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123-reg still hasn't restored customers' websites after mass deletion VPS snafu


Just to be clear on what’s going on here (my company is directly affected).

We have lost no data. Zero, but we're still offline. Everything was backed up off-site. What we need is a new VPS with nothing recovered or restored so that we can restore our own back up. It should take 123 15 minutes to spin a new machine up but they can't because they've lost much more than they are letting on. Unfortunately for us, our back-up will not restore on a different providers server, so we are re-building from scratch and due to finish on Friday. Ok, we learned that off site back-ups isn't enough, and of course we've learned that our business needs cannot be satisfied by 123. A hard lesson. The most sickening thing is we realised 2 weeks ago that 123 was going wobbly when we couldn't manage our DNS for 24 hours. We already started a migration plan and we were just to late :'(

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