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The beast is back: Reborn ekranoplan heads for the Arctic

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Re: Going round corners

They're banked in the same way as aircraft, but only up to about 15 degrees.

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Re: Hmm..

No expert - just a lifelong aircraft enthusiast - but I doubt those wings would generate enough lift to get it to 250ft, never mind 25,000ft.

It's 30 years ago: IBM's final battle with reality

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Re: Interesting times

"Now the OS itself wasn't locked - other processes would keep running just fine. If you were lucky enough to have a full screen VDM open you wouldn't even notice until you tried to go back to the WPS. When it happened to us my colleague and I used to ask the other one to Telnet in to our boxes and kill the main WPS thread to get things going again."

We had a couple of apps which used to do this occasionally on our servers and the first we'd know about it would be when we tried to do anything at the server, something we didn't often do - everything had been merrily working away in the background but with a single app having frozen the WPS.

Microsoft beefs up Skype for Business as Amazon Chimes in

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Re: Oooo

Indeed. I remember numerous customer calls and meetings where M$ spouted that we didn't need our (resilient, well-featured) VoIP PBX, we needed Lync with Enterprise Voice. Auto attendant? Call queues? Hunt/response groups? Who uses - or needs - those anymore? Nah... Old Skool.

I fully expected my boss (a M$ worshipper and evangelist ad nauseum) to swallow the bollocks, but I can't believe so many others here and in other companies did. And then realised they didn't have the capabilities they had with their "old, out-dated, legacy" PBX systems and which it turns out WERE used extensively, and which M$ started to re-introduce.

They now even sell the E5 plan as "a cloud PBX"!!!!

FYI Docs.com users: You may have leaked passwords, personal info – thousands have

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Re: Weakest link

"Which just goes to show, yet again, that the weakest link is always the fleshy meatbags behind the keyboard when they develop a service which gives a default setting of PUBLIC to uploaded documents."

There, fixed it for you.

Dishwasher has directory traversal bug

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Re: It's crazy, but it's very Miele

Our Bosch DW is about 12 years old, and no probs so far either. And like you say, if it did, we'd call an engineer or buy another.

We've just replaced our (faultless) 21 year old fridge freezer, and whilst looking at options in the stores, the salespeople were incredibly keen to push those with Internet connectivity... "but it knows when you're running low on milk... etc". Funny, but I can tell that myself when I look at the bottle or pick it up!!

Nope. Not a chance in my house!!

With Skype, Microsoft's messaging strategy looks coherent at last (almost)

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Re: Just, as long as it needs Win 10 or a Windows Phone...

Really? It's no different to any other Microshaft product in business - target the shiny-shiny lovers, the non-IT people and the why-would-we-use-anything-that's-not-M$ IT people - and they'll swallow the marketing bollocks and deploy it anyway.

Last Concorde completes last journey, at maybe Mach 0.02

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Re: Saw in Action Twice

Never achieved the ambition of flying on it, but I was lucky enough to see it fairly close up at Newcastle airport a couple of times as a kid, when it visited for promotions - I've still got the signed poster (can't remember the crew off the top of my head).

Had planned to go to Heathrow when they flew the last ones in, but got caught up with stuff at work. Probably for the best though... I felt stupid enough shedding a tear watching it on the news that evening. :(

RAF pilot awaits sentence for digicam-induced airliner dive

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Re: reconstruction

The photo is correct - jamming the camera between the armrest and the stick would push the stick forwards, initiating a dive.

Super-cool sysadmin fixes PCs with gravity, or his fists

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No punching but...

After hearing the frustration of a fellow support colleague who'd forgotten his changed-earlier-that-morning password and couldn't login, I told him that switching his PC off, waiting 30 seconds, and then switching on whilst pressing the embossed ICL badge on the PC would reset his account to a default password of "iforgotit". He sounded sceptical but tried it and it worked. Bless him... his little face lit up with his new-found knowledge, and he couldn't wait to try it out the next time someone called in with a similar problem. As it was lunchtime, he even bought me a pint.

I didn't have the heart to tell him I'd reset his password to "iforgotit " whilst he waited for his PC to reboot...

BOFH: The Hypochondriac Boss and the non-random sample

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Re: Culling the herd...

If that's not a typo, that's a very severe talking to!!

User needed 40-minute lesson in turning it off and turning it on again

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If the monitor had been old that'd have been our thought, but they were relatively new (a few months at most) - definitely not burn-in!!

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A colleague once spent about 40 mins on the phone to someone who was insisting the menu on their (DOS 3.31) screen "was different to how it normally looked". They confirmed several times that the PC base unit was definitely on ("yes, there's a green light and a flashing green light..."), the screen was definitely on ("yes, there's a green light. No, it's not orange..."), there was definitely a "C:\" prompt on screen and a flashing cursor, etc.When he asked them to check the cables in the back of each we heard him say about 5 times that no, there must be some mistake, there should be 2 cables plugged into the back of the screen...

Yes, you got it. No power cable in the monitor. Cue innumerable expletives when the phone was put down.

Quite how the screen *definitely* had a green light and *definitely* had a "C:\" prompt is still a mystery 20 years later!!

Apple’s macOS Sierra update really puts the fan into 'fanboi'

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Re: You're Wrong Sir.

I've not yet upgraded to Sierra, but on my iPhone I regularly use Siri in the car to call or message handsfree if it's urgent. Yesterday morning I even got it to set a reminder for when I got to the office.

Not because I'm "too busy or important to type", more because it would be extremely foolhardy to do so whilst driving and because it is so easy - even though I have a (slightly diluted after being away for 25 years) Newcastle accent!! It's not perfect (it once texted my wife to say I'd "Leaving in 5 nuns" instead of "Leaving in 5 mins" (at least that's what I told her...), but most of the time it understands my accent just fine.

If we can't find a working SCSI cable, the company will close tomorrow

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Dodgy cables

Had a contract years ago putting new kit into offices around the country, where I was informed at 16:00 on a Friday afternoon, that one of the other sites had reported some new Cat5e 110-RJ45 patch cables which were incorrectly wired at the 110 end. Only the 3m ones, mind... which I knew I needed about 80 of for work going on over that weekend to install and patch new PCs.

Grab a handful of cables at random, grab the tester, and a few minutes later I've about a dozen cables and each one's dodgy. Bugger. Cue several hours in a cold dark office with 120 patch cables (I did them all, just in case, and I think I only found 3 wired correctly), gently prising the fragile plastic clips on the 110 end to remove the cap, rewiring correctly and then replacing the cap. I recall leaving to drive the 130 miles home at around midnight. At least I got paid!!


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