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Honda shows off Insight hybrid

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67MPG - big deal

My Volkswagen Passat 1.9 TDI gets 65mpg on the open road and doesn't look as sad as a Prius or this thing!

Freeview lobby cries foul on Ofcom HDTV plans

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Given that ITV and Channel 4 channels regularly break up as they are overly multiplexed this is never going to work.

Digital Switchover: town to lose BBC 2 tomorrow



Why are Dixons, Currys etc still full of analogue only TVs?

Doctor Who signs up thinking man's crumpet


Dr Who 'celebrities'

Why is Dr. Who joining the rest of the media in pandering to worthless celebrities. Rahter than paying their inflated fees they should spend the money on effects, or just save license payers money.

As for Tate - why?

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