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Um, I'm not that Gary, American man tells Ryanair after being sent other Gary's flight itinerary

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Re: It'll never happen...

Indeed - I have a similar problem where an alternate Gimme Badge who happened to be born on the same day as me has been leaving a trail of bad debts & more recently illegitimate children around the country & the CPS appear to want me to pay for them - in the end I had to get my Lawyer to talk to them & suggest that they double check next time before sending me the "Pay in seven days or else letter" plus the entire court transcript including all the details of the complain made against alternate Gimmie Badge in quite a lot of detail as I was really quite sure it wasn't me & I would have remembered doing all that with a Swedish lady I picked up in a pub one night.

Sadly my life has not been anything like as exciting as alternate Gimme Badge's appears to have been.

Happy new year, readers. Yes, we have threaded comments, an image-lite mode, and more...

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China go to the dark side of the moon, NASA discover snowmen in space & now ElReg has a nested & Image lite mode ! 2019 is proving to be a great year so far - have a beer on me :-)

WileyFox disentangles itself from Cyanogen

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Zen ? Do not want !

So having updated my swift2 this morning I find that I now have some half-arsed ad-infested RSS feed app installed that I cant configure, switch off or get rid of. Atleast when Skype & Bing appeared in an update a while ago I could just delete them - but that doest appear to be be the case with Zen. Given that the only reason I bought the phone was for the promised lack of such fuckwittery I am no longer a reasonably satisfied customer.

Palo Alto IDs another C&C-over-DNS attack

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Probably not

I think the point is that the DNS requests are just for normal TXT type records & so unless you are actively scanning for naughtyness in the responses or blocking the DNS servers in question you are vulnerable.

Probably the best solution would be to stop user side machines from being able to look up TXT records all together ; I cant, off the top of my head, think of any reason that they would need too but Im sure someone will be along shortly to educate me :-)

Ultra-rare WWII Lorenz cipher machine goes on display at Bletchley Park

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Re: Information

For what its worth I picked up a copy of "The hut Six Story" - first edition - for 8 $US last week ; its only taken a year to find a copy I could afford ...


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