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NordVPN rapped by ad watchdog over insecure public Wi-Fi claims


Train WiFi was actually that bad for a while

The first iteration of WiFi on trains in the UK was actually that bad , it had no encryption and you could just use wireshark everyones connections.

UK cyber cops: Infosec pros could help us divert teens from 'dark side'


Prevent is a racist strategy

I'm all for providing people with second chances and helping them become constructive through technology but i could never be involved in the 'prevent' strategy. Its been widely criticised as inherently racist , instead of helping people with problems its just using community resources for spying and criminalising people with dubious racial profiling.

If you want to learn about technology go and get involved in open source projects , join meetup groups get involved with your community , do not tell the police they don't get it and they will just mess you about.

UK ISPs may be handed cock-blocking powers


Contact your ISP

A simple action you can take here is to contact your ISP and tell them you will move to another provider if they implement filtering on your account. I use AAISP who seem to be capable of resisting all these ludicrous requests from the government.

Microsoft goes back to the drawing board – literally, with 28" tablet and hockey puck knob


Perfect for the wannabe creator market

this specs seem to fall short of anything really useful for professional use , especially the weird screen resolution. If it had NVMe , thunderbolt and quadro graphics then we are talking.

looks like its aimed at the same market of people who use macbook pros for facebook and sometimes loading expensive applications then gettings scared and going back to facebook.

New Microsoft Bug Bounty


You where outbid by organised crime

Those figures need some zeros on the end to be competitive with what you can get elsewhere for a zero day.

Gullible Essex Police are now using junk science lie detectors


Re: Goes back much further

This needs explanation as its not safe to google

Exclusive transcript: WikiLeaks reveals ass call from a zoo


Access is access

The point is to have the same access as the media to this data so as not to give them the ability to censor other details.

Linux letting go: 32-bit builds on the way out



if you are still using a 32bit system you could replace it with a new faster 64bit that will use less power.

i have a hunch that the 64bit system will be so much more power efficent that you will recoup the cost of the new machine in electricity savings over a year or so. no i have no maths to back this up.

Hacked in a public space? Thanks, HTTPS


Good WiFi security beats this

If the wifi you are using is encrypted with wpa2 and has wireless isolation enabled (and working , lots say they can do it but they can't) then this is not possible without breaking into the router. Sadly a surprising amount of places decide not to have a WiFi key for ease of connection. This is the case with the free WiFi on trains and is seems to be related to a bad implementation of its useless registration system

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