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Prosecute driverless car devs for software snafus, say Brit cyclists


Re: Fair enough, but...

And truck brakes used to have asbestos in them.

And there are still leaded fuels? Pb?

Or did they phase that out?

Electric cars are going to be silent.

I'd be urging people not to wear headphones when cross walking riding...


Re: Fair enough, but...

I agree mate high vis should be compulsory.

And lidar reflectors specifically designed for autonomous cars.

I'll personally install them on all my friends bikes when they become available



Fixies actually have a fixed drive train.

When the back wheel moves, the cranks and pedals move.

It has a brake which requires stopping by your legs on the pedals.

Some skilful riders are quite adept at lifting the back wheel and locking it while it's in the air. However it takes longer to do this than to squeeze a pair of brake levers.

In my opinion they should be illegal to ride without a pair of hand lever brakes also. And they're so inconvenient to ride,

Can't go between a car and a gutter,

Pedals keep turning etc.

It's 2016 and Windows lets crims poison your printer drivers


Printer hacked to play doom

Haha remember that printer hacked by Michael Jordan to play doom.

Australia's ABC suspends presenter over 'Wi-Fi is dangerous' claims


At what watt does wifi become harmful?

I didnt watch the show, however it should be at least acknowledged that

wireless comms can be dangerous "if" they are powerful enough.

You can easily get a sub dermal burn from a radio antennae.

Max transmit power for wifi is around 4w

Thankfully all small wifi transmitters for home use are below any measurable effect

(unless you have unshielded nerual implants and your tinfoil hat has a few holes in it)

But If you were wardriving and had a very powerful illegal wifi transmitter then yeah you may have problems if your antennae is on your lap...pretty sure the program wouldn't be about that tho...

I wouldn't stand in front of a OTH radar antennae when on just saying...

Upvote Chemtrails

Here's how police arrested Lauri Love – and what happened next


Re: AC Although the burden of proof lies with Love

Hey Matt I bet you approve of torturing people into confessing as witches thereby "proving" that they are a witch...derp

Who will fight skynet? If not for the chosen ones. This man may be a future hero just like luke sky walker.

Meet the grin reaper: Password manager now snaps login SELFIES


What could go wrong

Does the app protect against malware wrapping on handheld devices? Such as using .bmp versions of text to display things on screen instead of text "strings" sent to the display?

If not the malware will just click confirm all by itself after any unmatching request and they'll have all your passwords for EVERYTHING banking etc. don't be lazy ppl. This app has potential, huge potential to make people more lazy. But if done right it could be useful for no critical stuff like fb twitter register login etc

FTC wants a date with Ashley Madison's fembots


Robots need compatible dates too:-)

T1000 looking for some fun.

Fembots preferred.


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