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Yeah, you're not having a GSM gateway, Ofcom tells hopeful operators


Re: You mean, like, Caller ID?

"Unless you present to me a known CLI that I have chosen to accept in the past, nothing gets through"

I agree with most of what you say there, whitelisting is the way to go although I was glad I did answer a withheld number a few months ago, it was my Doctors with a rather important and potentially lifesaving message for me.

I raised their lack of presentation numbering at my subsequent visit and was assured they would pass it on to the 'technical people'. I requested that they contact me for an explanation if they needed as I had more than a passing few years in corporate comms - both 2 wire and SIP and would like to understand their rationale towards withholding the number altogether - but heard nothing more.

I've got a feeling they are part of a larger hosted platform with nothing more than a bit of QoS'd pipe to the far end and that may well be a BT Avaya platform as the whole surgery is adorned with the rather cute elephant's foot Avaya 46xx series. OTOH they probably have a ropey old IP Office at the bottom of the mop cupboard and a now long-gone maintainer who saw them coming and flogged off all the old crap he had knocking about!

Please come back! TalkTalk woos customers with broadband offers


Their business product is far better

As an original Nildram customer that got slowly dragged through the transformations of time into what is now TalkTalk I opted to stay with their business offerings right up to getting the FTTC LLU products in my area (Crawley). Have to say the service and speed is second to none - far better than the BT service installed from an ex employer (now thankfully deceased).

One fault required me to call for support on a rainy Thursday evening and was met with a UK callcentre, knowledgeable staff and timely updates about the issue and resolution. Less than 24 hours later my service was restored with a courtesy call from Openreach. Yes - I was amazed too.

As I'm the process of moving house the contract renewal call came through last month. No problem Sir, if you wish to renew take the complete package option and we'll knock the additional costs down so that you pay £3 per month less than you are now. Oh and you get two free premise moves in with that so your house move will be free when the time comes. The time came and I booked the new install two weeks ago - online request, responded to within 30 minutes and book within the hour. It arrives this week at the new premise as a simultaneous provide so line and service at the same time. I thought only BT and Plusnet could do that? Not fussed!

TT Residential often gets a kicking but my experiences with TTB have been very good over the past 5 plus years. I might just be lucky... who knows!

Meet the slimeballs who are openly sabotaging Virgin Media


Open Invitation

If you area is anything like mine (South of Gatwick) many of the Virgin roadside cabinets have their green metal doors hanging open/off for all to gather around and poke/prod the innards. My local school mummy-gathering point is in fact right by one of the said flasher-style cabs with plenty of human rodents (children) itching to infest the unusual cabinet of delights.

By virtue of moving house I am soon to become a customer of the once Branson-run conglomerate and fear for the inevitable shiteness that I am about to unleash myself unto. TTB FTTC has served me well so far but the female element behind this house-move has her choice firmly set. I may seek some 'backdoor action' and install a secondary service suitably disguised :p

Fax machines' custom Linux allows dial-up hack


France are a huge user of fax machines. You can't do diddly out there without first filling out and faxing a heavily photocopied form to your supplier (or bank or friendly tradesman)

You've got a patch, you've got a patch ... almost every Android device has a patch


Someone must love me?

I purchased a Note 4 second-hand on the tat market after carefully researching the seller and pulled it off. It was branded EE with the usual bloat that I can ignore and it's being used on Three. Yesterday I get a notification for software updates and low and behold a full 1.5Gb update to Android 6.0.1 with security patch level dated 1/5/2016. I never got that level of service ever with Orange/EE on an S3.

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