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Conference Wi-Fi biz fined $750k for jamming personal hotspots

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I've said it before, and I'll say it again...

Anyone whose defense boils down to "We believe that we followed the letter of the law," is tacitly admitting that they knew damned well that they were violating the SPIRIT of the law.

Sex app Tinder in public meltdown – because a journo dared suggest it was, well, a sex app

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"The Tinder Generation is real. Our users are creating it."

Well, yes; I thought that was what the Vanity Fair author SAID they doing/

Rise up against Oracle class stupidity and join the infosec strike

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Re: "I know where your personal details went "

"It's 2015: Do you know where your personal information is?"

Are smart safes secure? Not after we've USB'd them, say infosec bods

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"The researchers stress that the presentation is about 'exposing flaws in the Brink’s Compusafe to improve security and allow pen-testers to demonstrate these flaws to their customers.'

"Please use this information responsibly, they add."

Oh, I will.

I surely, surely will...

Tor kills cloud-bundling bridge software because nobody will maintain it

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Re: Exploding Kittens

"It will probably resemble the event horizon of a black hole."

Then at least it will SEEM like forever before it happens!

Original Lizard Jesus is found in Wyoming

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Jesus Lizard...?

I'm not sure that "being dug up" counts as "risen from the dead".

...And in any case, it looks like it's been a WHOLE lot more than three days.

Just sayin'.

Palaeoboffins discover 500 MILLION year old ARMOURED WORM

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Courtney Love in the crossfire! Paris turns ugly over Uber

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Up next: Explaining this to the insurance company.

...How does one say "schadenfreude" in French? We never covered that back in high school...

'Backronym' crowdfunds itself into Oxford English Dictionary

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As a nearly-lifelong* resident of the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts...

... I take some small amount of pride that the term "Masshole", a derogatory term for those of us so favored -- used by the benighted denizens of our neighbor-states -- earned inclusion in this year's additions.

On behalf of my fellow residents, I'd like to thank the Academy...


* ...save for the 2-1/2 years that I spent exiled in Los Angeles.

DEATH by VEGETABLES: Woman charged with killing boyf using carrots. And peas

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Re: "Then we'd be talking custardy for sure."

Well, THIS one is probably looking at years in the can, so...

Vicious vandals violate voluminous Versailles vagina

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Re: Right, this needs to stop.....but....

Piqued Parisians paint preposterous pudenda.

AssangeTM says Sweden squibbed on promised interview

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Re: Great quote...

"...pithy statements..."

That's rather a nasty lisp you have there.

Innocent Spaniards roasted by experimental napalm mead

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Like drinking Tequila...?

I.e.: Did anyone eat the pepper afterwards?

Uber petitions page p0wned, thanks to textbook code

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Re: Tutorial is a very broad term...

"You'd think that any respectable company which depends on the internet to generate business would hire knowledgeable people..."

But this is Uber, so they're probably "independent contractors" and Uber isn't responsible for any screw-up.

Oh, wait...

All right, who guessed 'street mapping' for those mystery Apple vans? Congratulations

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Bah humbug

Can I get paid by the mile?

Virgin Galactic will get into space 'within 18 months to two years'

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Re: And we should give a Rat's Arse about this why?

"It's simply some disgustingly expensive carnival attraction."

Well, that's how D. D. Harriman got started.

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: And we should give a Rat's Arse about this why?

" It can't do anything that the X-15 did 50+ years ago..."

...Carry more than one person...?

Windows 10 upgrade ADWARE forces its way on to Windows 7 and 8.1

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: I'm confused

2000 AD was 15 years ago.

Get with the prog!

Trial halted as Kartoon defence attorney arrested after warrant discovery

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Re: "If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you"...

...And a good way to win on appeal is to show inadequate/incompetent legal representation in your first trial.

Not an ideal solution, of course, but having a meth-head for a lawyer is not a guarantee of a one-way trip to the big house.

Split decision: Asus Transformer Book T300 Chi convertible

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: spoonerism

And this wasn't really an example of spooning in Speakerisms, anyway.

Maserati Ghibli S: Who cares what Joe Walsh thinks?

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Re: Hire a proper photographer, please

Ditto on the photos.

OTOH, kudos for properly using "dampers" and "damping" in the article. Use of "dampener" and "dampening" unless one is referring to a heavy dew on the south forty drives me mad. (Although as my old dad told me more than once, in my case that's less a drive than a short putt -- but that's another story!)

US Air Force launches not-so-secret space plane. Thanks Russia

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Re: Complaining?

"...the autistic child thrown off a diverted plane..."

"..escorted off...", surely.

You've come a long way, Inkscape: Open-source Illustrator sneaks up

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I still miss Freehand.

...Just sayin'.

Pundits ponder perilous placement of STANDING STONES on Comet 67P

Mike Moyle Silver badge


My, that Obelix fellow does certainly get around.

Take cover! Out-of-control Russian spaceship to smash into Earth within hours

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Has anyone heard anything from Kiev lately?

NSA domestic dragnet NOT authorised by Patriot Act, rules US Appeals Court

Mike Moyle Silver badge

The NSA...

...never metadata it didn't like.

Ex-NSA security bod fanboi: Apple Macs are wide open to malware

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"Apple might like to lock down Macs and 'impose more control of third party code'..."

Cue exploding heads from the reflexive "Jobsian control-freakery" and "Apple walled garden SUX" posters here.

18-wheeler robot juggernaut hits Nevada's highways. Cower, fleshies!

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: So...

Actually, he can now spank the monkey at any time on the trip.

It's beers and bacon all round for our Quid-A-Day Nosh Posse

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Odd choice?

I assumed that the wet grounds were spread over the bacon as a sort of brown sauce.

iPhone case uses phone's OWN SIGNAL to charge it (forever, presumably)

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Re: I'm calling bollocks here


...just sayin'.

Rand Paul is trying to murder net neutrality. Is there a US presidential election, or something?

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Re: Hmm

"Hillary Clinton cannot be determined as a "centrist" based on anything but the current message her campaign is trying to sell. "

Agreed, we have nothing to go on to judge Clinton's positions.

Oh, wait... We have her Senate voting record and public statements, just like we have Sanders', Rand's, Cruz's...

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Hmm

It's easy to understand:

1 -- There ARE no Centrist Republicans running for President, thus far. Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan would actually have trouble getting their party's endorsement in the current environment due to political heterodoxy, to say nothing of a more genuinely centrist Republican like, say, Dwight Eisenhower.

2 – Hillary Clinton is actually the closest thing to a centrist in the race right now. It's going to be harder to tag her as a liberal or a populist now that Bernie Sanders (Senator from Vermont -- Independent, but generally caucuses with the Democrats) is entering the race for the nomination. Bernie describes himself as a Socialist Democrat and is a progressive firebrand in the classical mold.

Avengers: Age of Ultron – blisteringly big banter, brawls and brio

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ R Callan

"If it doesn't have John Steed and Mrs. Peel I doubt that it is worth watching :<)"

The converse does not always hold true, however...


Defiant Labio lawyer spits on black hats after 'med data' theft

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Requisite Monty Python reference:

"No, Sir; we don't make moral judgements. We only want the money."

UberPop granted temporary reprieve in France

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Re: Funny isn't it?

@ Phil Dude:

"The difference being when I want to go home (or wherever) I simply hit the "get me home" button.

And there are no taxi's where I sometimes find myself after a night out...."

So -- and I'm not asking to be snarky; I'm honestly curious -- How is this different than having one or more cab companies' phone numbers in your phone's contacts list and hitting "dial"?

Blockhead fugitive Snapchats himself into police custody

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Re: I can't stand burglars

"(S)trong enough to hold a grown man."...? I was assuming he hid in the under-counter cabinets. Did I miss something?

Boffins build Cyborg beetles, fly them by remote control

Mike Moyle Silver badge

"With the 3.9V lithium battery..."

So would the article be in "Direct Current Biology"?

Pentagon 'network intruder', dozens more cuffed in British cops' cyber 'strike week'

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Virus writing?

A remedial programming tutor.

Churchill's blood valued at £560,000. Take that Stalin!

Mike Moyle Silver badge

I'll bet Peggy is kicking herself now for dumping out that vial of Steve's blood into the East River!

Net neutrality victory: FCC approves 'open internet' rules in 3-2 vote

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: We Internet pioneers breathe a sigh of relief

May we see your actual evidence for this?

Don't touch me up there! Photoshop creator appeals for 'ethical' use

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Senshi

"The only advantages for subscription are for Adobe and that's it. To pretend otherwise is just foolish..."

As much as I dislike the software rental model, I'm going to have to disagree with you, here. It would actually have been quite useful and kept me from starting up smoking again a couple of years ago.

I'm the graphics geek for a government planning agency in a smallish city (population: a bit over 100,000). Every ten years, the city produces a consolidated Master Plan outlining where we think we should go for the next decade and beyond. Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign featured heavily in putting the book together on the last go-round.

At the time, I had a copy of Adobe Creative Suite (original) on my work machine, and had had since... well... since CS came out. Because, as I said: municipal government; we're not talking big budgets here. The Design Planner had bought her own copy of CS 5 for when SHE needed to produce presentations. The Neighborhood Planner/Community Development specialist, who was the coordinator and lead writer on the project, had none.

In order to incorporate he Design Planner's pages into something MY version could open -- because, while she is a REALLY GOOD urban designer, she is a REALLY BAD document designer -- I had to bring in my home laptop, with CS 4 on it, to down-save to a version that CS could open (CS 5 only would only save down to something that CS 3 could open, IIRC).

So the workflow was:

1 -- Produce template document in InDesign and start inserting the lead writer's Word files, editing and inserting photos, creating infographics, tables, etc.

2 - Design Planner produces her pages in CS 5 and down-saves to CS 4.

3 - I open her files on the laptop and down-save to CS.

4 - I open in CS on the work machine, correct her out-of-standard layout, type, graphics, tables, etc., and export a PDF for the lead writer to look at and make edits.

5 - Writer makes changes in Word. Design Planner makes edits in CS 5 and down-saves to CS 4.

6 - Repeat steps 3 - 5, up-saving and down-saving as needed.

7 - When finished, submit draft to City Manager for approval.

8 - Writer and Design Planner include Manager's edits in Word and CS 5.

9 - Repeat steps 3 - 8 as needed.

Now, let's look at how it COULD have worked:

1 -- Produce template document in InDesign Creative Cloud and start inserting the lead writer's Word files, editing and inserting photos, creating infographics, tables, etc.

2 - Design Planner produces her pages in ID. (Since she only needs InDesign, Photoshop, and Acrobat Pro, we rent her that subset)

3 - I open the edited files, correct any infelicities, and send to the lead writer.

4 - Writer makes text changes in the copy of InDesign that we rented her on a temporary month-by-month basis for the duration of the project.

6 - When finished, submit draft to City Manager for approval.

7 - Writer and Design Planner include Manager's edits in the CS file.

8 - I do final cleanup and export as PDF.

Granted, my local liquor store, smoke shop, and physician (I punched a lot of walls and heavy pieces of office furniture!) wouldn't make as much money from me with this more linear workflow, but my lungs and liver might be in better condition, and -- who knows? -- I might still have hair!

So, yeah... Being able to standardize and streamline workflows across multiple users on a project, and to custom-tailor software toolboxes with ONLY what you need, ONLY when you need it, DOES have certain advantages, even though I still don't like software rental as a general concept.

Google strongly opposes plans to let ANY US COURT authorise digi-snoops

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Translated

But you didn't phrase it in proper El Reg headline form:

GOOGLE TO FEDS: "You can't snoop on users; that's OUR job!"

Ex-NASA boffin dreams of PREDATOR-ish tech in humble microwaves

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Great Idea but.....

It seems that most microwaves that I've seen these days come with a rotating turntable. It evens out the cooking, but makes keeping a wired probe in place in the food something of a problem.

Boffins baffled by the glowing 'plumes' of MARS

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Two pages of comments...?

A mysterious plume of gas from Mars? Not from Uranus?

Well, SOMEONE had to say it, didn't they...!

Bitcoin trade biz MyCoin goes dark, investors fear $387 MEEELLION lost

Mike Moyle Silver badge

@ Phil O'Sophical

No -- THEY are the TAKERS, the others are the TAKEES.

Japan's death threat hacker collared ... BY A CAT

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Re: No one escapes the long arm of the paw.

Katayama thought he was fooling Felis, but now he's feeling foolish.

'Revenge porn' bully told not to post people's nude pics online. That's it. That's his punishment

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Re: Germany

I can't speak for Germany, but where I live in the U.S., the determining factor is whether the subject had "a reasonable expectation of privacy" at the time the photo was taken. This, in general, eliminates the hurdle of getting a signed release from everyone in a news photo. Thus, for instance, someone is allowed to take your picture on the sales floor of a clothing store, since you can't "not be seen" there, but they can't follow you into the changing booth because you SHOULD have a reasonable expectation of privacy there. In the case here, a photo taken between consenting adults for their private entertainment would fall under that reasonable expectation of privacy unless the subject specifically agreed that it could be disseminated to others,

FORCE Apple to support BlackBerry hardware, demands John Chen

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Any programmers out there...

...want to port a fart app to BB and insist that they MUST carry it in their store, out of fairness?

Jammin', we know you hate jammin' too: Marriott U-turns on guest Wi-Fi ban

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Re: Streisand

As nice an idea as that sounds, you probably couldn't get more than two or three impacts out of her before she wasn't really useful any more, and Marriott has a LOT of buildings.

Google unleashes build-it-yourself 'Ara' slablet phones (in Puerto Rico)

Mike Moyle Silver badge

Project Ara?

Not Project Mondrian?


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