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Adi Shamir visa snub: US govt slammed after the S in RSA blocked from his own RSA conf


Re: I understand the Netherlands are beautiful this time of year....

Euh, i think you forget Zaventem... which AFAIK is still in Belgium, and the closest major airport with connections all over the globe. and is about an hour drive from Bruges. (yes, a bit biased as i'm Belgian)

Gone Goel: HPE changes storage leadership


HPE Storage Strategy..easy as proverbial pie

The going forward HPE storage strategy is easy as proverbial pie : one side is system defined, AKA with hardware designs (so, 3PAR for file and block), the other side is Software Defined (StoreVirtual, StorOnce for Backup. ). That is what internal development uses going forward. However, as not everything is a nail and eg. both XP and MSA still have more than enough use cases out there; those 'traditional' platforms are not forgotten and not only continue to be supported but also continue to receive regular enhancements and updates. For object and large scale file HPE has agreements with Scality. And indeed..EVA went EOL on dec. 1st, 2013..so if your sales teams are still selling those..you may have found some hidden stash we don't know about? (Yes, I'm an HPE storage guy)

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