untraceable financial assets in these class-action suits to identify themselves so that they can give them special scrutiny...

Apple beats off troll in German patent fracas

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Cognitive dissonance

Across El Reg, commentards' heads are exploding at having to celebrate an Apple court-win.

"Yay! A patent troll lost!"

"But... That means Apple won..."

"But... Patent troll lost..."

"But... Apple won..."

"But... Paten..."

"But... Ap..."


"Well, what did you expect...? American companies ALWAYS win in American cour... It was where...?"


UK man Lauri Love accused of hacking US Federal Reserve

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: To be accused is to be guilty

I think you're glossing over a couple of points:

1 -- Most prosecutors won't go to trial unless they believe that they actually have enough evidence to get a conviction -- they don't want to waste their office's budget and (more importantly, to them) their time on bringing a case to trial that won't enhance their conviction rate and reputation. They may propose a plea deal because they can get the same result for less effort. The vast majority of plea deals come in cases where the accused actually DID do the deed and it works to everyone's advantage to agree to the deal.

2 -- You seem to assume that all of the the delays in going to trial fall on the shoulders of the state. While I don't have numbers, based on what I've seen mentioned in the newspapers in my area (and no, I don't read the local Murdoch-owned tabloid), requests to postpone the start of trials appear to skew more towards the defense than the prosecution. If that is the case then the issue of how long it takes a case to come to trial can be something of a red herring.

Insecure hipsters with BEARD ENVY spur facial hair transplant craze

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"Epstein said: 'Thirty to 35 per cent are those guys aged 26 to 40...' "

Jeeze -- my BEARD is older than 90 percent of these guys!

What most of these guys don't realize is that -- unless you have a lot of quite dark hair -- a beard generally looks like crap for the first month or two. If you're a blonde going for the permanent 5-o'clock shadow look, then it sucks to be you, but if you want an actual beard, then patience solves a lot of problems.

I was in my early twenties and a very pale blonde when I decided to try growing a beard one summer between semesters at college. It took, quite literally, almost the entire three months before it curled back on itself enough to become noticeable. Two months and three weeks -- nathin' shakin'. That last week however, it just figuratively went "FOOMPH!" and became the magnificent bit of follicleage that it remains to this day. (And, yes; I have a couple of places where the hair isn't as thick as others, but if the hair's all long enough, it covers the problem nicely)

MtGox has VANISHED. So where have all the Bitcoins gone?

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Pronunciation question

So is MtGox SUPPOSED to be pronounced like "Empty Box", or is that just serendipity?

Toshiba Encore: The Windows 8.1 tablet that might catch on

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Re: Keep taking the tablets

"...I find the notion that anyone can do useful work on a tablet laughable."

I REALLY wish that people would at least have the intellectual honesty to preface comments like these with "For the kind of work that *I* do...". Of course, that would kind of dilute the supposed universality of their pronouncements.

For some of us, something like THIS is real, paying, professional work that keeps a roof overhead and food and drink on the table:


TV scraper Aereo pulled off air in six US states after tellyco court injunction victory

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Can't say that I understand the TV companies argument

At least part of the issue is that broadcasters charge advertisers based on the number of eyeballs (supposedly) viewing their advertisements. This is why auditors like Nielsen, etc., have historically been so important to the industry -- they provide the numbers that everybody uses to drive the ad rates up or down.

Unless the broadcasters have a way of surveying (or should that be surveilling...?) the Aereo customers, to see how many thousands of sets of eyeballs they can add onto the numbers that they already get from Vielsen, et. al., for any given point in time, they can't get that hoped-for extra money from the advertisers.

OTOH, I'll wager that the advertisers like Aereo for that exact reason -- extra eyeballs for no extra outlay.

Belkin patches WeMo bug

Mike Moyle Silver badge

What sort of security does Belkin use...?





In the gadgets, the household gadgets,

The firewall sleeps tonight.

In the gadgets, the Web of Gadgets,

The firewall sleeps tonight.

O-oh --





(Sorry... Still a quart low on my morning coffee intake...)

John McAfee declares war on Android

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Plant

"No amount of organizational resilience or hierarchical cohesion can ever fully defeat an unstructured, decentralized and wholly unstable force that keeps gluing sandpaper to the toilet seats and leaving Lego blocks on the floor of your bathroom."


FBI offers $10,000 bounty for arrest of laser-wielding idiots

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Re: I don't understand

@ DropBear

You've actually touched on one of my biggest complaints with science-fiction movies where lasers/rayguns are used -- You DON'T need sights for a projected-energy weapon. Sights on a firearm evolved because the things tend to be heavy and cumbersome and have a tendency to wobble, and (on rifles, particularly) to help the shooter adjust for wind deflection or projectile-drop at distance, neither of which should be much of a problem with an energy beam.

The easiest way to point a laser-pointer with good precision is to tape it to an outstretched index finger. With a larger/heavier one you may need to tape it to finger, hand and arm. Either way, pointing with arm extended at the object you want to hit should do for most purposes. If I wanted to hit and hold on a moving object, that's how I'D do it, at least.

If you MUST have a "gun-shaped" hand-weapon in your movie for dramatic and/or recognition purposes, you design it such that the index finger lies in a groove parallel to the beam-emitter, with the other three fingers wrapped around the grip and, possibly, a thumb-stub as the firing button.

Point-and-shoot -- We've all been doing it since childhood; no sights required.

Hate keeping your systems updated and secure? So does Uncle Sam

Mike Moyle Silver badge

The REAL question is:

"Did Sen. Coburn examine compliance amongst members of the Senate and their staffs?"

...I thought not.

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