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Sniff the love: Subaru's SUVs overwhelmed by scent of hair shampoo, recalls 2.2 million cars

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: This is what happens when you implement diversity and equality...

Douglas Adams would be proud of You! :D

Customer: We fancy changing a 25-year-old installation. C'mon, it's just one extra valve... Only wafer thin...

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: The dirtiest four-letter word...

"Especially when preceded by "Can you"; or, even worse, "Would you mind"."

Oh, yes. I would! :D

Fake broadband ISP support scammers accidentally cough up IP address to Deadpool in card phish gone wrong

Marcelo Rodrigues

Can't we just play an wav to the other side? A nice square wave, 0dB, 1kHz.

There must be an app for that, in our mobiles...

This must be some kind of mistake. IT managers axed, CEO and others' wallets lightened in patient hack aftermath

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Seems legit

"2. Saves $$$ on Internet access costs

3. More secure (as the incident here shows).

I really, really don't understand why isn't it standard practice. Can anybody give pointers?"

Because point #2 is false. It is much cheaper to use internet/vpn than to build a national private network.

No arguments about security - but costs are the main reason.

Gyro failure fingered for sending Earth-gazing Digital Globe sat TITSUP (That's a total inability to snap usual pics)

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Magnetic torque thingies...

"Others have booms with weights extending down to make use of the differential gravity to keep the satellite pointed in the right direction"

Why not put the boom up? All in all, it's just the same. Isn't it?

Call the dead weight satelite and call the satelite boom. So to speak.

Altouth would be harder to point the camera at the right direction

While everyone coos at the promise of 5G, UK network Three asks if it can tempt you with 4G+

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: 4G+ icon?

"4G+ icon?

Is this a thing on iPhones? I’ve never seen or heard of it..."

My Moto Z2 Play has it.

Geoboffins spot hundreds of ghost dunes on Mars

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Someone's dangled their modifier!

"And is that a short billion or a long billion?"

Don't be silly! It's a scientific article: they used the metric billion!

Google offers to leave robocallers hanging on the telephone

Marcelo Rodrigues

I have an algorithm for this

1) The phone rings. I pick it up. Silence on the other side (caller bot). -> Blacklist

2) The phone rings. No Id. -> The phone doesn't ring. I disabled calls without ID.

3) The phone rings. I pick it up. You try to sell me something. -> Blacklist.

4) The phone rings. I pick it up. Telemarketing. -> Black list.

5) The phone rings. I pick it up. I don't like you. -> Blacklist.

Yes, the blacklist is getting quite fat, thanks for asking.

GitLab's move off Azure to Google cloud totally unrelated to Microsoft's GitHub acquisition. Yep

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Any takers?

"I was thinking of creating a new service called "OldGitPornHub" and then putting the back end into the public domain."

Don't be a wimp! Open the front end to the public too!

Motorola extends modular phone adventure for another year

Marcelo Rodrigues

If I'm not mistaken, is a USB 3.1 data bus. Or, at least, a data bus with USB 3.1 speeds.

Don’t talk to the ATM, young man, it’s just a machine and there’s nobody inside

Marcelo Rodrigues


Don't forget this one:

FUBAR - Fscked Up Beyond All Reason

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Although...

"and once I went the extra mile to inform a doctor's practise in California that their patient was never going to turn up for surgery... "

I did it too! They didn't stop trying to contact the "other me"

Sysadmin shut down the wrong server, and with it all European operations

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: until you get a colourblind appy

"I've forgotten which Linux it is and when, but on this one when you logged in as root the screen background was red with pictures of bombs on it."

Don't know about others - but Conectiva Linux did this.

Linux 4.16 arrives, keeps melting Meltdown, preps to axe eight CPUs

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Doesn't Mikrotik run on Tile?

"The Cloud Core Router range appears to. Most of the RouterBoard products as well as the CRS line are on MIPS chips though."

Yes, the CCRs are all Tile jobs. They are using some ARM too, on some new products. If I remember correctly, they use a 3.6 kernel, in all product line.

IT peeps, be warned: You'll soon be a museum exhibit

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: dystopia: Jeff Bezos

"Only the Chosen People will have jobs"

The jobs must flow!

Either that, or you are employing it wrong!

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Very true...

"IT was my backup."

You poor sod. I pitty You.

IT was my backupb too.

Here, a pint for You.

Now, where do I find the icons, on this blasted mobile site?

Oi! Verizon leaked my fiancée's nude pix to her ex-coworker, says bloke

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: "discretely copied"

"discretely copied"

So they copied them a bit at a time?

Copy. Or do not Copy. There is no try.

User stepped on mouse, complained pedal wasn’t making PC go faster

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Reminds me of a story

"My late FIL, said it was "poke" as in "should I poke that icon?". "

Never, EVER, poke an icon. It might slap You back! :D

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Reminds me of a story


"And when pulse dialling was the norm."

And carefully placing a piece of cellophane tape on the pulse speed governor so as to get near-touch-tone speeds when dialing.


Don't forget the classic: dial from a locked phone, by tapping the hook in rapid succession. Quite boring way to dial, but so effective against locked dials...

BOFH: Buttock And Departmental Defence ... As A Service

Marcelo Rodrigues

"As long as there is no plastic sheeting on the floor, it is probably going to be OK."

Mind the pavement, 10 stories bellow. If there is a plastic sheeting there....

'Please store the internet on this floppy disk'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Brings back bad memories

"its "screenshots & arrows" all the way down. "

Nonsense! Anyone know it's elephants all the way down!

Hacks, bribes and bugs: Uber accused of illegal snooping on rivals

Marcelo Rodrigues

Now, that's efficiency!

There isn't much left to accuse them of. Bravo! Must be some kind of world record...

Los Angeles police tell drivers not to trust navigation apps as wildfires engulf area

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Waze grwat except when yiu get shot

"Besides the homemade speed bumps inserted to help gangs escape police, a black sedan - even if driven by a tourist - will get shot up on the off chance it is a rival gang coming to visit."

To the benefit of You, not Brazilians, that are not used to our state of affairs:

The car WILL be shot upon. With AR15, AK-47, M-16 and whatnot. If you are really unlucky (more unlucky than this?), one or two HE grenades too.

The .50 they save for the police armored vehicles. And no, I am not kidding.

Looking through walls, now easier than ever

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Shielding - attention getting

"Perhaps something loaded up with corner reflectors would be a better idea."

Not round ones: it would drown the entire world in lawsuits from Apple! :P

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the failest mobe of all?

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Apps not platform

"If you TouchWiz, wash your hands afterwards..."

Before too! In these days, You never know...

Can't wait for 5G? Don't then, Gigabit LTE will be around for ages

Marcelo Rodrigues

"Easy cheap way to do what?"


Don't shame idiots about their idiotically weak passwords

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Frequent changing of strong passwords

"See "beef flavour crisps" for this in action - no real beef in them and generally tastes nothing like beef actually "

Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike beef? The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation would be proud!

Comet 67-P farted just as Rosetta probe flew through the gas plume

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Scientists are stupid

"Don't be a fool! Of course they know this! But they want to keep all the Spice to themselves and not share. So they can live longer and see the future, and the rest of us can't!"

Utterly unacceptable! The Spice must flow!

Mad scientist zaps himself to determine the power of electric eel shocks

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Shock in watts?

"Mine runs at 0.8J. I'd rate it about 6 on the psychological damage scale, or "not doing that again, even for beer"."

Here, a pint for you!



User thanked IT department for fast new server, but it had never left its box

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Praise or accusations of work not done?

"I often cite it as a "problem between the keyboard and the chair"... which they don't really appreciate..."

In Brazil we call this "BIOS" (Bicho Ignorante Operando o Sistema) - Something like "Ignorant Animal Using the System". :D

Australia releases MH370 sea floor data but search is still off

Marcelo Rodrigues

The mind boggles

To look at a so vast already searched area, and to think it is so small next to the rest. Watching the video, and thinking that the plane could be just 50 meters to the left from one of these searched corridors...

NASA boffins on Pluto: We see skies of BLUE and... RED water ice

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: All blue

"I would have thought all skies would be blue if they were any colour at all? Isn't it just that the light refracts as it changes medium and that blue light scatters more? Regardless of atmosphere contents?"

The sky of Venus is orange.

Take a look at the Venera 11


AI vans are real – but they'll make us suck at driving, warn boffins

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Automate the signals

"Can anyone explain why cyclists, the slowest traffic on the road, are allowed pole position at traffic lights rather than being relegated to the rear where they belong?"

Because it is the easiest way to prevent an accident. They are slower, so the second gained by putting them on the front make it easier/safer to take a left (or right). Come to think of it, will probably be easier on the traffic too - as there will be no retention, while the cyclist negotiate the turn with the incoming traffic.

Fighter pilot shot down laptops with a flick of his copper-plated wrist

Marcelo Rodrigues

"How the heck did you manage do that _quietly_?"

He only grunted, while hammering away.

EU pegs quota for 'homegrown' content on Netflix at 30 per cent

Marcelo Rodrigues

This will all end in tears...

We had something like this in Brazil, in the eighties if I'm not mistaken.

Every movie on the cinema (cinema? theatre? movies? This is really confusing for me.) should come after a short Brazilian one. The idea was the same: promote content.

The real result was shitty short movies, made to get the grant and fill the space.

I remember one, particularly bad, that followed a homeless. For 15 minutes. Did nothing, showed nothing. Said nothing.

Then, in the nineties, this law got thrown out. Five years later the Brazilian content was way better.

Uber's self-driving cars can't handle bike lanes, forcing drivers to kill autonomous mode

Marcelo Rodrigues

"Methinks you're exaggerating a bit with your anecdote. Going 50 mph your car travels 30 feet in .40 seconds. No human has reflexes fast enough to react to the surprise of seeing people in their way and steering to swerve around them."

I re read the comment. He didn't say he stopped - he didn't say he even swerved! I understood it as one of those "oh, shit! wew! *wipes face*" moments.

Bluetooth: Remember us? Internet of Things before it was a Thing?

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Better interference handling?

"Does this mean I can finally listen to music on bluetooth headphones without being forced to keep my phone in a breast pocket? Even having my phone as far away as my hip is enough to cause a frustrating number of interruptions."

This is due to bad project. I had a Nokia BH-214 headset. It was my first, and by far the better. About 8 meters of effective range, not a single drop, and as hard as a 3310.

When it died a watery death, I bought a Philips. An SHB6110/10. My $DEITY, what a piece of crap. Awful reception, awful mic. The sound was ok, but...

Then I got a Sony. A MW600. It is very good. Decent range, good sound, no dropouts... But the clip used to fix it is quite fragile, and broke.

Second Sony. This time an SBH20. It is good. No dropouts, decent sound. The mic is meh.

So. The tech is sound. It is even reliable. But we do find bad implementations, even from big names.

NASA spunks $127m on SSL-powered robot to refuel satellites in space

Marcelo Rodrigues

"Matching orbits and docking are both pretty fuel intensive..."

A robotic refueler would have the luxury of endurance. Use a low delta V, take your time, and save on fuel.

BAE Systems' autonomous research aircraft flies itself to Scotland

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: And when a kid

"It switches to the backup eye, and fires a frickin' big laser back at the kid."

With a shark on its head!

No, wait...

Airbus flies new plane for the first time

Marcelo Rodrigues

"Didn't AF447 (an A330) crash due to a stall which was the result of one of the pilots misinterpreting data and so holding the stick back too long? By your logic, the plane shouldn't have allowed this to happen.

Sure, I believe the data was incorrect because of a frozen pitot, but therefore you cannot say these "accidents could not happen on an Airbus".."

Yes, the pilots did that. But the computer only allowed it because it was operating under "alternate law".

The flight computer of the airbus can operate under two configurations: "normal law" and "alternate law".

The "normal law" mode is the one we are used to read about: the computer is always second guessing the pilot, and doing its best to keep the plane and the humans safe and comfortable.

The "alternate law" kicks in when (if) the computer decides it cannot fly the airplane in a safe way. The clogging of two pitot tubes in that plane did that. Under "alternate law" the pilot can do whatever he wants. The computer plays Pontius Pilate, and "washes its hands".

When in "alternate law" there is an alarm/warning in the cockpit (don't remember what is, but it exists).

Due to poor training, the pilot AND co-pilot didn't realize they were under "alternate law". So they didn't believe the stall alarm, since it would be impossible to happen. They kept increasing pitch, without increasing engine power. The rest we know.

BOFH: The Hypochondriac Boss and the non-random sample

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Culling the herd...

"Send out an email warning users never to click on a link embedded within an email, with an embedded link saying "Click here for more information..." and then sack everyone who does."

Priceless! LOLing* here! :D

* Yes, I took "LOL" and made it into a verb. I am low enough to do this. :D

UK.gov flings £400m at gold standard, ‘full-fibre' b*&%*%£$%. Yep. Broadband

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: What are people doing that needs fibre?

"Aside from them I can't think of much else the average household needs 1Gbps for."

I think the problem is that the increase in speed isn't linear. We don't have technologies with max speed of 10Mbps, 20Mbps, 30Mbps, and so on.

Yes, there is xDSL - but we are trying to get away from bad cooper wires. So, what do we have, speed wise?

Basically 10Mbps, 100Mbps, 1Gbps, 10Gbps... It doesn't matter if the speed sold equals to the maximum - we have these speed jumps (at physical level) to work with.

10Mbps is a joke.

100Mbps is good enough - but will not hold out much longer.

1Gbps is great now, and will hold out a lot longer than 100Mbps.

AI gives porn peddlers a helping hand

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: No use to me

"I love that one where the plumber rings the doorbell, then actually fixes the fucking boiler and goes away again..."

Who were doing it with the poor boiler?

User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Can you hold down the power button

"Especially given turning it off would more likely involve the Windows start menu/button than anything else and the button would actually only be used to start it..."

You'd be surprised. The number of people I talked to that don't understand the difference between "reboot the machine" and "reset the machine"...

Seriously. You would say "now to complete the upgrade reboot the machine", just to find out the user went on and pressed the reset button...


Something may be lost in translation here. I'm brazilian, so portuguese speaking. We say "reiniciar", what would be something like "restart". The action of "reset" the machine (to press the reset button) is "resetar". Yes, it is an anglicism - a bastardized english word.

NHS IT bod sends test email to 850k users – and then responses are sent 'reply all'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Disable Reply to All

"It's the sort of situation that requires ritual humiliation."

Upvoted just for this. :D

Radio glitch as Schiaparelli lander probe splits from ExoMars mothership

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: They had a machine that goes PING.

"They had a machine that goes PING. "

Yes! It means your probe is alive!

More movie and TV binge-streaming sites join UK banned list

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Fix content availability and usability, and "piracy" will mostly disappear

"Maybe they do not want to see the film at the cinema."

I don't. The "cinema experience" is so awful (as You properly said), that I gave up on it. Now I only watch what I remember to watch six months later - when It becomes available.

Their loss, no mine..

Good luck securing 'things' when users assume 'stuff just works'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Physical handshaking

"I think the AVM FritzBox has something like a "physical handshaking" process. You can buy (could, at least) USB WLAN sticks to go with the access point. To configure them for your network, you would plug them into the FritzBox. This would load the SSID and authentication information onto it (supposedly, I don't own their stuff). This sounds like a no-fuss process, very accessible, very simple. Unfortunately not so easy to do this with a phone or 'slab. Especially if some companies insist on having a very strange connector, the design of which they also change, rendering equipment useless."

NFC comes to mind. Easy, cheap, extremely short range (almost contact only, if you want), and good enough to home routers and such.

Cisco president: One 'hiccup' and 'boom' – AWS is 'gone'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Really good financial model

"Then, oops, financials aren't so good, our profits aren't as high as we expected, pay us double for our product which you totally rely on or lose it at the end of the month ... please."

Yes, it is a risk. Funny thing is, to the company I work for, AWS prices could increase 4 times - and would still be a good deal.

Obviously this is not true to everyone. But for us...

'Please label things so I can tell the difference between a mouse and a microphone'

Marcelo Rodrigues

Re: Engineers!

"Spoken instruction to class:

Me: Do [some task] then press any key

Inevitable User: Where's the "Any" key?"

I had a Samsung DVD player that had an "anykey" in the remote. I kid You not: it really had a key named "anykey".

Here one remote with such a thing: it is the top left square button.



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