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Western Digital deploys heatsink on remodelled M.2 to tempt gamers

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Paris Hilton

I was thinking the same.

But then it MUST have bluetooth.

Because Penny, EVERYTHING is better with bluetooth.

The lighter side of HMRC: We want your money, but we also want to make you laugh

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Can I blame my mother?

I went off for a month in China after arranging for her to get it all done through her accountant; only found out last week that she hadnt done it (she managed to do HERS though).

Now scrabbling around trying to get it sorted in time.

Are you sure your disc drive has stopped rotating, or are you just ignoring the messages?

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Re: Favorite prompts

There was supposed to be one buried in WinNT that went

"No Display Detected, Press (I forget the key), to Continue"

yeah, OK.

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Re: Similar but different experience

Had this happen to me, came up with an idea that would save the company about NINETY PERCENT on its electricity bill (and was something I could install piece-meal during the loads of slack time I had).

Even better, the cost of implementing it would be covered by the savings in only 6 months.

Drew it all up, costed out the hardware with our suppliers, factored in replacement parts and MTBF comparisons to the current set up; ease of use and repair etc.

Bound it all up in a binder and took it to my immediate boss, for his approval before sending up the line.

He glanced at it, threw it in the bin and called me a "smart arse".

(This is my boss, an alcoholic who used to wander in pissed as a newt after the pubs closed, to check on the night shift)

South Korea reckons mystery hackers cracked open advanced weapons servers

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I think you mean "Supported"

But I almost agree.

China helping Nork hackers and using them as an "arms-length" agency??

Three quarters of US Facebook users unaware their online behavior gets tracked

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Re: No kidding


I have long held the belief that 75% or more of the people I have met are mouth breathers, no matter what level of "Education" they can claim (and can prove).

I used to joke about a radio station called "Breathe FM" (there is one now!!), all day long this mythical station would broadcast "Breathe in.........Breathe out".

And when it went off air for AN HOUR, due to a power cut, millions suffocated.

This must be some kind of mistake. IT managers axed, CEO and others' wallets lightened in patient hack aftermath

Ian Emery Silver badge

Management held to account and fired!!!

Its a bit early to be putting out April Fool jokes isnt it??

It WASN'T the update, says Microsoft: Windows 7 suffers identity crisis as users hit by activation errors

Ian Emery Silver badge


is my first thought.

At least they reversed this one, at home I have 3 legitimate Win7 pro machines that have been nagging they arent legit for over 18 months, after the LAST time they borked an update.

its time they turned the activation status system off and just let us get on with it; none of us are ever likely to let Win10 near our data, and they dont sell Win7 any longer, so they are hardly going to lose revenue over it.

Cyber-insurance shock: Zurich refuses to foot NotPetya ransomware clean-up bill – and claims it's 'an act of war'

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It goes all the way down to basic travel insurance, where certain airlines issue fake lost luggage claim numbers in the hope you wont make copies of the paperwork before they demand it back in exchange for your recovered luggage.

Google Play Store spews malware onto 9 million 'Droids

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Re: Do phones still have an IR port?

I ignore Amazon 5 star, read the 1 star for the lols, then concentrate on the 2-4 stars, where the real reviews are.

Fav 1 star was a woman who thought the mSD slot was a SIM slot and she was getting an ultra cheap Phablet (Galaxy Tab) for her hols.

What's 23 times the size of Earth, uncomfortably warm – and has astroboffins excited?

Ian Emery Silver badge

Damn !! Thought the answer was going to be "Your Momma"

You can blame laziness as much as greed for Apple's New Year shock

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Ré double the price of local Chinese phones

True, but then you need a Chinese mainland bank issued Visa or Mastercard to buy anything anyway.

But thanks for giving me another reason for SWMBO not to close her Chinese bank account.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Ré double the price of local Chinese phones

For a phone 1/2 the price of an iphone, you will get one of several major Chinese brands that can run rings around Apple without even getting sweaty; you need to drop down into the £200-£300 (1/4 to 1/3rd the price), to find a phone that you can compare a top-of-the-range iphone to, and sub £200 for a phone Apple can actually beat on the majority of specs.

WeChat and PayPal now have instant pay systems that the majority of Chinese use for even micro-payments like the RMB1.8 (~22p) bus fare. Local shop owners, taxis, and bus drivers were all bemused to see us paying with cash.

Apple appears to be nearly extinct in China.

NHS England claims it will be all-digital within the decade

Ian Emery Silver badge

I am in a similar position, I cannot take a wide spectrum of drugs due to having ITP.

Despite the fact I have had ITP for nearly 20 years, I STILL have to ask if any new meds are safe for me - and 50% of the time I see rabbit eyes and a sudden change of prescription.

Ian Emery Silver badge


As a strong believer in British Some Time; have they decided WHICH decade??

Chip-for-tat escalates: Qualcomm's billion-Euro bond to block Apple iPhone sales in Germany

Ian Emery Silver badge

Unless of course Qualcom are correct, and Apple just took the hardware/firmware to Intel and had them reverse engineer it.

If Qualcom win, Apple will have lost their 3 main markets in the space of 12 months, because it it is upheld in Germany, it will soon be Europe-wide, and they have already lost China, with the US sales going down the pan as well.

What few phone models they are still allowed to sell are unsellable without them halving the price (at least), and no way they can afford to do that; it would destroy their image.

Watch for a new budget version of the XR being rushed out in the next 6-9 months, and at around the £3-400 mark.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Ré "Still on Sale"

Just back from 3 weeks in China; saw only ONE, very small phone shop that MIGHT have had IOS devices for sale; store was closed so no way to tell if they were real or static display.

In every major phone, tech and retail area, there was almost no sign of Apple; I did spot one booth (empty), and a few empty display cabinets in the basement area of another store.

In the main shopping area for phones, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo etc, had huge 100ft wide store fronts, with stores running deep into the retail complex - the Apple store was a tiny 20ft x 20ft building isolated from the rest, and located right next to the public toilets.

In China you do not want to spend ANY time within 100ft of a public toilet in any weather above freezing point!!

You were told to clean up our systems, not delete 8,000 crucial files

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: A file so large...

Sod the Amiga extension, just cut the relevant tracks, remove the old soldered on RAM chips and solder 1MB of faster ones on the mobo for 1MB VRAM; that is what I did.

Or are you talking Pre A500 Amiga ? Cos the A500 addon 20MB HDD had space for 2MB of extra RAM, giving you a MASSIVE 3MB of RAM.

(HDD later upgraded to a HUMONGUS 200MB)

Huawei or the highway: Chinese giant whacks marketing drones for tweeting from iPhone

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Rough Deal - Perhaps

The GFWoC is locked down tighter than a virgins arsehole right now, and it is near impossible to set up a VPN from within the country; so when whatever channel they were using to access Twitter was shut down, the iPhone may have been the only other vpn channel still working.

When I say locked down, I mean it, since Christmas day even the /en pages of Chinese companies are blocked, CCTV /en included. And it isnt just social media/news websites either, LOTRO is blocked, both the game and the forums.

90% of the bookmarks on my laptop were either totally blocked, or after 10 minutes, a text only version would finally load. Up until the 25th, I had various ways of reaching most of those - although still not BBC, Google or Twitter.

GMail WOULD have worked, if Google hadnt blocked ALL my accounts for not being at home; does their AI not remember I make regular trips out here??

(In China from 9th to the 31st December)

Um, I'm not that Gary, American man tells Ryanair after being sent other Gary's flight itinerary

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Re: Cool story

Not implausible, I get exactly the same thing, the email address in the header is NOT my email address, yet still I get the emails from the Chevy dealership in the US.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Same here

I had caller ID, so could see the problem and tried to explain; she wouldnt have it.

The number and area code were basically the same 3 digits repeated, but the middle set were reversed, that was the set she was getting confused with.

Ré Reused lines, I still get that, more than 6 years after getting the new, reused number; that is nothing to snail mail though.

Back in 1988, our family bought a building belong to a 90-odd year old woman going into a care home; we are STILL getting a Christmas card for her from Canada every year.

Last year I received a letter for the previous owner of my house containing a dividend cheque for £14k; I bought the house in 1999.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Same here

I got appointment details for my Chevy, and apparently a paid up membership of the Sierra Club.

Tried to get the Chevy dealership to stop for 2 years; in the end I started booking expensive fictitious cars in for servicing and then they stopped.

Sierra Club got a polite email, followed by one full of FLWs, nothing from them since.

Still doesnt beat the little old lady who phoned me up one day, accused me of stealing her phone number and said she was setting the police on me.

I had been getting calls from various social services departments for her for several months, she had been swapping 2 digits over when giving out her number.

Insiders! The good news: Windows 10 Sandbox is here for testing. Bad news: Microsoft has already broken it

Ian Emery Silver badge

Still waiting for that Nelson Munce icon; we REALLY need it when M$ feature in a story.

Nobody in China wants Apple's eye-wateringly priced iPhones, sighs CEO Tim Cook

Ian Emery Silver badge

Ré China hitting the buffers.

This talk has been going on for at LEAST 5 years, and yes, there were a lot of closed stores, nearly a 1/3rd in some of the big market arenas I visited; but if it is really that bad, it isnt showing up in the value of the Yuan, which is DOUBLE what it was against the £ a mere 10 years ago.

Everyone I spoke to said the shop closures were because more and more people were shopping online - just like the rest of the world.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Its worse than he is making out.

How long ago??

iPhones were EVERYWHERE when I was out in the same area 4 years ago; people - even the street cleaners, - would turn their noses up at a domestic brand.

Tell them you had a Xiaomi and they actually laughed at you and told you they were a crap make.

Not any more.

I look at SWMBO as a typical Chinese woman; 6-8 years ago she was using a iPhone 4S, then she switched to a Galaxy Note 4, had a good look at the latest Xiaomi, but eventually dropped a shed-load on a fully loaded Huawei Mate 20 Pro - didnt even consider buying a new iPhone.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Its worse than he is making out.

As detailed across several HUKD threads, I have just spent 3 weeks in China, and NO ONE is using an iPhone; not even the older generations of phone.

In 3 weeks I saw about a dozen iphones, all older models, and even then, it was only one of 2 phones the person had; and several were being used merely as media players in taxi's.

One interesting person was dressed up in the full fake Givenchy etc; completely overdressed and inappropriate for the park we were in; she used her iPhone to take some photos of my daughter, but it went away as soon as she thought no one was looking, and a Huawei phone came out.

In the main tech and phone shopping areas, Apple was almost non-existent, huge rows of local phone brands, without an Apple banner in sight; yes, they havent been allowed to sell current gen phones for a few weeks, but there was NOTHING. It wasnt until my last day that I saw one small outlet with any Apple products on display.

The claims the price is too high dont work I am afraid, if the people want it, they will find a way to pay for it - or have you all forgotten the stories about people selling a kidney/lung to pay for one??

The biggest warning signs were the launch reports; the queue at the Apple store to launch the phone were not only dismal, but the first dozen or so people were all professional queuers, who had expected to be selling their place to someone who wanted a phone - no one bought them out, so (if I remember correctly), it was no. 19 in the queue who was the first to buy.

Apple are openly discounting phones in the US, and using hidden discounts with carriers in the UK (and probably everywhere else), to offer contracts at more realistic prices; but sales are still terribly slow.

Crystal ball gazers declare that Windows 10 has finally overtaken Windows 7

Ian Emery Silver badge

Fear Mongering

When M$ stop issuing security updates for Win7, it wont be the end of the world, just like it wasnt the end of the world for XP. Lets be honest half their updates opened up new problems, or negated fixes for older ones.

As long as the big Internet browsers and security companies continue to support it, it will be perfectly safe for 99% of the population.

I was running a Netbook with WinXP up until November 2018, it was only the software bloat that had slowed it to a crawl that made me update to a newer travel companion running Win7 (shipped with Win10, but got wiped the day it arrived). That old netbook went around the world with me, and was used to do my banking back in the UK, shopping and paying bills during extended overseas stays in some of the seedier parts of S E Asia, yet never once was in compromised.

Yippee, Win10 is now the big fish in an ever shrinking pond; I might even try the desktop version of Android on my next PC build.

Win10? Not a fucking chance.

Apple yanks iPhones from sale in Germany – and maybe China, too – amid Qualcomm spat

Ian Emery Silver badge

I've been in China for 2 weeks, and in that time I have seen TWO iphone users.

Even if Apple win in court, they may have lost their customer base in their 2nd(?) biggest market.

Nearly everyone I have seen is using either Huawei or Xiaomi phones; whereas 4 years ago, both brands were ridiculed by the locals.(Seen a few Oppo and Vivo users).

Even my wife is now deciding between which of two Xiaomi phones she is going to buy (her sister works for China Unicom, so BIG discounts).

Apple to splash $10bn raisin' American bit barns

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Green Credentials

On a more serious note; this must be costing them a fortune in China; been here nearly a week, and the lack of iPhone use amongst family and friends is very noticeable.

When we were out here 4 years ago, nearly everyone was sporting some version of the iphone, so far I havent seen one; most are sporting Huawei phones, and Xiaomi is no longer an unknown brand.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Green Credentials

I thought they just swapped the model number and sold them as new for £1300 ???

Total Inability To Support User Phones: O2 fries, burning data for 32 million Brits

Ian Emery Silver badge

Latest theory

They were getting ready for Brexit by installed radio equipment that uses imperial wave-lengths instead of the current metric wave-lengths.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Ericsson software apparently to blame

Yeah, some idiot installed Win10 Autumn update.

Take my advice and stop using Rubik's Cubes to prove your intelligence

Ian Emery Silver badge

Apart from Rubic Cubes not being 1970's, they are still on sale and still modestly popular today; we have only one left in stock after a run over Black Friday "week".

Technical foul: Amazon suffers data snafu days before Black Friday, emails world+dog

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Nothing to worry about

DAMN, Earworm alert!!!

Got that running around in my head now; but even just thinking it, my brain is falling over whilst trying to get the whole GDPR bit into the tune.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: catalogue shopping

They do a people delivery service already, a guy was found (naked) in a Amazon storage box in japan just this week.

Yeah, I got the spammy sounding email overnight; luckily this is an account I use for commercial sites I expect to spam me, so the spam filters on it are already set to "kill everything"

Flea market Xiaomi makes mad dash for growth

Ian Emery Silver badge

Your chart of phone models seems to be missing the Redmi Note series, which has always been their biggest seller; in the budget end of the market.

Xiaomi Fanboi on his 4th Note series phone, starting with the original "Red Rice".

Windows 10 goes into the Light and Cortana MIA as Microsoft buys chatbot bods XOXCO

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Wow, THREE different color schemes now?

I can remember when you could customise the BSOD.

Mine was mauve, with dark purple text.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Damn you for getting my hopes up

"into the light" is a euphemism for death; I really thought they had finally called it quits.

Bright spark dev irons out light interference

Ian Emery Silver badge

I just jealous of his hardware

When I worked at a foundry (Cosworth), most of the foundry stations were running using BBC B micros in custom stainless steel cases.

Mi 8 Pro: Xiaomi early buyers wait for modern firmware

Ian Emery Silver badge

Are you making out the phones are useless without the update??

Shame on you.

I've been using MIUI since version 4, and wouldnt swap for any Samsung or Apple bloatware, although the recent google bloatware and lockdown of the phones firmware is a PITA.

Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: @AnonCow

Fewer people die from guns in a war, than in "peaceful" USA and you say "must try harder" ??

You sir, are a moron, no wonder you are hiding your identity.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Throw the book at him

You omitted to add that the Police involved had genuine reasons to suspect he was wearing a suicide vest; that they were on high alert after several suicide bombings, and he RAN when approached.

I feel for both this relatives and the poor sod who shot him, despite not being a huge fan of the UK police.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: @AnonCow

FIRST result in entering "CDC gun death 2016" into Google search bar (UK ,as I know Google block some of these results in the US).


Please note, no "research" just complied records.

Also - for the sake of context - more US people die (on average), of gun injuries in any one month, than have died in the ENTIRE Afghanistan debacle; and you are running at over 50% per year, of the US military WW2 mortality rate.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Hostage situations...

Same here, damage to my shoulder means it can be excruciatingly painful to raise my arm; anything that gets my hand above shoulder height is potentially going to have me in serious pain.

Back on Topic, the idiots involved should look forwards to an electrified gaming chair.

Scam or stunt? It's looking like the latter... Xiaomi so sorry for £1 smartphone 'promo'

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: I have the list of winners!

Good link; I did try to post a reply, but it vanished into the ether (seems to happen a lot these days).

In general in PinYin Chinese, the "X" makes a sound like a cross between "sh" and "zu".

Dont try writing it as "zh" though, as in PinYin that makes a "juh" sound.

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: I have the list of winners!

Has to be fake.

This early in Xiaomi's UK operation, all these would be Chinese citizens, and although many Chinese pick "Western "names, they very rarely pick anything sane.

I have a Chinese niece calling herself Sirius.

Xiaomi are a good brand, but I do miss my "Despot of Brigade" branded packpack

Xiaomi anarchy in the UK: Chinese tat-flinger wants to slip its cheapo flagships in Brit pockets

Ian Emery Silver badge

Woh hou Sha

But then, I already own 3 Xiaomi phones

Windows 10 Pro goes Home as Microsoft fires up downgrade server

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: Really the Home versions of Windows are evil and the price difference etc Home / Pro is evil

I doubt you could still find one, and M$ screwed the activate system for it just over a week ago.

All 3 of my Win7 PCs suddenly started claiming fake installs (all genuine and have been genuine for years).

Plus one where I was reinstalling after the SSD failed (3rd in our house this year!!), installed some weird licence number by itself and not only declared itself fake, but also the genuine licence that goes with that particular disk to be fake when I entered it.

It has also gone from 7 days to activate - to 0 days to activate in the course of 48 hours, THEN decided I had 27 days to activate!!.

Completely screwed

UK computer dealer Aria PC loses £750k VAT fraud appeal attempt in THAT case

Ian Emery Silver badge

It couldnt happen to a nicer company.

Boom! Just like that the eSIM market emerges – and jolly useful it is too

Ian Emery Silver badge

Re: So how is an eSIM better

Of course; but if I say the same thing about China and give you the price in RMB, do you know the exchange rate??

So smarter people than you convert into local currency - in this case Pounds Sterling.

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