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Did you know? The FBI investigated Gamergate. Now you can read the agents' thrilling dossier


Re: Humanity fail.

Yes, bad things happen to women just because they are women. But what is worse, is that certain women misappropriate the sympathy that goes towards victims of these bad things for their own benefit, even if they are not actually victims. Zoe Quinn actively sought out bad reviews of her (universally accepted as bad) game which she then twisted into attacks on her person so she could stir up a media storm about her being "harassed". As a result her bad game got unwarranted coverage, and she became famous. I don't know how the other two fit into the story exactly, but it's not a stretch of the imagination that Wu running for congress is a direct result of this self-started vicious circle of hate.

I mean, I don't consider myself a misogynist. I never had anything against this woman (Quinn). But I do now, I hate her with a passion for what she represents. If I were a juvenile idiot, I'd be ready to harass her, and that'd play right into her cards.

Dark net LinkedIn sale looks like the real deal


I deleted my account when the breach first became public. When someone asks me if I'm on LinkedIn I gladly tell them why I'm not; it seems my reasons are still valid. They don't even take security serious after some hacker puts their amateurism on the front page.

Brits rattle tin for 'revolutionary' hydrogen-powered car


Genius business model: charge a reasonable price for lifetime usage. Because when the car fails, you don't need to replace it; most likely it was the hydrogen tank that went, and the driver is out of the picture anyway! So whether it explodes or keeps running, the house wins.

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