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Mozilla to Thunderbird: You can stay here and we may give you cash, but as a couple, it's over


Re: Thunderbird users?

In the early Nineties, corporate email systems existed on internal networks, and users were using, for example, cc:Mail over Novell Netware.


I'm continually amazed that there are people who think that it was the stone age before the Internet became pervasive....not so!


Sorry, Dave, I can't code that: AI's prejudice problem


Who decides?

Here are a few concepts where human beings can't agree on a definition:

- "rich"

- "beautiful"

- "fair" (as in even-handed between cases)

So if the humans can't agree about reasonable definitions, why should we believe that computer programmers and computers can assess these concepts "correctly"?


US Air Force networks F-15 and F-22 fighters – in flight!



The next "improvement" will be nuclear armed aircraft as part of the ever expanding "internet of things". So now we can adjust the temperature at home, close the garage door, and drop bombs -- all at the same time.


Brexit means Brexit: What the heck does that mean...


Re: Codification of existing practice?

@Norman Nescio Quote: "...the Snoopers' Charter is 'simply' codification of an existing practice..."

This is, at best, naive. Who knows what the "existing practice" actually is at places like GCHQ or the NSA? I for one am pretty certain that the hacking and snooping going on for years now has paid absolutely no attention to the law. I'd point out that Theresa May as Home Secretary wanted to abandon the European Convention on Human Rights -- I wonder why. I'd also point out that in the last few days Philip Hammond has announced another 1.9 billion pounds for the GCHQ budget -- a sum which almost certainly buys a huge amount of snooping into the legitimate activities of 60 million UK citizens.

In summary, "existing practice" is almost certainly illegal, and is absolutely certainly damaging to personal privacy and to the democratic rights of citizens. The STASI is here, and no one cares.


Software bug costs Citigroup $7m after legit transactions mistaken for test data for 15 years


Re: Plus ca change...

Yup...also been there, this time during an AS/400 upgrade. We needed some stuff off a recent backup. It turned out that the backup was corrupt. It also turned out that no one had ever tested the restore process, and that all the carefully taken backups were unusable!!

Lesson: Do the backups....but test the restore process too.


Don't doubt it, Privacy Shield is going to be challenged in court


.....but before we discuss Safe Harbour or Privacy Shield......

......why has no one commented about the fact that no one actually knows what information is held about them and by whom!!!!

Personally, I don't want to know anything about the data held concerning anyone else, but I would like to know:

- a list of all the organizations who keep records about me

- for each of these organizations, exactly what information they keep about me

I'd also like to see copies of all these records about me, so that:

- I can demand deletions for records no longer relevant

- I can correct all the mistakes in what is left

But all this is moot:

- I don't have any legal right to know

- Many of the organisations will never have had a direct relationship with me, so I would never guess that they had relevant records

- Many of the organisations who have records about me (say, perhaps GCHQ) would either deny having the records, or would deny any access outright

.......so worrying about Safe Harbour or Privacy Shield seems to me to miss other, much more fundamental issues.


MoD contractor hacked, 831 members of defence community exposed


Re: Yawn. . . .


Quote: "I have faith that UK Gov can produce a truly catastrophic blunder if they try"

1. Absolutely correct....but how do you know that there have not been MULTIPLE "catastrophic blunders" already????

2. And as for Theresa May....well....she is clearly determined to re-build the STASI, but in the UK and in 2016 -- and she and her colleagues in government and in the so called civil service are clearly determined to keep us all in the dark about what's going on (see item 1).



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