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Amazon Mime: We train (badly) an AI love bot using divorce bombshell Bezos' alleged sexts to his new girlfriend



Haha, but how disappointing :( I was hoping, probably like you, that the 'bot would turn out to be some sex-starved bunny boiler. Oh well, better luck next time. Got any Boris texts...?

Begone, Demon Internet: Vodafone to shutter old-school pioneer ISP


Demon to Vodafone

I was with demon from 1992 (ish) until last week and been through all the upgrades: modem to ADSL to ADSL2 and now to Vodafone. Never had any complaints.

I took up the Vodafone offer of FTTC VDSL. It's only been a couple of days and seems to be going well and connecting at 40Mb, whereas ADSL2 was only capable of 14Mb. I also moved POTS to Vodafone too. Combined it is 50% cheaper.

Demon was a great server provider. Remember the days when your ISP also included some free personal webspace? Going to keep demon.co.uk e-mail address.

Attention all British .eu owners: Buy dotcom domains and prepare to sue, says UK govt


Attention all non-British .uk owners ...

With the EU leading the way when are we going to kick out the non-Birtish or non-UK based organisations the are holding the TLD .UK domains and .co.uk, .ltd.uk, etc.?

Space policy boffin: Blighty can't just ctrl-C, ctrl-V plans for Galileo into its Brexit satellite


Re: defense applications, ... a GPS guided munition down a bunker.

Would that be sharks with frikkin' laser beams attached to their heads?

So we regain control, but lose access to the system we helped pay for and have to build our own? If it happened to another country it would be a case of schadenfreude, but I don't think there is a joy at self-harm equivalent. :(

Check this out: Radisson Hotel Group 'fesses up to 'security incident'


re; a very very very large fine.

Absolutely, as it will remind companies that GDPR has big teeth and they need to look after their customer's data.

Alibaba pulls dust covers off its new London cloud presence


Bet all their hosts have a variant of Superfish installed and regularly call "home".

Dodgy Chinese crap. Not to be trusted.

Super Micro China super spy chip super scandal: US Homeland Security, UK spies back Amazon, Apple denials


Re: Who gains by this ?


Making trouble for the US is a national past-time, and what could be more fun than fanning the flames of a trade war ...

Commodore 64 makes a half-sized comeback


Oh great, yet more wet dreams of reviving old tat, just like the VEGA and Atari. They were great at the time, but just crap now. Anyone contributes to such pointless projects should expect to get screwed over and get nothing: download an emulator and spend the cash on porn mags!

Unbreakable smart lock devastated to discover screwdrivers exist


Re: Yeah - but if I am a "common criminal" I'll definitely find another non-indiegogo to pawn

or even the 24h mutts?

Flying to Mars will be so rad, dude: Year-long trip may dump 60% lifetime dose of radiation on you


Didn't we colonise the southern hemishpere (33 degrees south) with pioneers? Could a similar technique be used to kick-start Mars?

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms


Re: Try reading if you soon fond of the English language

The joys of the English language. How about NIGGARD as a trigger?


Re: I could not agree more

@werdsmith, sorry, but you can't use "my safe space" because it requires segregation, elitism and discrimination.

Chap asks Facebook for data on his web activity, Facebook says no, now watchdog's on the case


If I see that drone flying over my property it will not make the delivery...

Atari accuses El Reg of professional trolling and making stuff up. Welp, here's the interview tape for you to decide...


Old tat re-boot

Yet another failed reboot of old tat. A fool and his money are soon parted.

What's wrong with a PC / MAC emulator or if you prefer a crappy experience you could always download the Android / iPhone equivalent.

And if you did buy one of those how long would you use or keep it for before realising that they are not longer used for a reason and sling it in the bin?

Bloodhound Super-Sonic Car aims to wake up Newquay: Rocket work restart in August


Re: mono-propellant...

[i]Nope your right you may wear your pedant badge with pride..[/i]

Nope you are right. You may wear your pedant badge with pride.


Govts should police... Google's algorithms, says News Corp chief


Re: Google gives stuff for free!?!?

> As far as I can see if it wasn't for exploiting other people's IP Google wouldn't have a business at all.

Could also be written as:

As far as I can see if it wasn't for exploiting other people's PII News Corp wouldn't have a business at all.

Pot. Kettle. Black.

UK watchdog finally gets search warrant for Cambridge Analytica's totally not empty offices


Re: Given the time it's take to get the warrant...

> ...bet they'll find little more than a pile of well used paper shredders...

.. and a note stating "Anderson Consulting woz 'ere"

Are you taking the peacock? United Airlines deny flight to 'emotional support' bird


Animal for emotional support? Don't they mean *this* animal ... http://muppets.disney.com/animal ?

F-35 flight tests are being delayed by onboard software snafus


Software Snafus

Surely not on a government military project, but not to worry they are using Agile development methodology -- the bugs will be fixed in the next update and the documentation will be done once it is all finally working.

Butcher breaks out of own freezer using black pudding


Re: Ecky thump?

@ed can you not get any comment from Bill Oddie?

MP brands 1,600 CSC layoffs as the 'worst excesses of capitalism'


The 'worst excesses of capitalism'

Just market forces and capitalism working as it should. British jobs must be part of the contract, but expect to pay more.

Never forget: the bitterness of poor quality is remembered long after the sweetness of low price has faded from memory. You get what you pay for.

Samsung: Don't install Windows 10. REALLY


So what will happen to those Windows users that want to upgrade, but can't due to 3rd party incompetance/apathy? Who will have to pay for the Windows 10 upgrade post 29 July -- user or 3rd party?

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