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UK.gov plans £2,500 fines for kids flying toy drones within 3 MILES of airports


What use does a drone have?

Personally, I would find trying to hold a camera 50m above me to get an elevated photo to be quite tiring!


Not quite. The 50m rule applies to people who are not under the control of the operator so as long as the young child pops around to all the neighbours and informs them of their intent and provides a degree of control over the local population, they're fine!

Mitsubishi 'fesses up: We lied in fuel tests to make our cars look great


Official Test Cycle

My issue with the official test cycle as it currently stands is that it isn't that it fails in two key areas as far as i'm concerned.

I'm quite happy to understand that it's a rolling road test which covers urban stop start from a cold engine and then a warm engine and we can all assimilate that. However, I don't see why it's so hard to then add a further test of "What's the fuel consumption for a 300 mile drive at 70mph non stop?".

The significance of this is that as well as indicating what a long distance motorway drive is more likely to return, it weeds out the bullshit figures from hybrids.

It's laughable that some of the big hybrids are displaying figures such as 155mph as the ticket show off value and even the salespeople selling snake oil seem to either be taken in by this or believe they can fob it off onto unsuspecting buyers.

As long as that hybrid battery lasts long enough (20 to 30 miles) then yes, nearly all if not all of the Euro test cycle will be done on battery which is pointless when the question of "so what will I get doing a long drive on the motorway?"

A simple add on test and i'll happily do the averaging and assessment myself based on the numbers provided.


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