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Is this cuttlefish really all that cosmic? Ubuntu 18.10 arrives with extra spit, polish, 4.18 kernel


Re: Unity menus

I absolutely hate the switch from Unity to Gnome. The wasted space with the window titles, the added gnomey application menu that doesn't do anything, the clock in the middle of the top bar for... reasons. It took me about a month to get used to Unity in the first place, and from that point on it's just been right.

I guess if you run massive screens with 30 windows on then it could be annoying, but I work on a laptop, mostly using the keyboard. There's very little reason not to have everything maximised.

Microsoft's elderly .NET Framework shakes stick at whippersnapper Core while Visual Studio drops another preview


That's one of the things I hate about easy entity frameworks and naive migration tools. "Worked in test" isn't such a reassuring concept when the table with a few hundred million rows locks unexpectedly for an hour, and write performance becomes too poor to keep up with peak load.

Sure, that isn't a problem in most places, but when it is you *really* don't want to hire a new team that can move faster because they don't have to waste time on planning thanks to this cool new tech...

European nations told to sort out 'digital tax' on tech giants by end of year


Physical presence provides an extremely strong drag on being able to go jurisdiction shopping, and companies alter their tax affairs to suit the rules over a number of years. Added to the fact that the companies will be trying to minimise their overall bill rather than their bill for a specific tax and "all economic evidence" gets very murky indeed.

Sure, if you are Luxembourg the potential tax-take from you tiny physical economy is dwarfed by the revenue you can make by undercutting other countries on the world stage, and making sure you continue to match or undercut all other EU countries is certainly going to maximise your tax take, however low that forces you.

If you are the UK you will quite quickly cut the tax take from all the physically-present companies mentioned. Worse, in the slightly longer term you will end up pushing an even larger percentage of your workforce into fake self-employment. The self employment bit may even cover the Corporation Tax losses from the physically present companies, causing Corporation Tax to register an increase and making the policy look like a success.

But hold the champagne... Income Tax and National Insurance will be down. Way down. It turns out that the hopelessly simplistic analysis you bought into wasn't just bad because it made us unpopular tax haven pariahs. It has actually cost us billions of pounds.

G Suite admins need to RTFM – thousands expose internal emails


Re: It is confusing

To be fair they used to have exactly this functionality and it worked great.

Sadly when they introduced the much more marginal case of google groups for domains they decided that since they both had the word "group" in they must be the same thing, and decided that you can't have both on a domain

How the HTTPS-snooping, email addy and SSN-raiding HEIST JavaScript code works


Re: As a client, there is not much you can do.

Unfortunately the timings for just the request are available, meaning that you are looking at entirely client-generated data, a large proportion of which is the cookies.

You could just throw a new random-noise cookie into every response though, which might work.

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