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Samsung: Don't install Windows 10. REALLY


Windows 10 has a nice look and feel, but you really need the OS to be solid and I've had issues with start button 'critical failure' etc. 7 is still my favourite because it is solid.

Swiss effectively disappear Alps: World's largest tunnel opens


Impressive project, I wonder will it be upgraded eventually to Hyper Loop tech :)

Tintri is great. But is VM-aware storage still what customers want?


Since we implemented Tintri -

* My snapshots are instantaneous, and backup jobs run flawlessly (even the biggies).

* My users don't complain about "slow" VDI anymore and our SQL reports run quicker than ever.

* I never have a "volume" go offline and failed replication is a thing of the past.

* Updates and patches are a breeze to apply, likewise the management console is fast and easy to use - Tintri makes my job easier not harder.

* We are 100% virtualised. Having storage that is designed, built, and implemented as VM-aware makes our "stuff run better".

OK you can say "but everyone else does that" which may or may not be true but I can tell you that Tintri are visionary leaders in this space and everyone else is playing catchup. After three years of ownership I can tell you that Tintri has made a vital difference in our data centre I will not hesitate to buy Tintri again.

"Tintri is great. But is VM-aware storage still what customers want?" - YES!

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