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Microsoft unveils even more tempting Kinect offering: Open source

Shaun Bartoo

Re: Plenty of hardware available.

Motion controls for games probably is a novelty, or at least more of a very kid-centric sort of toy. But Kinect development has gone way beyond games at this point. There are business and medical apps that use that motion sensor package and MS is hoping to build on that.

Of COURSE they did this to ultimately increase their bottom line. Helloooo...corporation? You know, just like Apple, IBM, all the rest?

'Stop-gap' way to get Linux on Windows 8 machines to be issued

Shaun Bartoo

Re: Protecting their investment

What part of 'subsidized' did not click in your brain? MS threw in money, so the NB200 ends up cheaper at market than it would have been if it hadn't. So if they hadn't made that arrangement, the device would have (theoretically) been more expensive without it.

There are plenty of things to go to your MP about. This is hardly one of them.

Shaun Bartoo

Re: Failure to prevent malware

What part of 'Microsoft did not come up with UEFI, and is actually attempting to force the coalition that did, to allow it to be disabled' does not get through your head?

NASA chief: Europe should have own astronaut ship

Shaun Bartoo

Re: Roy

So if it doesnt blow up, its 'pretty reliable'?

You work in the government, don't you, Roy?

Mandriva bigwig (nearly) accuses Ballmer of b-word

Shaun Bartoo

Unless you know someone in the Nigerian government...

...you have no idea what happened. But of course, the bashers are out in force. I know this is so much pissing into the wind, but how many of you that are here accusing MS of bribery have anything at all to go on other than the knowledge gleaned from this article?

Does anyone teach Critical Thinking or Logic anymore?

Korean software firm sues Microsoft

Shaun Bartoo

Tedious trolling

So tired of the mindless (Its M$! Its baaaaaaad!).

Its a stupid IM program. They're free. If MS didnt include Messenger, say it didnt even exist, you still have AIM, ICQ, IRC, and numerous other chat/IM programs...FOR FREE. Digito's claim that they 'lost money' because Messenger was bundled into the OS is crap and has nothing to do with the idea of bundling.

Digito.com's web site has no option to view it in anything other than Korean, which means that a goodly portion of the English-primary-language world (Say just the US and the UK) would never ever considered their client in the first place - because you can't bloody read it!


Governator vows to appeal ruling striking down video game law

Shaun Bartoo

Its not just the rating...

If all he was doing was forcing a ratings system, that's one thing. He's forcing a ratings system AND restricting sales based on that ratings system, making it illegal to sell certain ratings to certain people. THAT's what the 'free speech' problem is.


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