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Internet samurai says he'll sell 14,700,000 IPv4 addresses worth $300m-plus, plow it all into Asia-Pacific connectivity


Re: Civilian note

You've clearly never tried to run an SMTP service on IPv6 and assume all end users have some IPv6 capability.

Chinese government has got it 'spot on' when it comes to face-recog tech says, er, London's Met cops' top rep


We the public need to...

... build our own (pi/opencv) open source facial recognition database from cameras pointed at parliament and police HQs.

Then when any police chief or politician opens their mouths; we present them with their movement history, attendance, known associates, and related vehicle registrations.

I'm sure it would be very interesting data, in the public interest, full of wonderful inaccuracies we can present as facts... would be legislated against in a heartbeat.

Rollout of smart meters continues at a snail's pace


The IHD on your LAN may not be supportable but the CU meter is still able to communicate with the WAN (be it custom collect net or having moved to DCC or not yet). The IHD is only to provide a perceived value of smart metering for the consumer, it has no value to the supplier to maintain.

My elec/gas supplier OVO don't use DCC/Crapita yet but will, so have agreed to limit WAN data collection to monthly summary while I retain near real-time consumption data over LAN to the IHD.

My water supplier Yorkshire Water have and intend to maintain their own WAN collection network and only monitors usage with frequency appropriate for billing.

In both instances they were adamant the smart meters could not be removed once installed, but ultimately agreed they could not prevent the legal installation of Faraday cages, then they were willing to escalate enquiries, provide detail on how they use and compromise.

Web backup biz Monster Cloud monstered after monster price hike


Really people?

Invalid sole trader domain with serviced office address in Manchester, London serviced office forwarding address, Heart IPSTAG, UKFast NS, unrealistic prices, pretty much no information on about page.

Do people really trust their personal or business data to such outfits?


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