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Do not adjust your set: Hats off to Apple, you struggle to shift iPhones 'cos you're oddly ethical


Ethical you say ?

So the company that has put the price of their product up by the same number as the phone edition in dollars, then sold it to us mugs in the UK in the same number but in pounds & tried to make old phones run slowly until they were taken to court, is ethical ??? WTF you must be smoking Androids :)

So my 3 was £300, the 4 was £400 the 5/6/7/8 were the same in pounds & the 9 was skipped & went straight to the X (10) at £1000 due to poor sales of the 8. Now its does not cost anymore to import from China to the UK or the rest of Europe than it does to the USA, so a $999 phone should have been about £765 +VAT, so circa £920. Highest taxes in the USA are around 10% so the $999 would have been worst case $1100 !

So I would not call a company that charges customers in one country more than another just because they can, ethical.

But given the choice of the Malware hell that is Android & its disparate lack of commonality, I'll stick with my iPhone.


30-up: You know what? Those really weren't the days


You Missed WYSIWYG the magic of wizzy wig ! Youngsters have never had it so good, well apart from the Mal/Ransome/Crypto WARE that is now sinking the digital ship :(

British Airways' latest Total Inability To Support Upwardness of Planes* caused by Amadeus system outage


weight calculation

Likewise I have always wondered why, aircraft do not have suspension sag measures. It would need calibrated once in a while & checked against a manual calc of the load index & trim. If cars & motorbikes are already fitted with these systems for dynamic suspension control, by measuring the compression & expansion of the suspension dampers, then it should be possible on aircraft.

They should then be able to work out the load distribution from the relative compression of each leg, both in pitch & roll & adjust accordingly. In fact with some nifty computer programing an onboard machine could do it for you.

But like everything air related, the red tape to get these things in place is often the deal breaker, as it has to be approved to be fitted, yadda yadda. Not like bolting on a test bit to a car & running it on a test track or the public highway if you want driver-less taxi's !

I've been on small planes where they weigh you or ask you to sit in certain areas of the plane due to size & weight, to keep the trim good & avoid the pilots having to adjust trim every flight.

Fork it! Google fined €4.34bn over Android, has 90 days to behave


Need a new calculator as in the person !

Check your sums, at todays exchange rate €4.34B = £3.875B Not £5B

or did someone want the $ sign ! Oops a daisy

PayPal's pal Venmo spaffs your pals' payments – and yours


With CLOUDS you get RAIN

RAIN = Random Access Information Network !

Nuff said :(

Sad Nav: How a cheap GPS spoofer gizmo can tell drivers to get lost


Self Drive Cars ! Yeah Right :(

So GPS jamming can be built for (or possibly even with) Peanuts ! Now you can have GPS diversion control. And they want to introduce self driving cars that rely on GPS for location info & routing, even if its not strictly necessary for it to move ! I can see the sh!ts & giggles coming that sitting on a city street corner with either a jammer or a diverter will cause for any teenage miscreant that wants a bit of fun while watching the hapless autonomous vehicles driving in circles, with a passenger that has no control. Priceless :)

UK's first transatlantic F-35 delivery flight delayed by weather


Re: Carriers??

Yeah but Phantoms have two engines & two guys, someone to make the tea see ! Or hold the stick whilst the pilot took a wee, no not like that ! Although these days it could just as likely be a couple of ladies talking about how bone domes ruin their hair do or some such, but still a spare bod to hold the stick & make the tea :)

Fancy owning a two-seat Second World War Messerschmitt fighter?


Illegal to charge VAT in secondhand items ! But HMRC changed the rules to line the governments coffers so VAT registered businesses have to charge VAT on their sales, even if the item was originally sold with VAT the first time.

On the plane, its a two seater which I don't believe the Germans ever built, its running a British engine & was built in Spain, so I'm fairly certain its not a Bf or ME anything !

I've flown a Mustang, that was converted to a two seater after the war, but at least it was a pucka 1944 built warbird :) best hour of my life.

Equifax hack worse than previously thought: Biz kissed goodbye to card expiry dates, tax IDs etc


Re: Clearly allowing companies to hold this kind of information should not be allowed

There is NO reason whatsoever for Government collected data, as in census or electoral roll etc to be made public & definitely NOT sold to Private companies to use as they see fit, but it has been going on for a long time. I remember in 1999 being sent a sample electoral roll CD for the whole of the UK & I was able to look up old girl friends & current company employees & get more info on them than was available to me as IT manager of the company. This was supplied as a sales contact database reference material.

These private companies, now determine your net worth & suitability for credit, but they are NOT regulated & are self appointed, so anyone hacking their systems, could do like the movies & destroy you economically, by reducing your credit score & thus having your cards cancelled by the provider etc, or stealing your data & using it to ruin your hard won credit score through fraudulent use of your private data :(

The governments of the world could & should do more, but they are living in the 19th century & take years to make simple common sense laws where no regulation exists & most of the time the laws are half baked & full of loop holes :( Useless the lot of them.

US military gets authority to shoot down citizens' small drones


The Law's an Ass

Strangely in the UK we hear about these things all the time. But having been a long time model aircraft enthusiast, the laws have been in place since radio control was invented to stop the illegal use of RC aircraft. Drones are RC aircraft & thus can NOT be flown anywhere you do NOT have explicit permission to do so. Thus all public places are off limits, as are any open spaces where you do not have the land owners permission etc etc.

Shooting them down suits me, I'll get my shotgun, oh wait a mo maybe not I'd get arrested, but plod do nothing to the idiots with drones !

Virgin Media only adds another 127,000 homes to Project Lightning


Dig some holes

WSM is crying out for cable, as are many other places, but they can't be bothered to dig more holes, its cheaper to upgrade existing fibre provided cabs than add new ones in new areas :(

'Windows 10 nagware: You can't click X. Make a date OR ELSE'


Kill its access !

So whilst the NAG screen is up, close all other windows, do a Ctrl+Alt+Del, start task manager & check the processes for the process that is the NAG screen. Open file manager, find the process file that is the NAG screen, that directory is the windows 10 upgrade NAG directory, now open properties on the directory containing this file & set security permission to NONE for the system on that directory.

The NAG screen can NO Longer launch ! Job Jobbed, never to be heard from again !

You will also find a hidden folder containing the Win10 upgrade files located on your root directory or C:\ do a web search for details, called something like Windows10-BT IIRC, just delete it if you do NOT intend to upgrade to Windows10. This will give you a few gigs of disk back that MS stole without your knowledge !

Have fun.

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