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'Draw Mohammed' page removed from Facebook

Mark Adamson

@AC re:@AC re: AIUI...

Hmm... I don't agree.

I think we can probably go as far as "there is almost certainly no God".

I don't know that there are no fairies in my garden, but I don't feel the need to buy fairy repellent spray, because, on balance, I don't think there are.

As a result saying that there isn't a God is orders of magnitude less wrong than saying there is, but you're right, it's not strictly prudent to say "there is no God".

'Draw Mohammed' call prompts Pakistan Facebook ban

Mark Adamson

.. because..

Although I agree that Pakistan shouldn't get it's knickers in a twist over something they have no control over, I have to ask why is it perfectly acceptable to have this sort of event? Are we saying that since we're not Muslims and so don't share the same faith then it's ok to insult a pretty sizable group of people?


Yep, although in fairness it's ok to insult christians, jews, athiests and wiccans too. Especially if they've opened themselves to ridicule for a nut job attitude to those who don't agree with their faith. You won't often get a Wiccan threatening to kill you for drawing a picture of the moon, or an athiest blowing themselves up in an angry response to someone saying that nothing doesn't exist.


Can I have a draw your mum day sucking cok on facebook as well? No? why the hell not?

Obviously some people here would try to get a cheap win by commenting on the legality of the event as being obscene material etc.


You can draw a picture of her pooing onto a coffee table for all i care. It's only a picture after all.


South park may have had Jesus etc in various compramising situations, but just because the "christian" west accepts the ridicule of their "lord", doesn't mean that the Muslim world should apply the same low standards.


Low standards? How is not giving a toss about a fairy story character low standards? That's called "sanity" you bell.

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback

Mark Adamson

@ Mark

"I'm all for requiring said address to be shown to a winning bidder in an auction so they have a verified contact address."

The obvious concern is that even if this is done, a criminal can look at an address for a seller with, say 3 Wiis or whatever, bid, win, get the address and either use the information they receive and cancel their bid under the cooling off period, or even pay and pop 'round and rob the seller before they're shipped.

Dell spills its Guts over Ubuntu gear

Mark Adamson

Linux - every discussion

It's a good step. I like that Dell are willing to even try bunging Ubuntu onto their systems.

However, I'm replying because this is an all too common thing that we can see developing in almost every Linux discussion: Linux Snobs, XP Zealots, and Vista Haters.

Linux - I like Ubuntu, it made GNU/Linux that little bit more accessible, and means that it's finally makings some real gains. I think that the EEE would have struggled more without the Ubuntu Evangelism. I use a couple of different distros on my multiboot box.

XP - Now considered rock steady(ish) and seems to just do everything, I need it as an available boot choice so that I can get stuff done that won't run under Linux or my most used OS:

Vista - Am I the only one that remembers the distain that 95 was held in? I stayed with Windows 3.1 until about 97. 98 was greeted better because there wasn't a huge leap from 95. XP was treated with scorn because nothing worked properly and you needed recent hardware to run it. People swore to stick with 2000 or 98. (Oddly Me rarely gets mentioned, I guess because it was such an utter non event.)

Vista is a big step forward, it looks almost as good as my Sabayon desktop, it's really anal about security (annoyingly so, sometimes, but then I'd prefer twenty calls saying "it's asking me if I really really want to install PornToolbar, do I?" than one saying "I installed some software it said I needed and now it's running slowly and my little Norton thingy had gone away." and it _is_ the future of Windows, so you might as well get proficient.

In three years time we'll be wondering what the fuss was about and complaining that our hardware won't work with Windows 7, oh, and droves of people will be sticking with vista because they don't like the way Win7 virtualises each login, or whatever.

Turkey probes The God Delusion for 'insulting religion'

Mark Adamson

RE: Racist and Hateful Postings to this article

>"I am not a Turk..I am a human being!!!"

I don't think that was an attempt to dehumanize Turks, but more an attempt to try arguing the logic that one's geographical place of birth should not define them. Any more than one should say that they're Catholic, Protestant, or Muslim before they remember that they're human first and foremost. It's the thing we all have in common. :-D

>"Can someone please explain why we are letting these people join the EU?"....


>I cannot belive there people are readers of the Register enjoying insulting Turks >and calling US "un-human" "these people".

The concern people are expressing here is really in response to such a Theistic culture where this could even be considered. The problem with this view point is that in these terms I can see that the UK seems to be lagging behind, but we'll catch up. Bearing in mind that in the US the equivalent nut-jobs have already had their shouting.

>I see that most of you are more ignorant than moronic prosecuters who file >charges that will never materialize in the courts of Istanbul.

I don't think that it's fair that this sort of Generalization is thrown around, in either direction. The prosecutors need to be hand-slapped for raising this, I agree.

>Racisim is bigger crime than lack of human rights..

Bugger. You see, right up until there I was right with you; I've only been fortunate to meet a handful of turks, each of which was as nice a person as I could hope to meet, but that, right there is a bunch of crap.

Racism is similar to a lack of human rights; both dehumanize the individual and damage their liberties based upon erroneous, misinformed perceptions. However, as they're both grey areas, where does one draw the line? Is referring to the local shop as a "Paki's" really worse than giving somebody 200 lashes for being Raped?

Symantec security products less than secure

Mark Adamson

Update? Really?

I'm always amazed when you see articles like this.

An AV vendor saying

"There's a problem with our software, which needs to update daily to remain any use at all; to fix this allow the update. This will also get rid of the little red cross and the security alert that you get when you log in."

FFS. Anyone who doesn't understand that they need to update their AV should have their patch cable pulled from their PC and should be whipped mercilessly with it.

I guess I might be a little more aggressive during a night shift.

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