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Symantec.cloud portal limps back online after day-long TITSUP


It's no wonder most Messagelabs customers are moving over to Mimecast.....

Symantec cloud portal goes titsup after database crash


We were told this morning the following:-

As a way of an update there are two issues which arose from the DC power down over the weekend. First and most pressing is the corruption of the ClientNet DB servers. Secondly Spam Manager 1 and 5 server Rack did not power back up correctly (Believed to be a power issue)

The first issue resulted in customer portal ClientNet as well as Insight to be unavailable. The parent case for this Portal incident INC-348312 is 10364778 and currently we have 58 cases associated with this incident. We have also informed Customer Care team that inbound calls from client may spike because of the incident on the cloud side.

As of 06:50 UTC, War Room is still ongoing. After restoring the necessary Databases and while running checks, Tier 2 engineers found errors due to inconsistencies in few Tables in Databases, which they are working on to identify the possible options to fix that. Database development team has been involved to get suggestion for the best possible options to proceed.

Client Support enabled the Message of the Date on the Phones and updated the Splashpage to reflect the messaging that we are aware of the incident and are working with top priority to resolve the issue. Support is also focusing on inbound calls and making proactive outbound calls to specific clients (incl. those who reached by email to Support Box)

Further updates will follow.

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