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Fraud detection system with 93% failure rate gets IT companies sued


Re: Bah!

@ Stevie

Pray tell during this massive spending in the tri-state area on biometric, how the Republican politicians ran things??

And most all Politicians have mastered that art of telling bs statements with a straight face. Show me a politicians who hasn't, and I'll show you a failed politician. So please if you're going to dump on Trump, as least be honest enough to say it's all of them.

Trump vs. Clinton III - TPP looks dead, RussiaLeaks confirmed


Re: South Park nails it

"You mean the video that was made from splicing a number of videos together and edited to come out the way O'Keefe wanted it to?"

Great... you have a link to that information? Or just made up off the top of your head?


Re: Trump should not be on the ballot paper

He said he'd have to check on it, not that he would not accept the results.

And while he does say this now, just wondering your thoughts on the 7 or 8 times the other party has not accepted the results?

Third of Donald Trump's debate deplorables are mindless automatons


Re: Third of Donald Trump's debate deplorables are mindless automatons ...

And who has been in charge of dealing with the Russians the last 8 years? Certainly not Trump. Oh yeah Hillary, Kerry and Obama.

Remember Hillary's 'reset button' with Russian? Yeah, hows that one working out??

Feel free to claim this all you want, that Trump is Russia's creation, but please provide some actual facts to back it up. Or is just spouting the best you have?


Re: Third of Donald Trump's debate deplorables are mindless automatons ...

Just curious to all those who downvoted this, do you disagree with the statements regarding Clinton and what/how she has behaved over the last few years? And if so, please come back and refute his statements.

Or do you just hate Trump?

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU


Confused Yank

Been lurking on El Reg for a few years, this Brexit kerfluffle finally got me to create an account.

First, congrats that you took the time to get off your ass and vote, too many places in the world don't have that choice. To those just couldn't get to the polls, just do the rest of us a favor and STFU.

From what I understand, 3 main points to this vote. Immigration throughout the EU which has no real set of controls on it. Second, laws being made and passed in Brussels which negatively affect the UK. Lastly, folks in the UK tired of Government thinking they know better how you should run your life. Is that about it?

And yes, I've been reading the various papers with all their different screaming about this or that will happen. (FWIW the drudgereport.com @the bottom has links to papers across the world). The way the 2 sides tore into each other was actually nice. No namby-pamby back and forth. Get your base fired up. Rough and tumble politics.

Does Scotland have to wait until Britain is out of the EU before they can vote to leave? When/If they are successful, will they meet the EU criteria?

Any help would be appreciated.

In the meantime, back behind the trenchcoat lurking..


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