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Why Qualcomm won – and why Tim Cook had to eat humble Apple pie


Intel? Phones?

Anyone that has watched and been with Intel any length of time knew that the Modem business wouldn't last. Intel doesn't do cell phones. They spent 4-6 BILLON on the the last phone adventure and sold it for 400-600 million because there was no money in it. Then they got back on to the modems(the hardest part of the phone which cells for cheap) and poured billions more into it. This stuff takes many many years to refine if you have a good design to begin with and if it's longer than 2-3 years, Intels' A D D kicks in and it's gone...

And here's Intel's Epyc response: Up-to 56-core, 4GHz 14nm second-gen Xeon SP chips, Agilex FPGAs, persistent mem


Die Size

56 cores, so that's 23 cores per die. Wonder what the die size is and the yield? I bet the reason for 23 core is one for redundancy at test...

Uber won't face criminal charges after its robo-car killed woman crossing street


Safety driver?

The interlock was disabled because the the safety driver was supposed to be watching and then break if needed. However, the safety driver was watching the voice on her cell! If you are going to have a backup, make sure the backup is up and running...

Wells Fargo? Well fscked at the moment: Data center up in smoke, bank website, app down


Friday story

Sounds like a story for your Friday story where you report on those things that you did by accident...

$24m in fun bux stolen from crypto-mogul. Now he fires off huge fraud charge. Like, RICO, say?


Re: Isnt this what hardware wallets are for.

Two factor is good for you checking account with a couple grand or less in it. For something worth millions, you better have the hardware key or even something simple like Norton VIP or something that you can steal so easily like this. I want the physical key in my hand and if I loose that I expect to suffer painfully getting everything reset since this is what I deserve for loosing my keys in the first place. Geez, make it at least a little difficult for the jerks...

Poland may consider Huawei ban amid 'spy' arrests – reports


Re: Put everything in Perspective

Dude, your getting better, but you still need to work on your English.

One year on after US repealed net neutrality, policymakers reflect soberly on the future


This is the future

This is the future of the current party in control. They can no longer face deal with the facts so they make them up. Then they end up winning and have to either follow through or admit they were lying. This then just cascades through all of the issues. Truth and fact no longer matter. This is what's driving me and other away from the party. I will now bow to das leader...

MAMR Mia – it's not just WD: Toshiba's popped to the microwave too


Do not use near microwave over.

And do not place your laptop on top of the microwave oven while re-heating the pub food from last night...

Naked women cleaning biz smashes patriarchy by introducing naked bloke gardening service


Let the comments begin...

Careful with that hedge trimmer...

Oracle sued by app sales rep: I made tens of millions for Larry, then fired for being neither young nor male – claim


Because they didn't think they would get their butts kicked by them. They assumed that they would be able to continue to play XBOX during the day, draw huge salaries and the new hires would be no threat. Wrong.

Samsung unveils next-generation 8nm Exynos silicon



How many crypto chips do you need to sell to boost the companies profits that much?

WD shoots out 96-layer embedded flash chips


Fab time?

How long does it take to get a 96 layer design through a fab? The mask set has to be incredibly expensive for this thing. Any ideas on a mask set cost with this many layers?

Intel: Yeah, yeah, 10nm. It's on the todo list. Now, let's talk about AI...


By doing this, they keep the die size reasonable and profitable. Plus they can not spin out these massive packages with 32 cores and decent yields. They may not be as fast in all areas but from a sustainable manufacturing model it's brilliant. It would be interesting to see what AMD yields would be if they had to have all 32 cores on one die.

Declassified files reveal how pre-WW2 Brits smashed Russian crypto



If you read some of the books like "Code Warriors" you will become to understand what word persistence and determination mean. They go through how some of these techniques were done. If I remember right they go through codes that were broken via this method. I just shook my head at how hard core, hard nosed and determined these types of people are.

Ah, British summer. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, the internet is on the fritz


Dedicated lines

If you buy a dedicated line, you get get a dedicated line. Singular. So if it gets cut, don's act surprised by the results.... :)

Sub-Prime: Amazon's big day marred by server crashes, staff strikes


Some people???

I cant even search on the non prime part of the site! The only thing I can do is click on the links that are shown and if I want to step through 30 links then it works. But even then it crashes. Almost, completely useless....

Who wants to bet that we will be seeing an extension and/or here's a $5 dollar discount for your issues...

Stingray phone stalker tech used near White House, SS7 abused to steal US citizens' data – just Friday things


Boss said leave it alone.

Pai was told by his boss not to interfere with any possible independent operation of the Russian National Convention or the National Russian Association.

Sysadmin hailed as hero for deleting data from the wrong disk drive


Nope, I have measured twice and still cut wrong. :) If its important, I plan, measure 2-3 times, break for an hour or two so my mind has a chance to forget the wrong assumptions it's working on and then go back and measure from a different perspective twice and then cross fingers and cut. For back ups, back up to the NAS weekly, back up on line real time, and keep a spare HD that you back up a couple times a year. Some say this is to much, but when your wife is standing by waiting for her lost data or looking over your house remodeling job, you can NEVER be to careful... And the medication helps with the OCD.

Blood spilled from another US high school shooting has yet to dry – and video games are already being blamed


Its not the guns, its the people.

These same people want the people who do the smallest amount of drugs thrown in jail. They want the drug dealers put away for life and their ability to vote removed. But they don't blame that on games. However, if a kid unloads a gun on a school ground or out of a building killing tens of people, then its, well okay... Just don't take away our guns. Its my right to be able to kill a bunch of people when I want... Its the only thing that makes me feel like a man since I am lacking on other ways...

US judge to Facebook: Nope, facial recognition lawsuit has to go to jury


But who do we write the checks to if we loose.

I can just imagine the Judge asking Zuck to use facial recognition database to determine who lives in the state and send them a check since he already knows their address, phone number, data of birth, SS number, hobbies, who they voted for...

Julian Assange said to have racked up $5m security bill for Ecuador


Yep, He's suing. I think he just went out and hired a new lawyer.

He talked to his "friend" and hired Michael D. Cohen who gave him great reviews...

Cisco cancels all YouTube ads, then conceals cancellation


Re: For the best

The advertisers are a secondary influence here. The first influence is the methods that youtube uses to point you to sites that have the highest chance of you looking at. This has the effect of pushing you to sites like NxA people showing you how to kill people with their guns since that's their constitutional right... Then youtube and google say what, you mean people don't like showing this? But its really neat...

Industry whispers: Qualcomm mulls Arm server processor exit


Re: It's the software.

Yep. This is what people forgetting. All of the drivers, the plug and play, the interrupts and all of the fiddly bits. All the PCIe drivers, of the custom stacks that are designed for the features of x86. This all has be to tuned for any new ARM chip. Talk to Apple–IBM–Motorola about PPC's impact on the server space. Better HW, more SW support than ARM guys are giving but failed miserably. Envision a plane on fire crashing into the ground....

You. FCC. Get out there and do something about these mystery bogus cell towers, huff bigwigs


Trump and republican party only cares

if it's not Russian. Than they have a problem with them since according to trump and company the Russians are good for us. I remember when the Republicans actually cared about those things.

Twitter whacks 270,000 terror accounts, majority flagged by internal tools


And this is surprising.

There is a reason countries like China mandate that every account has a legit, registered name behind it. While at first I thought this was just an attempt to stifle comments about the government by holding people accountable to their laws, its also a way of holding people accountable for other things as well. People are arguable dumb and will listen to almost anything and start believing anything.

The question is where do you draw the line and who draws the line . :( :(

Somebody needs to find Dr. Forbin and have him build an impartial colossus.

The new Black: Western Dig doubles capacity on slimmed-down flasher



Who makes the controller?

Future supers pop up on $636m cash wishlist to get exascale beasts prowling on US soil


Cancelled program??

Really, Intel cancelled a that didn't involve the x86 directly and someone is surprised!?!?. Name a program that does not directly impact x86 cores or chipsets that Intel gets into and then once people start to think it might be interesting, Intel cancels it. The standard flow at Intel is, if you don't own 80% of the market after 3 years, you're shut down. Screw the customers that are just starting to come on board.... This is even more obvious. It requires SW and working with customers on SW, a double reason to kill it. Some people are so destined to repeat the past over and over again and then act suprised...

Talk about a MINER offense! Crypto-cash crafter clashes with T-Mob US in hipster haven



This is why the FCC and other governments have established emissions controls for electronic equipment. I wonder if the Antminer S5 emission engineers were hired from VW?

Yes, Assange, we'll still nick you for skipping bail, rules court


Re: Meanwhile, back in Ecuador

The question is the Statute of limitations on jumping bail? Does this start the day he jumped? Does it matter that they know where he is?


Vacation Pay

The real question is though is he getting paid while in the embassy? He's still working from the embassy.

Also, he's seems to have a many year all expense paid stay. So is this kind of double dipping? Free room and board plus still drawing a paycheck while working.

Scammers become the scammed: Ransomware payments diverted with Tor proxy trickery


Twice screwed

What about the real victim here? The parent trying to get their kids term paper back is not doubly screwed as they still will not get their stuff back.

US Pentagon scrambles after Strava base leaks. Here's a summary of the new rules: 'Secure that s***, Hudson!'


This is normal operating procedure...

This gives you an idea of how this data can and is used. If that company collecting the data is forced to or just gives this data to a foreign government(Enter government name here) and a normal business practice, then it can be used for all sorts of interesting data collection and mischief(Enter your type here).

FYI: Processor bugs are everywhere – just ask Intel and AMD


Open source a chip with billions of transistors?

Seriously... The bugs per million transistors is pretty low. If you have ever worked with large SW or HW projects like this, it takes a freaking army to do this. And oh, by the way who's going to pay and manage all of the multi-million dollar mask sets to actually build one, etc... I know Bobby, the your neighbor down stairs says he's really good, but I'm not using something from him. You might want to go get some other cheese to go with your whine as the cheese you're eating is not good for you...

Stop us if you've heard this one before: Tokyo crypto-cash exchange 'hacked' for half a billion bucks


And people want to continue to use these things?

I doubt very much if they were FDIC or similarly insured. Idiots....

Uncle Sam's treatment of Huawei is world-class hypocrisy – consumers will pay the price


Its not an issue until you out a sniffer on an Huawei router and see it ping a Chinese IP every now and then even though your not doing anything and not accessing and IP's even close to there. I've seen this. By Chinese law, they have to do this. As a trade journal you might want to look into their laws and really understand what it means.

As far as not trusting google (which I don't). Its a point of picking the lesser of two evils. If I remember right Google got kicked out of china market because they showed what and how the Chinese government was accessing their servers and others. They are one of the few companies that put up and did what was right. Name another company that did this?

Or maybe go figure out why a lot of the Chinese drones are no longer allowed to be used by US military and other militarys.

China plots new Great Leap Forward: to IPv6


I thought

I thought Trump invented it. I heard that on Fox News.

Boffins fear we might be running out of ideas


Semiconductors are getting hard to fill

Its getting harder and harder to fill a semiconductor die and afford one. At 28nm we put a 4 core a57 complex, big GCU and VPU codec, cell phone modem on a 60mm die and sold them for under $10. It got to the point that each generation just had bigger/more CPU, GCU, and VPUs and if you didnt jump nodes every other year you were left behind. 7nm mask sets will be $7-$10 Million contain the same old units. But if you mess up, it gets even more expensive. But there was really nothing "new" during the last 5-8 years. You see the same thing from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA as well as the DDR, NAND and other memories. Just more cores, bigger cores, more memory cells. No really new ideas. Just bigger/better/faster. This is why you see the huge consolidation in the area now.

Qualcomm names its Windows 10 ARM PC partners


All day x86 is already here

In looking for laptops for my daughter I see numerous laptops that already go 8-12 hours. So what is this going to buy me now?

To me it seems that over the last several years/generations Intel has become more power aware and has reduced power their power to 5-15 watts for laptops and when you look at a high end ARM processor they now go up to 10-15 watts. So whats the difference other than one runs x86 naively and will run all of my apps and the other one will not...

'Do not tell Elon': Ex-SpaceX man claims firm cut corners on NASA part tests



The question though was there a procedure and was it being followed? If I am building a rocket that will be carrying humans or 100's of million dollars worth equipment, having every part tested is not a bad procedure and it will cost money and time, deal with it! If that same part was in a $300 quad copter for my kid, I don't think we need to test every part.

Look at this industry, quality counts and if you dont' think so consider the following. How much money was spent on the premature failure of the ODM box on the ISS after only a few months in space this week. Look at the recent issues with the Proton using "questionable" parts. Or look at the lack of testing on a previously used helium tank on a certain rocket manufacturer. There is a reason to test, test, test and follow procedures and then test again. I agree you can not test in quality, but it helps and now that SpaceX is in high volume production, quality control and verification is key to their success.

Far out: Dark matter bridges millions of light-years long spotted between galaxies


Re: Had to look up what "Weak Lensing" is

Read the paper, one section is dedicated to how to remove that impact. Its light reading...

Google fumes after US Dept of Labor accuses ad giant of lowballing pay for women


Trump Reaction

Conspiracy Idea # 5

This is just a follow through by Trump after dumping the privacy rules and now net neutrality both of which Google had a big hand it. If he can discredit them or at least distract people, it will allow the corporations to take over.... Anyone that helped with protecting the people or their privacy is an enemy and must be destroyed.

UK's 'homebrew firmware' Chinooks set to be usable a mere 16 years late


Its Just SW how hard can it be...

Geez, its just a few lines of code. How hard could it be. :)

Seagate plays disk cricket with a 12TB Enterprise Capacity drive spinner


Re: I can't wait to see...

What is the rebuild time when a drive goes out? It it actually 3 days? I know the 5T drive I just put in at home was close to 8 hour format time. I could easily believe its a multi day rebuild time if just one drive goes out in array.

We found a hidden backdoor in Chinese Internet of Things devices – researchers


Re: With a bit of luck

People will forget about this by next week. Plus 99.99% of the people I talk to don't have a clue about what this means nor do they care as long as they can still look at the selfies they took.


Are you surprised????

Last time I checked, all equipment like this, if sold in china is required to have back doors that their government can access. This is required for routers, switches, and anything else that connects to the internet. Nothing bad, nothing good, just the law. So you can expect most of this equipment coming out of China to have hooks like this buried in it.

Security slip-ups in 1Password and other password managers 'extremely worrying'


To Be Fair

Have you looked at some of these. This one from Keeper requires you have physical access to the phone and email. This is not some hack the webcam type of issue. Below is the just the first half of the actual report for one of the keeper issues. And I am sure there are others beyond these, but you will never get 100 percent bug free, you just want to make your app harder to break then the attacker wants to spend.

If the user is logged out, the master password has to be entered to access the passwords in the app. An adversary with local access to the device can now attempt to reset the master password. For this attack scenario it is also assumed that, by having local access to the device the adversary has also access to the mail account which is connected to the keeper account.

By entering the password incorrectly once the adversary can select “Forgot Password” after which a verification code has to be entered.

In this state the Keeper app with minSdkVersion=15, the adversary can launch the activity com.callpod.android_apps.keeper.DeepLinkActivity by using the shell based Activitymanager am

Google claims ‘massive’ Stagefright Android bug had 'sod all effect'



"but exploits abusing the security blunder peaked at less than eight infections per million users"

Its perfectly secure unless your the people trying to make a difference or are pointing out issues by almost any government any more. At which time you and your family will become one of the 8 in a million. If your just some arm chair quarterback sitting in your lounge chair pointing fingers at everyone else, then your safe.

WTF is your problem, Netgear? Another hijack hole found in its routers


Re: Recomended SoHo router

I've been testing out the new Peplink Soho for my office and it's looking pretty good.


US and Russia engaged in legal tug of war over LinkedIn hack suspect


One hand scratches the other

Don't worry, the Putin will be on the phone reminding Trump that he owes him a few favors...

Apple eats itself as iPhone fatigue spreads



One slight issue with the statement

" 2) People think you can't connect analogue headphones to the phone at all, whereas in reality it came with an adaptor dongle which most people will probably leave connected permanently to a pair of headphones anyway."

I happen to have about 4-5 ear buds in use right now. One at my work desk, one at my home desk, one in my truck, one by my bed stand so I can listen to books or music if I cant sleep. Plus two-three spares in my backpack that I take on work trips. And these are all cheap $15 buds or less. I am not about to by an adapter for all of these. Plus I do have a tendency to loose them as well. :)


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