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Parliament takes axe to 2nd EU referendum petition


Agree, ludicrous drafting!


It was not Parliament which took an axe to this, it was a Cabinet meeting. But this Cabinet has to convince public opinion...and now that David Cameron has lost all credibility, it will not be able to do so. The TWO PETITIONS (London and this) should continue ...and still have an immense power to express the current mood in the UK. As to the illegality of non Britain based UK citizens (such as myself) signing it (a) there is no explanation in the rubrics as to which postcode should be entered (the last one on the Voting Register, presumably? Or that of an address in the UK where one can be reached?) (b) Neither is there anything in the rubrics as published to say non Britain based UK citizens, entitled to vote,are not allowed to subscribe to a petition precisely about a flawed operation of the franchise (I was already arbitrarily excluded from the referendum as a result of having lived in NI rather than England and Wales)...In such a context the referendum continues to have a strong validity and I would encourage all aggrieved parties to carry on signing it... A final point might be that people like me are in Europe PRECISELY BECAUSE OF LABOUR MOBILITY FREEDOM UNDER EU LEGISLATION...so OBVIOUSLY, we have an important stake - at last an equal stake as the rest of the UK - in the outcome.


The people who are now working in Europe are doing so as a result of the European Idea. The fact that their ip address is offshore should not bar them from adding their voice to a petition. That they have been excluded from this list of protest, even if they are entitled to a British vote, further underlines the fascist, undemocratic, bungling and cowardly nature of the present shambolic administration - half resigned, half running for cover. This should go to the Lords. They would overturn it. I shall write to Hesseltine straight away.

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