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How to evade the NSA: OpSec guide for journalists also used by terrorists


must be difficult...

Trying to run the android apps while following the rule "...these guides urges readers to avoid Android and iOS phones"

Third of US banks OK with passwords even social networks reject


Re: Hmm.

Requiring at least one digit does not weaken a password. It does strengthen it as long as you can put the digit anywhere.

If you have an 8 character password and can only use lowercase letters there are 209 billion possibilities ( 26^8, or 26*26*26*26*26*26*26*26 )

Using upper or lowercase increases that to 53 trillion possibilities (52^8)

Adding 10 possible digits brings it to 218 trillion possibilities. (62^8)

The possibilities increase exponentially as long as the digit can be anywhere and you can add as many as you want.

South Korea to upgrade national stereo defence system for US$16m



So is the Korean arm of the RIAA being paid royalties?

After all, they are blasting pop music over the border in what would be a huge public performance.

And we all know... their greed transcends all governments.

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