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Creep travels half the world to harass online teen gamer… and gets shot by her mom – cops


Re: Psycho creeps will always be with us.

UK has a concept of reasonable force. In this case you have a man trying to break into a house with known occupants inside of it, it is reasonable in these circumstances to believe that he intends harm to the occupants, potentially lethally so. So while the Mother might be initially arrested in the UK, she'd be let go once the evidence gathered showed the legitimacy of her actions.

President Trump turns out the lights on solar panel imports into US


Decreasing coal exports

I wonder if the decreasing coal exports had anything to do with this. With the US exports of coal decreasing each year due to cheaper alternatives and renewable sources of energy, it does make one wonder.

Naturally this is all a brain-dead idea but Trump doesn't believe that humans are a major contributor in global warming/climate change/whateveryouwannacallit and so such a backwards policy is hardly a surprise from him. This is just more evidence that Trump is in fact an idiot, there are many deniers still around but the evidence continues to build up and up.

Trump has only survived in business due to a high level of corruptness, celebrity status and con artistry at a corporate level. I am trying to think of a great businessman that ever had a company they owned/run go bankrupt even once, Trump has had that happen four times with a strong indication that the reason they went bankrupt so fast being the likelihood that he was funneling money from those businesses to his personal accounts. It isn't smart, intelligent or competent but it is highly corrupt and without actual business acumen, about the only thing Trump could have done to retain his money in the long run... of course other people might have thought about just selling the companies in question but it would probably have been harder to do all the tax dodges if Trump had done that instead.

'WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?' Linus Torvalds explodes at Intel spinning Spectre fix as a security feature


Apparently Torvalds can still be praised for sitting two sides on the same argument. After all wasn't it Torvalds only a couple of months ago whom berated a security expert because they didn't have a fallback mechanism in their code from the start and said that enabling security fixes that inconveniences the user is bad and can lead to system crashes.

Now we have a security update with a fallback mechanism and that enabling it inconveniences the user for certain and does indeed crash many systems.. the sheer hypocrisy here... personally I believe most users don't actually care about security and that sometimes you have to push security on too users even if it inconveniences them somewhat. Naturally you still need the ability to revert or disable such security updates encase they do bork the system too, of course.

Linus Torvalds on security: 'Do no harm, don't break users'


This still doesn't address the fact that the submission in question had a mode that disabled the crashing of the kernel... the fallback mode, something Torvalds criticized it for it having, by the way. Torvalds made a hasty generalization and got it wrong, now this is him just trying to justify his unacceptable behavior.

VMware refuses to support its wares running in Azure


So VMWare only support solutions they built? that is total BS, seen VMware support solutions they didn't build themselves before in multiple places.

When it comes to ML, reports of JavaScript's death are exaggerated


Should Javascript be replaced? Heck yes

Should Javascript be replaced by Python? heck no.

The language replacement for Javascript needs to be lightweight and to remove the inconsistencies caused by the various browser makers creating non-standard interpreters. In a browser you would just end out seeing the different browser makers implementing different versions of different python libraries and the entire thing becoming a mess very very quickly. Javascript has shown with it's history that such things will happen and it will just end out being a giant mess.

Further more, Using python would make any system that dynamically generates code for the client side more complex than needs be due to python's insistence of using white space/indentation as the method of defining scope/code blocks.

Some 'security people are f*cking morons' says Linus Torvalds


Re: Linus Torvalds is not a Security Expert

Great.. apparently people really don't read full posts, I mean like the last line I wrote noting that indeed it should not always be do or die and that the FALLBACK was the feature to removed do or die, something Torvalds himself then criticized.

Also one has to also worry about what effect compromised code would have on a Turbine or Military hardware to begin with. Lest not fear the potential of a nuclear launch device being compromised?


Linus Torvalds is not a Security Expert

Like him or hate him, I think it is plain to see that Linus actually doesn't get security. If you have a compromised Kernel, it needs to die, the moment you allow potentially suspicious code to run at the kernel level it is already game over.

yes security should not allow suspicious code to get to the kernel in the first place but saying you shouldn't have security at every level because of that is brain dead scape goating. The fact is that software is very complex, and there is always multiple different processes running from different applications and the vast majority of servers have more than one way to access them. relying on userspace to protect the entire system is never going to be a workable solution.

Don't get me wrong, it should be tested but in this case Linus set himself up. He said it should not always be do or die and that the fallback was stupid and showed weakness when instead the fallback is the very feature of not having "do or die"...

Look, ma! No hands! Waymo to test true self-driving cars in US with Uber-style hailing app


Re: Clean up crew

Presumably these cars will have an interior camera but night time drunks will probably still do that kind of thing.

As far as cash goes, then payment could probably be handled automatically via the App/phone. Until we see it in the wild tho, can not be certain.


And the issue is? Would you rather start first test in central New York/London/Tokyo or in somewhere with much lighter traffic? Lighter traffic would seem to be preferable as vehicles will be more likely to actually travel at speed rather than just being an expensive brick. Also more dense situations do require stronger hardware, so would be easier in a less dense area for testing while hardware is still being developed.

AMD, Intel hate Nvidia so much they're building a laptop chip to spite it


Good old Tegra

This is because the Tegra chipset is so awesome right? right now Intel might be well in front but as the PC market continues to grow and ARM continues to want to try and break into the server market that position could come under threat, more so with the Tegra core which would give both CPU and GPU in a single packet.

Heck the AMD monolopy on the Game Consoles market was broken by nVidia with the Nintendo Switch which uses a Tegra. I am honestly not aware of any direct competing product that rivals the Tegra right now. On top of that nVidia also is pretty much leading self driving car technology and have a strong presence in super computers. Certainly in the future nVidia might overtake intel but this just makes AMD's move here even stranger since Intel is bringing in like 5 times the income of nVidia and AMD combined. I don't see this ending well for AMD.

Dude who claimed he invented email is told by judge: It's safe to say you didn't invent email


Constantly Lying.

A quick search on Shiva Ayyadurai quickly reveals how scummy his claims for inventing e-mail is. He claims to have invented it in 1978, but the first email client was invented in 1971/1972 by Ray Tomlinson. So what did Shiva invent? Nothing, he just made a program that did which has already done and claimed adding some functionality means he invented it... clear lie.

He also tried to sue Gawker when they called him out as a fraud. There is nothing significant or notable about Shiva Ayyadurai's claims around e-mail other than him suing anybody that calls him out on clearly having not invented email. I'm expecting a call from a lawyer any second now...

Uncle Sam outlines evidence against British security whiz Hutchins


Pride cometh....

At this point the FBI must know that their case is literally hanging on a piece of evidence suspended only by a wet piece of toilet paper. The only reason they aren't releasing the guy now is little more than pride, they don't wanna admit they got it so terribly wrong after the case has attracted attention but failing to admit their mistakes just makes it ever so more clear that they really do not know what they are doing.

Also I do not understand why he is being prosecuted in the US to begin with, if he really committed these crimes, it would stand to reason that he would have performed them while still in the UK and thus should be prosecuted in the UK, this seems like a horrendous abuse of power on all levels and one of the reasons why to this day, I have zero interest in ever visiting the US of A.

Fewer than half GCSE computing students got a B or higher this year


Re: Teaching IT doesn't have enough money

Honestly, most of my IT skills are self taught and what training I have had has surpassed the education in IT that I got from school or university. Most of what school or university did was cover things that were either irrelevant or that I already knew, school was all windows based stuff and university had to drop it's Unix course because they couldn't get anybody willing to teach it.

Now that I do have over 10 years in IT, If you even wanted me to look at another job, you'd need to be talking 40K min, probably more likely 45~50K if you really want me interested.

There is of course the other issue that since now everybody has to do IT, the IT courses are easier. Heck, when I was 13 I was learning QBasic, making simplistic 3D projections for fun where now you have people going in that don't know the difference between a div or a span in html....

Hyperloop One teases idea of 50-minute London-Edinburgh ride



Given how they can't even demonstrate that this works on a smaller scale, how is anybody hoping it'd work on a larger scale? Can anybody remember the tests they held on like a half mile section where almost all the test trains failed and those that did work, were miserably slow... This pipe dream needs to be laid to rest, it doesn't work.

Julian Assange wins at hide-and-seek game against Sweden



Presumably Sweden is foreseeing the European Arrest Warrant no longer being valid in the UK post brexit and so has given up since now it is just a matter of time until that comes about. Not that the rape allegations have ever had a real shred of evidence behind them anyways but the fear being that Sweden would hand Assange over to the US post trial. Assange after all is guilty of the biggest crime in the world, he went against the US Government and leaked dirty stuff they were doing, while I do not like Assange on a personal level, I don't think anything he has actually done is deserving of any real jail time.

Uber is a taxi company, not internet, European Court of Justice advised


Finally some common sense

Why has it taken so long to declare Uber a taxi service, it is CLEARLY a taxi service. You use the app to hail a car that picks you up from point A to point B, this isn't a coworker picking you up (ride-sharing), there is a monetary transfer for the service of transportation and that car wasn't going to make that journey if you didn't order it. Now as Uber is a taxi company, all Uber drivers should be required to have the relevant licenses/permits for being taxi drivers for the relevant country. Yes this will drive Uber prices up, this is because they are using drivers who should not be taxi drivers to push prices down and undersell local and legal taxi companies/operators.

Can you ethically suggest a woman pursue a career in tech?


Propagana is obvious

Anybody suspicious by the sheer lack of any actual factual numbers in this article, it is obvious way, this is the normal feminist propaganda junk that needs to die out. It is obvious that there are many tech companies that in fact are run by women and yet this article pretends that never happens, it is biased and clearly in a 3rd wave nutcase way.

I have also seen people with degrees (note PEOPLE, not just women) not get promotions in favor of other people, unsurprisingly having a degree isn't everything... most degrees aren't worth the paper they are printed on and give little context to actual competence of the person. I have seen people with degrees get massively out-performed by those without, in the field that the degree is for. Anybody who really lives in reality can see that universities on the most part have been ruined, too willing to get as many people through the doors as they can and so now exceptional people no longer shine and everybody gets a piece of paper for just turning up.

Microsoft makes cheeky bid for MongoDB devs on Azure security grounds


I have to admit to having never liking the mongoDB approach... it seems so ill conceived to begin with. It is like "here is our great but should never be implemented ideas, implemented by half-brain dead monkeys", the thing I doubt is that Microsoft's DocumentDB is going to be any better a concept, tho will probably at least be more secure.

MoD confirms award of giant frikkin' laser cannon contract


Re: What happened to the free market?

you want to give over national security to free market? And what if the free market is given incentive to ensure your national security isn't actually secure?

I mean "free market" in general is a dumb idea that doesn't work when given any real rational thought because it becomes quickly apparent that there is ALWAYS an incentive of companies to lie, no matter how big or small that company maybe, since lying allows you to add false "value" to your product.

Also you remove monolopy protection with free market and generally countries that try to go for "free markets" usually end out with issues with monopolized industries. I wish people would stop with this free market junk, it does not work. You need legislative protections against abusive companies. And when it comes to NATIONAL SECURITY, naturally free market would never work. Since another rival country could literally just pay your free market contractor to purposefully do a sub-standard job.

Tim Cook: EU lied about Apple taxes. Watch out Ireland, this is a coup!


The sad thing is, this isn't news. We all know that there are multiple international corporations in Ireland because of the tax evasion. This isn't just Apple, but if you aren't a multi-national you won't see those tax benefits.

More so Ireland has facilitated this to win jobs, I do not think Apple just paying the taxes is enough here. Ireland itself should also be punished as should other companies who have these special arrangements with Ireland. Now these companies are in Ireland they aren't going to just move and so this still remains a win-win for Ireland winning business in illegal methods. And let's remember, Ireland is part of the EU, Ireland has agreed to follow the rulings of the EU and there were laws against these SPECIFIC practices. The EU is perfectly in their rights to make this ruling. Apple and Ireland are just bitter, Apple since they have to pay their dues and Ireland since it'll put off other multi-nationals moving there in the wake of brexit that Ireland would hope to win with their illegal practices.

The only surprising thing is that it took this long for the EU to actually do anything about this.

Corbyn lied, Virgin Trains lied, Harambe died


Re: Cant see where he lied

If he got up and sat on a seat shortly afterwards, then clearly he lied. More so, anybody that has been on these types of trains usually knows the reservation tickets usually have stations printed on them. Since many reserved tickets are for later or earlier stops. Thus the seat is only reserved for certain periods and often not the whole Journey. Unless things have changed in the past five years, that is certainly how I remember it working last time I was on such a train.

Systemd adds filesystem mount tool


Re: I've forgotten...

"Investigating would be a good idea. In fact it's such a good idea that the correct sequence is investigate, fix, restart."

In the meantime, let's just leave the corporate website offline since me not being a machine myself, I am asleep and in bed. If you have sysadmins on hand 24/7 then great, do that. But in reality you rarely have the right people around all the time and often the failures tend to be simple things. Also I have not seen the type of corruption occur that you are talking about, but this maybe because I try to set-up things to not break in the first place. If your application is something that MIGHT corrupt data then sure, you might not want it to auto-restart. If like the type of things I deal with, you have methods of recovery such as Galera SSTs or it's apache services that have no permissions to write to file to begin with, it's usually not that much of an issue.

But more so, systemd has other lovely things it can do on failure, it's not pretty but it is possible to make systemd send an e-mail or run another service, sysvinit has nothing.


Re: I've forgotten...

sysvinit is a relic that lacks way too many modern features.

SystemD actually manages your processes, sysvinit just invokes scripts and forgets if the process is even running, it doesn't even care about the quality of your script. It's down to the developers/administrators to even ensure that what is there, is readable and functional. Systemd actually allows you to configure things properly, have dependency chains and the ability to respawn processes on failure. Systemd is far more friendly with modern hardware compared to sysv. Perhaps SystemD is not the best replacement but it's still a superior one to sysvinit. Fact is hardware changes and as hardware changes, software needs to keep up to pace, the problem is sysvinit is not up to pace, there is the problem.

What's Brexit? How Tech UK tore up its plans after June 23


Re: Already paying 10%

The sale of ARM was not related to brexit, that sale would have happened either way but now we have a pledge of increased jobs in the UK for ARM. In terms of economy, having more people employed tends to be more important than having fat cats shove more money into over-inflated bank accounts.

The weakened Pound is due to market speculation that UK might leave the single market, speculation proves to be wrong 99% and I doubt this will be the 1%. As such, the Pound will likely recover once brexit negotiations are done which in turn would result in a boom as the Pound will then try to return back to it's roughly normal levels. It's also worth mentioning that while the weakened pound maybe bad for some businesses, for others it's actually a boon as it makes the UK more competitive on prices Internationally too.

'Leave EU means...' WHAT?! Britons ask Google after results declared


Re: Confirmation Bias is at large


more like under 30s in this context, which is younger than myself. I am not saying older generations don't use the Internet, only that younger generations use it on average more. And yes, there is always exceptions, most people under 30 won't use the Internet as much as I do, still most people my age won't use the Internet as much as those in their late teens do who stay connected via social networks, face photos/selfies/etc and use dating apps. The Internet is now much more mobile than it ever use to be. And no, these numbers are not backed by statistics, so I could be wrong, it's assumption, anecdotal, etc. I know.


The Internet goes back to around the late 1960s, didn't need google to get that one. Some protocols are older than I am, still I remember growing up in the early 1990s where many adults still did not regularly use the Internet. Younger generations have much more easy with accessibility to the Internet and without the limitations that I had in my own childhood.


Sorry, got Dyspraxia and no edit function.


Confirmation Bias is at large

And how does anybody know if it is those voting for leave that are searching this? The younger generations whom use the Internet more were the ones who mainly voted to remain.

But even if it is true, then all it means is people are taking an interest in what people are now saying in the face of an elected decision in regards to the events of today. People might not have expected for example that David Cameron may stand down. This article seems to be more confirmation bias than actual information.

PM resigns as Britain votes to leave EU


Re: We all know what happened

How much would the French government like to wave through anyone heading to Britain and let them deal with us in our own "controlled" borders. Therefore moving all the migrants, camps and troubles from Calais to Dover?

Our agreements with France over border control are not reliant on the EU and do not involve the EU.


Re: We all know what happened

"No, seriously.

Move to somewhere out of your normal comfort zone and you will see. I have done so twice."

You made no real point here, other than, there is a few racists. As stated, people labeling all of Leave as racist and bigots is nothing other than an ad hominem attack that adds nothing of value. The remain campaign did nothing compelling at all and gave no real arguments for remaining in Europe but rather attacked the leave campaign.

Now let me go further to say that I never called anybody elitist or middle class, so thank you for your lack of anything meaningful...


Re: We all know what happened

It couldn't be that people just had issues with EU in general or thought that the on-going economic crisis in Southern Europe is an unacceptable situation of which the EU holds a significant amount of blame on. Nope... Racism.

It couldn't be that people think the EU interfers too much in the UK and what UK gives up for EU membership just ain't worthwhile.... Nope, Racism.

It couldn't be that people believe that immigration needs sensible control of which the EU obliterates... placing intense strain on established services and allowing foreign criminals and benefit cheats into the country...... oh sure, cas it's just Racism.

It has been clear this entire debate where the majority of the bigotry has come from and that is actually the Remain side whom ad hominem the leave side by calling the entire thing racist and not wanting to actually engage in logical and sensible debate.

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd


Re: Did UK make ever something positive to make EU stronger?

If the UK never joined the EEC then I doubt the EU would have even lasted this long. Sure the UK doesn't like dealing with the EU but the EU depends on money that it gets from the UK. The UK never needed to join the EEC in the first place, certainly there was no economical requirement for it since the UK already had strong trade networks within the commonwealth already and the Commonwealth threatens to dwarf the EU in terms of economic power in the long term.

The biggest question isn't what the UK has done for the EU (which is a lot), it was the EU has done for the UK (which is little), it still makes no real sense for continuation of EU membership in the UK. People focus so much on the "economic" side of the EU that they forget the UK has alternatives and that leaving the EU does not require the end of free trade between the UK and the EU. Free trade benefits both the UK and EU whereas EU membership does not benefit the UK at all, it benefits the EU.

Spam King sent down for 30 months


Re: not be allowed to own or use a computer

Right, well then he shouldn't have done something highly illegal, and then after getting caught and serving time; doing that highly illegal thing again. I actually think he should be banned for life from touching a computer at all at this point. I mean being caught once showed he was corrupt, getting caught again proved he is dumb.

Why everyone* hates Salesforce's Marc Benioff


There is now more jobs around than before the Luddites, also there is no monsters... So they were wrong; Simple as.

Sure eventually we might replace all human jobs out with robots but even this is likely hundreds of years off still and when it happens, people won't become "useless" or "layabouts", people will just find other things to do in other areas since the robots will inevitably open up jobs else where as the steam engine caused a revolution in the jobs market. The fact is to keep enough robots around to replace all current human jobs would require an exceptional amount of electrical energy and so might not be as feasible as people like to think anyway.

Millions of 'must be firewalled' services are open to the entire internet – research


Re: No big surprise

Indeed, encryption won't protect you from vulnerable services being opened to the Internet. I mentioned basic auth specifically and FTP because these send the credentials in plain text which even if you firewalled off all non-essential services could still allow a server to be compromised in horrible horrible ways. However your description of the Internet as TCP/IP network is wrong, the Internet is an IP network, it is not limited to TCP and only blocking TCP ports will not secure a server either since you'd leave UDP, icmp and various other protocols too.

I do not see much point in blocking potentially vulnerable services when you have left knowingly vulnerable services wide open while also sending everybody else between you and home a copy of the key. Which I guess is to say, there is one point closing all the windows on a house if the front is left wide open. Sure you need to make sure the windows are closed but you also need to ensure random people can't just walk in via the front door. So yes, while you need to protect the wider area, you also need to make sure the granted access itself is not compromised and using protocols like FTP sure ain't a good way of doing that. More so when that FTP access is as super users or administrators, which I have seen "because it's easier/more convenient".


No big surprise

I still find that there are lot of companies with zero comprehension of internet protocols and their caveats. It's not exactly an uncommon thing to see people using FTP or Basic Auth for HTTP websites and then having to explain why they might want to use more secure protocols such as SFTP, FTPS or HTTPS for these types of things to at least get some basic level of encryption on there. Mainly seems to affect smaller businesses as larger businesses will have their own IT department that most of the time will have at least one person who is security aware/conscious. Smaller businesses still make up a significant amount of services online.

Model's horrific rape case may limit crucial online free speech law


How does this impact free speech at all?

This one is a bit of a joke, the issue here has nothing to do with free speech but that the site in question is believed to have known about scams being performed using it's services and not offering adequate protection or information to users about these risks. If the site had at least warned users that it does not vet users of it's services and that messages could be coming from literally anybody whom could fraudulently claim to be from a legitimate photoshoot gallery and so care should be taken when agreeing to meet up with people, then the onus is removed from the site.

More so this doesn't impact free speech because the issue is NOT the content on the website, it was what a LACK of content on the website led to happening in person.

I do not agree that the site should necessarily place up that it is aware of this actively going on, as such actions could impede police investigations if they were being carried out. Instead the site just needs to warn that such can happen. It seems likely as the offenses were against multiple women that the site was made aware of these particular two, in which case they should have deferred any actions towards the local law enforcement authority as you would hope any self-respecting company should do.

England just not windy enough for wind farms, admits renewables boss


Re: Tidal?

Why would you take tidal energy from Scotland down to Birmingham? That seems wasteful to start with. There are massive sections of coast far closer to Birmingham than Scotland and it's likely some of those would be more likely but generally Tidal energy would like be used for the closest areas first meaning the coastal towns first and then further inland with excess. However this energy reduces the total amount of energy needed in the UK completely. Somewhere like Birmingham which is nearing the point furthest away from any coast possible, would likely be on a different type of energy source but you don't need to use that same type of source for coastal areas powered by tidal power.

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