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Boss visited the night shift and found a car in the data centre

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Re: Have you ever stumbled upon something that just doesn't belong in the data centre?

I'm tempted to start downvoting Windows bashing. It's too easy a target.

Microsoft concedes to Mozilla: Redmond will point web API docs at Moz Dev Network

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Re: Documentation simply isn't cool.

agile =/= no documentation

Microsoft exec says ARM-powered Windows laptops have multi-day battery life

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It strikes me that *nix based OSes are more suited to making the jump - with the compile natively approach to installing software, it doesn't really matter too much what platform most applications end up running on.

Samsung to let proper Linux distros run on Galaxy smartmobes

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Re: What I've been searching for... almost

I don't know that you will get much battery life if powering a PC monitor from a phone...

I could see a mains powered monitor that also powers a phone over USB-C though

Didn't install a safety-critical driverless car patch? Bye, insurance!

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Why do I need insurance?

Why do I need home insurance? I'm not driving my house anywhere. When I'm away on holiday or at work, I'm not even doing anything in the building either - I shouldn't have to pay for my house insurance when I'm not there...

The insurance isn't just there because of anything you might do. It's also there to protect against actions of others.

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Re: Did anyone spot the fallacy?

I read it as the opposite - that Auto-pilot requires the driver to remain alert and ready to take control at any time.

One of us needs to go back and read the article.

"This [...] recognises the need to distinguish between automated technology which is intended to be accompanied by human monitoring (like Tesla's Autopilot)

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4. Linux for cars.

Still the best option of the lot.

Yes, British F-35 engines must be sent to Turkey for overhaul

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F-35 with a damaged wing and a damaged engine.

I would expect that we have skilled enough mechanics to extract the engine from the airframe and send it separately for overhaul.

Full-fibre ISP Hyperoptic clocked over mock doc schlock shock

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How good are they as an ISP?

I'll be moving next year, and they are one of the ISPs that I can use (fttp).

Advertising shenanigans aside, what is their service like?

The Google Home Mini: Great, right up until you want to smash it in fury

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Re: Changing the way you talk to suit your gadgets

That's odd, I find mine understands me fine, given that I speak with what people tell me is a 'posh' British accent (it really isn't, there is a huge difference, but granted, it's less than between me and say, scouser) that has always been notoriously difficult for voice recognition to pick up on for some reason, but I also tend to mumble a lot, even if I speak to my phone.

The only concessions I make to my phone are in training it to respond to an odd intonation for the "OK Google" activation - to minimise it accidentally recognising something else, and a raised voice, because 99% of the time I will use it is while in the car, and decent signal to noise is hard to come by when the phone is mounted, picking up all the road/engine noise through vibrations and the air rushing past from the vent it is mounted to.

Baldrickk Silver badge

How hard is it to just say:

"OK Google, call firstname lastname"
or whatever her name is in addressbook? (i.e. if recorded as wife, just say "call wife")?

UK.gov: Who wants £25m... *cheers*... to trial 5G? *crickets chirping*

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How about high speed broadband first eh?

At 10Gb/s you could exhaust the download limit of most mobe contracts in less than 10s...

Drone smacks commercial passenger plane in Canada

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I kinda want a drone

But I live under the landing path of a small, fairly busy airport.

It's not really worth the hassle.

'There has never been a right to absolute privacy' – US Deputy AG slams 'warrant-proof' crypto

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Re: Sorry Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, But Constitution Beats Your Wrong Opinion

I could perfectly scramble data in a safe too.

A good industrial smelter would do the job just fine.

Baldrickk Silver badge

Right to bear arms?


Baldrickk Silver badge

Even the US Mail is not impervious to snooping.

If you cared to do so, you could mail everything in a thick lead lined safe with a good lock.

They could get in, but the safe would be broken in the process.

Sniffing substations will solve 'leccy car charging woes, reckons upstart

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Re: The Future is Nuclear

I'm dreaming ;-) And hoping that someone will luck into finding a catalyst that can greatly reduce the inefficiencies.

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Re: Tesla is not typical

So what's the range on your Leaf then? Quite a bit less I seem to remember.

Even less when the batteries start to degrade after some time and can't hold their charge.

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And normal consumers won't value those points too?

Ok, so Hydrogen isn't great on the efficiency front. At least it isn't now, but who knows about the future.

Personally, though, I at least would welcome being able to refuel in a few minutes instead of having to plug in for however long.

All well and good having fast chargers at service stations if you don't live near to one, and have to plug your car in for hours and hours on a domestic supply.

I can't be the only one.

Let's go live now to Magic Leap and... Ah, still making millions from made-up tech

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Re: Segway is still a thing

Got to drive one around the office carpark a few years ago - we had one of the original ones that was donated to us for developing and producing one of the key components.

Even without the tilt steering, it was great fun.

Almost as fun as watching others try it out, but not trust it to balance itself, leading to wild overcompensation on their part, causing it to run forwards and backwards to compensate for them, very rapidly.

They didn't like it quite as much...

Q: How do you test future driverless car tech? A: Slurp a ton of real-world driving data

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Re: Damn, damn, damn, damn. Sorry!

Did this in the UK two years ago - And I'm English, born, bred, and have driven here all my (driving) life.

In this case, it was pulling out of a two-lane one way street into another street that was two-way (but the junction was structured as a bend, with a spur coming off it, which was the smaller continuation of the two way street).

Cue two vehicles going head to head, and a hurried switch to the correct side of the road.

What is the probability of being drunk at work and also being tested? Let's find out! Correctly

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"The cumulative probability of getting away with it twice is 0.95 x 0.95 = 0.90 (actually 0.91 if you use greater precision)."


At two significant figures of precision, it's either 0.90 or 0.91 You could claim 0.9 and 0.91 to different levels of precision, but when you show that trailing 0, you are showing that you are being precise to that level.

Besides: 0.95*0.95 = 0.9025 which doesn't round to 0.91 at any precision.

If you use (248/260)*(247/260) for full precision, that comes out as 0.906154 which may be where you get your 0.91 from, but the article doesn't make that clear.

Telco forgot to renew its web domain, broke deaf folks' video calls – now gets a $3m paddlin'

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Static address

That's how I would do any service like this - DNS fails (for any reason) - and your kit falls back to using the IP it received from the last sucessful DNS query.

With the assumption that your IP won't change regularly (it shouldn't for a service like this) then it won't break, but new devices won't be able to use the URL to setup in a friendly way.

Helium's for balloons and squeaky voices, not this 10TB Toshiba beast

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These days I have games that take up more disk space than that. Yet alone the OS needed to run them or anything else for that matter

UK third worst in Europe for fibre-to-the-premises – report

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Re: City of culture

From everything I have heard, they do a pretty good internet service there, for a good price.

Is a monopoly in an area that bad if they are still investing and keeping up / exceeding the performance in the rest of the country?

Boffins discover tightest black hole binary system – and it's supermassive

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If two supermassive black holes collide in a galaxy

Does it make any noise*?

*obviously not (vacuum), but would it produce any noticable effects that we could 'see' without LIGO?

You lost your ballpoint pen, Slack? Why's your Linux version unsigned?

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"It's been on our roadmap for quite some time and is coming very soon."

Sounds like "a dev wants to do this, and wrote it in, but management is making him work on 'value added' features"

Bill Gates says he'd do CTRL-ALT-DEL with one key if given the chance to go back through time

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So you have a special mode to type your password in on your keyboard.

Ok, so now how does it get to the Computer and to the application you are using? phishy websites will still capture your password if you are stupid enough to enter it... how do you get around that?

Samsung's Galaxy Note 8 is hot, but not much more than the S8+

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mechanical wear on the USB port

That's the first practical argument for wireless charging that I have heard so far.

(That's charging pads - room level wireless charging would be cool and useful.

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Re: The single failure with all "Flagship" these phones..

From arm's length, I get the point.

From half that, (I.e. where I actually hold it when lounging around watching videos on it) the field of view is about the same as it is my 50" 4k TV from my sofa.

With both, I can easilly tell the difference in the image quality when watching 720p, 1080p and 4k resolution video, and as stated a couple of times above, using it as a VR screen really makes the pixel density matter.

For most everything else though, web browsing, actually using it as a phone, etc, etc, the resolution doesn't really matter.

More are paying to stream music, but YouTube still holds the value gap

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Re: YouTube for Music

I found it funny that, while at University, despite video->audio only conversion exists, one of my fellow students was recording it by linking the headphone socket to the microphone input of his laptop, and recording that (At high volume too, so the input was truncated).

It sounded awful.

If you are going to pirate content, at least do a proper job of it.

Alternatively, at the time, Spotify free accounts were actually free (+ ads), and didn't lack the features that they do now (i.e. the inability to navigate to your song of choice) and he could have just used that instead...

Is it just me being old, that I feel that streaming video just for the audio is a waste of perfectly good bandwidth?

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The Ace

A video I uploaded to YouTube was flagged for content - said content was a short bit of "Ace of Spades" played over a tannoy speaker sytem between commentary of armoured vehicles roaring around the track just meters from me, all being picked up by the rather tinny microphone in my camera.

In this case I flagged an appeal and the flag was lifted (incidental background music from public transmission, not the intended video content and so not a problem)

If they are capable of that, the law should be that content ID filtering should be enabled.

It's not that Google can't do it, nor that it would be expensive to do it. They just don't want to as the illegal sharing allows them to increase their views, thus their ad revenue, and it's a loophole.

UK PC prices have risen 30% in a year since the EU referendum

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SSD Prices

I'd quite like a new SSD to replace the old spinning metal in my new PC.

But while Solid State remains nearly an order of magnitude more expensive than a disk, I'm just going to stick with the disk

Whatever the cause for SSD price rises, we the consumer are losing out.

Unloved Microsoft Edge is much improved – but will anyone use it?

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It's funny, the little things...

...are the things that make you like or hate a browser.

Some people above are devoted to their File, Edit, View... menu.

I personally use a combination of Firefox and Vivaldi at the moment. Vivaldi tends to win, because despite being a little clunky in areas (docking / undocking tabs being the main feature that comes to mind) having rapid right->left and left->right click on the mouse buttons triggering back and forwards is a brilliant piece of UI functionality, as my mouse is a simple one and does not have buttons for that built in like my last one.

On my mobile, it tends to be Chrome that wins out, because unlike the Firefox browser that I also have, it supports zooming to fit images on a double-tap, tap-swipe zoom for one-handed browsing, which firefox doesn't (yet - there is a ticket), and it is quicker to navigate through open tabs.

As a funtional browser, I actually prefer firefox though. Things like the ability to open web videos in the built in player on the phone instead of whatever html5 player is on the website, and by extension enable casting to my TV make it a much more useful browser, just not quite as tight on the UI.

Auto-makers told their autopilots need better safeguards

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Paris Hilton

We can continue to make cars more idiot-proof

but the universe will keep producing better idiots.

'Don't Google Google, Googling Google is wrong', says Google

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Re: That'll confuse users

The first rule of Robot Club is "You do not talk about Robot Club"

The second rule of Robot Club is "You DO NOT talk about Robot Club"

Oh no sorry, the second rule is "No smoking"

From a series I watched last week:

"The first rule is..."

"Don't talk about fight club, I get it."

"Nah, that would be stupid, how would people know where to go? The first rule is 'Don't bring the Law'"

Boffins fear we might be running out of ideas

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Re: Enough Already!


Users shop cold-calling telco to ICO: 'She said she was from Openreach'

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Too polite

That's what I do.

To be honest though, I would like to give them a proper diatribe of vitriolic verbal effluent, but I am not spontaneous enough to come up with it on the spot.

I'm quite happy with my contract including subscription to a call filtering service, which lets me know in advance if it's doing to be worth my time even considering answering the phone. I mute it and let it ring out these days, every second spent being completely ignored by me is a second they are not spending harassing someone else.

Massive iPhone X leak trashes Apple's 10th anniversary circus

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Re: 18.5:9 ?

It should be that, but some guy somewhere hit upon the bright idea of keeping the '9' from the 16:9 aspect ratio to make it clearer that it's a little longer.

I do wish they would just give the resolution and size though.

Bombastic boss gave insane instructions to sensible sysadmin, with client on speakerphone

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Re: So he knew how to fix it anyway?

My only guess on this front is that as a "third party tool" it was an "off the internet" application and not one that had been vetted by the company - so he would have needed to confirm use of it to CYA.

If not, I'm just as puzzled as you.

The real battle of Android's future – who controls the updates

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Re: Google don't even Support Nexus

Because every time I have tried apple gear for myself, the result has been a sense of expense beyond what you are paying for.

My iPod Touch (1st Gen) bought brand new didn't receive updates after the first year - not even the copy&paste update. Of course, all the apps in the store were updated and it very quickly became useless for anything beyond music - which, if that was the sole reason I had bought the thing, I would have gone for something about £250 cheaper that just did music. (yes, I bought the 32GB one - I wanted to put videos etc on it)

Speaking of Videos - it could output to the TV! great! Only they cut out the 3.5mm port support the iPod video had, didn't they, where any £1.50 cable off amazon could link it to the TV. Instead you needed a cable for the dock connector, which required a special chip to authenticate the cable, which wouldn't be so bad, except that at the time, that cable was £60. F* that.

As for Windows Phone, we all know that is dead now.

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Re: Weird

I do wish that I hadn't smashed my G3 - I was planning on going SIM only and keeping that phone.

Having the volume and power buttons on the rear was, for me, great UI. Easy to press when you wanted to, hard to press by accident.

Shame that they have reverted to the standard form factor again with their newer phones.

Apple bag-search class action sueball moves to Cali supreme court

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How about this -

you leave your bag outside of your work area - in your car if you have one nearby, or in a locker "outside" the security check.

It's therefore there if you need to get something, and not present for you to sneak things into, win win eh? I'm sure Apple can afford to stump up for some lockers.

It's not like they will need the bags to hand all day, is it?

- and yes, I have this where I work, I don't take anything beyond my keys to my desk in our secure area. everything else is left in lockers.

Not another Linux desktop! Robots cross the Uncanny Valley

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Why try and cross?

It seems to me that we can just find a happy position on the far side where they are close enough that we can associate but not get creeped out.

Think K-2SO from Rogue One - did he need to be like a human to play his role? no. In my opinion, that's where we should be aiming for. We don't need to make artificial people.

Cloudflare: We dumped Daily Stormer not because they're Nazis but because they said we love Nazis

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Re: "I suspect a lot more people know of them now than before."

and a lot more people are going to forget about them than before too.

New MH370 analysis again suggests plane came down outside search area

Baldrickk Silver badge

What are the chances

That when it is found (if ever) it is just outside the search area they have already done?

Space boffins competing for $20m Moon robot X-Prize are told: Be there by March 31 – or bust

Baldrickk Silver badge

do something that literally has never been done before

what, put a probe on the moon?

I think that has been done before. What makes it unique?

Police camera inaction? Civil liberties group questions forces' £23m body-cam spend

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Re: Two sides to every argument

In most towns, you would be hard pressed to have clear enough road to excessively speed, you wouldn't make much of a difference for the cost of a camera.

Small villages with A-roads through them on the other hand... guess where I see cameras the most?

IMHO, that's good use of the camera. Enforcing the speed limit where the opportunity for both speed and harm coincide.

Vodafone customers moan about sluggish data abroad

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Re: Not my experience

Well, I don't live in a town centre, but there is a 4G mast operated by O2 and Voda right across the street.

When I joined Vodaphone, it was because O2 were not willing to do a decent offer on a new phone, and Vodaphone were happy to beat the rest of the competition at the time.

Their slightly flaky network at the time has only improved since then, and I personally don't have any issues unless in the heart of say, the Peak District, amongst the hills, where a) I had better signal than my Father who is on 3, and b) I had brilliant reception once at the top, away from the ground clutter.

There may very well be places where Vodaphone's network isn't as good, I can't try it everywhere myself, but I have no problems with it.

Not being a shill here, but they have always done a good service for me, at a good price, and across moving from one corner of the country to two others, visits to family spread out all over the place, plus holidays here and abroard, I have very rarely been lacking in signal when others across a whole range of networks had it.

If this changes, I will be happy to jump to another provider, like I left O2, but I at least am very happy with the current state of affairs as I fit into it.

Note: I currently live in a small town in the South East, but fairly regularly go to the North and the West, and have been on holidays around Europe and Wales, The Peak district, the Lake district, along the South Coast and through the New Forest, and more, providing a decent set of data samples.

UK industry mouthpiece wants 'near-universal' broadband speeds of 30Mbps by 2020

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Most people

Probably don't need that much, so 30 will be fine.

When I moved into my current house, I had the choice of accepting a BT connection with an estimated peak speed of 2.5Mb/s, or badgering Virgin until they linked us up to the cable cabinet 15m up the street.

I went with the latter, and after a short while had a stable 30Mb/s connection.

The only problem I have ever had with the connection is the upload soft-limit, after which traffic shaping occurs and the upload speed gets slashed - personally, I would like to stream games more, which I recognise is a niche that doesn't apply to most, but I also ran into the issue of my upload bandwith getting snuffed out when someone decided to share videos from their iPhone - sending minimally compressed full HD videos to their friends - interupting my gaming.

Annoyingly, Virgin hubs don't have a QoS setting (grrr)

This has since gone up to 100Mb/s with a small increase in upload.

The upload isn't enough still, but the download bandwidth is nice. The fact still stands though that I don't need it - back when I was on 30Mb/s we had no problems with running out of bandwidth even with multiple people streaming at once on multiple devices each (only when I was experimenting, I'm a heavy user at times, but not wasteful)

Unless you need a business connection (and imho if you are providing internet to a large number of people, i.e. student housing - that's a business) then 30Mb/s should be enough, but maybe add a higher allowance for upload - that would be useful for the people who need it, or when people are doing remote support for relatives etc. or, just sharing their videos taken on smartphones.


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