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Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition


Re: antidemocratic etc

The UK has an entirely appointed Second Chamber, and plenty of people are appointed to the Lords in order to become a government Minister. We don't even elect our Prime Minister.


I have no idea where the journalist got the figures from - he obviously did not look at the dataset:

{"name":"United Kingdom","code":"GB","signature_count":3656457}

{"name":"North Korea","code":"KP","signature_count":37},

{"name":"Vatican City","code":"VA","signature_count":67}

{"name":"United States","code":"US","signature_count":15320}

These seem entirely reasonable numbers of ex-pat British Citizens signing. Why would anyone from any other country care!


If it was a serious referendum, as they have on constitutional changes in democratic countries, it would have had a 2/3s rule. As it was it was basically an opinion poll, and not worthy of consideration in a democratic country. Same should apply for Scottish ref too.

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