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You may not have noticed, but 'superfast' broadband is available to 94% of Blighty


Fibre availability not always true

The MP Grant Shapps, who when not collecting a list of anti-Theresa May MPs, is doing a sterling job of highlighting these BT / Fast Broadband lies, explained that even if only some of the people in a location are connected then that counts as 100% receiving the fast service.

I'm in the Thames Valley, fast biroadband cabinet around the corner is full, so our street can't get it, but statistics say 100% availability in our area. That's how these UK numbers look so good but it's not just remote Irish villages that in reality aren't connected

Happy 50th birthday, optical fibres for telecoms


Article brought back nice memories - I chose optical fibre telecoms as my university Physics dissertation in 1980 and remember referencing Charles Kao


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