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WPA2 KRACK attack smacks Wi-Fi security: Fundamental crypto crapto


Re: Get ready for sensationalism...

Once they realise it involves nonces they're definitely going to go crazy.

It's official: Users navigate flat UI designs 22 per cent slower


Wasn't this already known?

This was taught as if it was already a fact in courses I did about 25 and again 15 years ago. Was it just fashionable or was the old logic thought to be wrong?

Commentard Quizwall experiment ends with more quizzing than commenting


Perhaps they want just as many walls but smaller ones.

Hell desk to user: 'I know you're wrong. I wrote the software. And the protocol it runs on'


Not exactly IT but a pretty good analogy to a lot of IT jobs.

Damian Green now heads up UK Cabinet Office


Damian Green?

I thought he was one of the ones Grant Shapps made up.

Cabinet Office minister Gummer loses seat as Tory gamble backfires


Not sure if a typo or truth

"Gummer was one of the most high-profile Tory causalities of the poll"

Wow, look out, hackers: Trump to order 60-day cybersecurity probe


Re: Time for a Great Firewall

The beauty of that is you don't even need to ban them all, just don't allow any 1s or 0s on the internet and the rest of the problem should go away.

Computerised stock management? Nah, let’s use walkie-talkies


And for the large mug who owns the company?

First successful Hyperloop test module hits 100mph in four seconds



Monorail, monorail, monorail

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