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Italians rattle little tin for smartmobe mini lenses



We can open bottles in many ways, but we still purchase bottle openers because they're practical and the same can be said for 1000s of objects...BLIPS is a tool that can be replicated in a number of ways, but I worked and studied to create something affordable, useful and practical, there's a lot of work and sweat behind it, even just setting up a campaign, or production...Creating BLIPS requires a vast set of skills in a number of fields, but we love challenges and also feedback...Now back to work

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Now I am going back to work and taking care of the campaign...There's so much to do!


Portability and affordability are two key features of BLIPS. You can keep BLIPS with you wherever you go, in your wallet, pocket or directly stuck on your smartphone. USB microscopes are bulky accessories, as you mentioned, but can allow you to split the screen from the observed subject. These are different options for different necessities.


Every single image in the campaign is shot with BLIPS without trying to make them absolutely perfect, as we're still developing the app that allows to freeze the focus and turn on the light. Once that is finished, everything will look pretty good as well. We also worked on a stand and ways to support taking photos with the micro, but unfortunately while preparing the campaign most photos were shot without these useful tools. Remember this is a Kickstarter project, therefore a work in progress and it involves testing and bettering all the tools needed.


Re: I'd better abstain from this one...

Some issues with the dots are that they're awfully easy to lose and that you always have to touch them in order to place them and remove them. We thought about BLIPS in practical ways as well. BLIPS is really hard to lose.


Re: Meh...

It’s almost impossible to show how BLIPS performs on all smartphone models, but we certainly don’t try to avoid showing anything. For example, in the video, around sec 20, you can see how the front side of an iPhone with the camera near the corner looks like with BLIPS already in place, and after about 1’35” you see how the front side appears on a Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo. Moreover, as explained in the video after 1’24”, the film can be cut away in order to adjust it for fitting any shape. The claim that we only show aluminum phones is incorrect, as in the movie and in the campaign description you can see different models (Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo and Galaxy J5) of smartphone with plastic bodies; on phones with glass bodies BLIPS have an even improved adhesion.

BLIPS can stay inside your wallet or even on your phone. If you prefer bulky, and more expensive, objects in order to avoid losing them, you need products with different characteristics, but trust me, we really did our homework on this one and working with IIT means working with top notch scientists that approach problems from more angles that I could have anticipated by myself. I trust that BLIPS is a really neat product and the whole team has put serious passion, love and time into it.

BTW, anyone that cares about privacy, can attach BLIPS to the PC / Mac Camera when not in use, or even the dreaded TVs with cameras that are so often hacked and produce different versions of blurred images in order to protect privacy. After all BLIPS does not leave residues on devices and can be used again and again.

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