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If at first, second, third... fourth time you don't succeed, you're Apple: Another appeal lost in $440m net patent war

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Re: Not sure how I feel about this

"I hate patent trolls. But then, I also hate Apple.

What a conundrum"

There are no real good guys in this case, only bad and worse with the worse option being the patent trolls.

There has a significant change since the landmark 2014 Alice Corp vs. CLS Bank US Supreme Court case and patent trolls are now generally less likely to succeed because of that precedent. That said, I'd still like to see patent trolling proactively outlawed across the plant starting with the USA.

The D in SystemD stands for Dammmit... Security holes found in much-adored Linux toolkit

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Re: Whatever happened to Upstart?

"Sad that Canonical felt they needed to follow the herd"

To be fair, Ubuntu's based on Debian and they were the ones who made the surprising decision to adopt systemd.

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"The D in SystemD stands for Dammmit... Security holes found in much-adored Linux toolkit"

...ought perhaps to read:

"The D in SystemD stands for Dammmit... Security holes found in much-unadored Linux Kludge.

New Horizons probe reveals Ultima Thule is huge, spinning... chicken drumstick?

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Re: cracking good science

"How wonderful it is that such feats have become sufficiently routine I'm no longer amazed by them (although I remain suitably impressed). Top notch engineering and astroboffinry"

I fully agree and project leader Alan Stern has proposed that New Horizons does more flybys of other Kuiper Belt objects which would be good news.

OSIRIS-REx space probe catches a whiff of water on asteroid Bennu

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Re: Still a mystery?

"I read something a short while back about how the earth's water could be explained by geological breakdown of rocks far beneath the earth's surface"

When the final story's told, the origin of the Earth's water will probably be from a mixture of internal geological sources supplemented by incoming water from comets, etc.

Brit bomb hoax teen who fantasised about being a notorious hacker cops 3 years in jail

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""You accept responsibility for the hoaxes and claim that you are a psychopath with a history of killing small animals,"

That behaviour doesn't bode well, I think he will return to prison or be detained at HM pleasure at some future date"

I actually think that aspect is really disturbing. While the perpetrator was given a 3 year sentence, in practice in the UK it means that he'll be out again in in 18 months.

I think I'd have preferred to see him be referred to some specialist, secure mental health treatment unit because that would probably be more effective in stopping poor conduct because the very last thing this planet needs right now is yet more adult psychopaths on the loose.

Adobe Flash zero-day exploit... leveraging ActiveX… embedded in Office Doc... BINGO!

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Adobe Flash zero-day exploit...

Adobe Flash's end of life is thankfully scheduled for the end of 2020 and so that's only just over two years to wait until that joyous day.

CubeSat buddies, like those sent to track Mars InSight landing, can be used in future missions

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Re: Lifetimes?

"They'e done already. They weren't orbiters they are just doing a Mars flyby to test that the tech can survive the journey and to aid relaying telemetry when the lander was on it's journey down"

Actually, it would be a very good idea to deploy some of those relatively cheap cubesats in Mars orbit to serve as a full time communication relay since the assorted orbiters that currently fulfil that task are getting long in the tooth and they won't last forever.

Sorry, but NASA says Mars signal wasn't Opportunity knocking

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"Sorry, but NASA says Mars signal wasn't Opportunity knocking"

Opportunity landed very close to Mars' equator so there should still be plenty of daylight around to recharge Opportunity's solar panels. However, if six Earth months from now we still haven't heard from Opportunity then we will probably have to sadly assume that the poor little rover hasn't made it.

Microsoft lobs Windows 10, Server Oct 2018 update at world (minus file-nuking 'feature') after actually doing some testing

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"Proper testing is a complicated and difficult task, there's no doubt. Which is why Microsoft decided to cut back on doing it. Given Microsoft's track record of software quality since the release of Windows 10, I think that a sarcastic response is letting them off easy"

^ Indeed, and Microsoft really ought to consider unsacking all those quality control staff that they laid off four years ago.

Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges

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"Scumbag who phoned in a Call of Duty 'swatting' that ended in death pleads guilty to dozens of criminal charges. Another pair awaiting trial over slaying of Andrew Finch"

An entirely innocent person lost his life because the actions of three very immature and unthinking scumbags. Said scumbags will now be experiencing the consequences of their actions which will probably include a very long time in jail which will allow them to reflect on their initial actions.

Hopefully, the great publicity surrounding this particular trial will serve as a deterrent to any other epsilon semi-morons out there who are considering following their misguided example.

Palliative care for Windows 10 Mobile like a Crimean field hospital, but with even less effort

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Re: Shame to see it end like this.

"Why did they cancel it? Because it was felt it would stop people developing for WinPho - well, that has already happened so why not just finished the project so that the phones could remain extant and the UX paradigm for touch etc. at least still had a reason to exist"

Well, that decision worked out well in the end for them, didn't it? D'oh!

That amazing Microsoft software quality, part 97: Windows Phone update kills Outlook, Calendar

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"The app hobbling, an awkward second act to Thurday's unplanned downgrade of Windows 10 Pro, appears to be the consequence of what Microsoft charitably calls an update, issued earlier this week"

These days, when Microsoft uses the term "update", it turns out that it is their gentle euphemism for "clusterf*ck".

Slabs, huh, what are they are good for? Er, not quite absolutely nothing

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Re: Tablet longevity

"My wife's tablet is over three years old. It's high res, still in full working order, amply fast for what she does with it. Why does she want to replace it?"

Same here - i got a tablet with a higher resolution to act as an ebook reader as well. It's working well and there's no need to replace it.

What we're seeing is a market that's reaching maturity and saturation, that's all.

We love Kubernetes, but it's playing catch-up with our Service Fabric, says Microsoft Azure exec

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It's vested interest time...

"We love Kubernetes, but it's playing catch-up with our Service Fabric, says Microsoft Azure exec"

^ Of course, you would say that, wouldn't you?

US Republicans bash UK for tech tax plan

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Re: International norms

"Yes, they have been taking the piss for years and we that have used them are all complicit as we've enjoyed the benefits of these business being so competitive because they can use a structure that gives tax advantage not available to domestic"

^ This. These businesses have been undermining traditional physical businesses for years now and what has helped these tech giants do that is all the tax avoidance that they undertake (and continue to do so).

Facebook sets Linux kernel tools free

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Re: Hmm, usually when a company does that...

"And get some brownie points for being open-source-friendly"

^ This, and are you watching this good example to follow, Oracle?

Official: IBM to gobble Red Hat for $34bn – yes, the enterprise Linux biz

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"Equally, I’ve previously wondered why Oracle didn’t buy Red Hat given they already use EL as the basis for their own spin of Linux?"

I'm rather glad they didn't for they would have eviscerated it and closed sourced everything.

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Re: IBM is to FOSS as oil is to water

"IBM is possibly the most anti-FOSS company in the world today. Their absolute hatred of the GPL, everything. IBM is completely patent centric"

I recognise those descriptions but they actually apply to Oracle these days.

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Re: "they will buy a lot of talent."

"What happens over the next 12—24 months will be ... interesting. Usually the acquisition of a relatively young, limber outfit with modern product and service by one of the slow-witted traditional brontosaurs does not end well"

The acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle comes to mind there. When Microsoft bought out GitHub, they made a promise to let it run independently and now IBM's given a similar pledge in respect of RedHat. They ought to abide by that promise because the alternatives are already out there in the form of Ubuntu and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

Sysadmin running a Mac fleet? IBM has just thrown you a lifeline

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"Maybe that's why IBM is pushing the whole Apple/Mac in the Enterprise thing. They're making themselves look like a good acquisition target for Apple. I expect Apple could buy IBM for pocket change even now, the only question being why would they WANT to?"

It's a great pity that Apple itself appears to have completely abandoned the whole Apple/Mac Enterprise thing so it is now left to third party solutions, such as those from Jamf Pro, IBM, etc. to manage Apple devices in the enterprise sector.

Finally, someone takes a stand against Apple, Samsung for slowing people's phones. Just a few million dollars, tho

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Re: No excuse

"Deliberate sabotage of items belonging to your own customers is about as unacceptable as it gets. Reducing performance to the point of making a device useless or a pain to use is surely criminal damage, reduced functionality is technically theft as they are depriving the legal owners of the full use of their product, and if manufacturers claim an update makes things better and it doesn't, or it makes it worse, then that is fraud too"

^ I fully agree which is why I welcome both the fines for Apple and Samsung and the accompanying adverse publicity for these two miscreants.

Apple to dump Intel CPUs from Macs for Arm – yup, the rumor that just won't die is back

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Re: Stop Press!

"We won't have long to wait to find out what they are going to do with the Mac line"

Hopefully, Apple will turn them back into what they once were - a range of very productive laptops with a variety of useful ports instead of the sliver-thin lifestyle toys fit only for making Facebook updates and watching cat videos that they currently are.

Hate to burst your Hubble: Science stops as boffins scramble to diagnose gyro problem

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Re: One can only hope

"Could a private sponsor not finance another repair mission, using SpaceX and a Dragon 2 capsule. It should be a bit cheaper than a Shuttle mission, and then they could rename it for PR purposes"

It's a nice idea but one which could cost $1 billion+.

Back in 2012, the US National Reconnaissance Office donated two space telescopes to NASA, one of which has been allocated to the WFIRST project, and I'd like to like to see any spare funds spent on turning the second donated telescope into an optical wavelength Hubble replacement instead (despite the hype, the James Webb Space Telescope isn't a like for like replacement for Hubble not least because the JWST operates primarily at near and mid infrared wavelengths).

Brit startup plans fusion-powered missions to the stars

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"If one wanted a realistic improvement in thrusters, why not work on nuclear thermal rockets. These were all but flight-ready already in the 1960's (NERVA)"

Even today, that is still probably the most promising and practical nuclear propulsion technology. It's either that or VASIMR.

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""we are planning, at worst, to have our first reactor online within four years"

^ Yeah, right and call me when that happens.

*waits very patiently*

Oracle cloud supremo Thomas Kurian extends temp leave to the heat death of the universe

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Re: Cloud is crucial to Oracle? I doubt that is really the case.

"My prediction is: Oracle hurt themselves in the long run:

1) Oracle Cloud is set to keep its niche position against the likes of AWS and Azure. Economies of scale prevent keeping pace with the big players.

2) In its effort to help their own cloud business, Oracle destroys the value of their tool portflio they built and purchased in the last 25 years, by driving away customers through licensing mayhem.

3) The way Oracle currently tries to press customers into Java support contracts for Java 8 and 11 will make it very difficult for their sales teams to sell anything to anyone who is not yet dependant on their software"

I'd have to add another relevant section if I may:

4) The way Oracle currently tries to sue everyone who uses Java in very high profile legal cases will now make it very difficult for their sales teams to sell anything to anyone who is not yet dependant on their software.

Oracle pours a mug o' Java 11 for its addicts, tips pot of Binary Code License down the sink

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Re: Oracle have no idea what they're doing.

"I have no idea why they bought Sun - they killed the hardware, now they're trying to strangle the software"

...and they completely strangled Sun's pro-open source outlook too.

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"Don't worry, the licence changes in January will fix that"

...combined with Oracle's ongoing litigations to screw money out of Java one way or another (and l hope that they go on to lose).

Apple hands €14.3bn in back taxes to reluctant Ireland

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Re: Brexit crowbar

"They may say they don't want to use the money now, but I wonder if they'll be tempted to use it to mitigate the effects of their neighbours setting their own house on fire in some drunken fit..."

I see your post got quite a few downvotes presumably from snowflake Brexit supporters who still refuse to accept the reality that Brexit has the potential to do immense, long term damage to the British economy.

Ireland stands to gain from the UK's descent into crude, nationalist Europhobia not least because of the relocation of many financial services, IT and hi-tech manufacturing companies to what will become the EU's only native English-speaking country after Brexit.

I also hear that arch Brexit millionaire hypocrite Jacob Rees-Mogg has opened a new Somerset Capital office in Dublin precisely to protect his multi-million investments from the negative effects of Brexit.

What's Big and Blue – and makes its veteran staff sue? Yep, it's IBM

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"Definitely. The bottom line rules the boardroom. It's not about "tech" as people who have worked on legacy systems were being let go in favor of younger workers to replace them. The IBM defense is BS and everyone knows it"

...and in which case, I sincerely hope that the courts see through that synthetic ruse and inflict punitive settlements on IBM not least to deter others from taking the same route.

Microsoft: 'So, we can buy GitHub?' EU: 'We'll tell you on 19 October'

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Re: Wow!

"Angry Brexiters looking to lambast the EU for anything of late are going to have a bit of dichotomy commenting on this if they also don't like MS"

Brexiters are always in a permanent state of perpetual anger and the only thing that will change that is a complete severance from the EU which will, of course, destroy the UK's manufacturing base but they just don't care because ideology must reign supreme.

No wonder Oracle exec Kurian legged it – sky darkens as cloudy tech does not make it rain

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Re: The world has changed and Oracle hasn't.

"Today's devs are more tech savvy on such matters liks DBs, most I know now no longer see the DB as a data-blackbox, they understand that they need a DB but now it simply needs to supply just a handful of features and if more grunt is needed, then simply spin up more virtual hardware"

In that respect, Oracle Database is losing out to open source databases where the money's made by the respective companies providing an effective and efficient service to the customer (Oracle should try that some time).

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Re: Perhaps...?

"Java is a dead duck outside of oracle shops now"

Oracle's current policy of going after Google (and then IBM) is ultimately counterproductive because all this policy is doing is massively increasing the take up and use of Kotlin and long may that trend continue.

The grand-plus iPhone is the new normal – this is no place for paupers

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Re: SE gone - so am I :-(

"With the SE starting at £250, I can just about justify my offspring having an iphone and being able to communicate with it's friends on facetime, so long as the offspring contributes some of it's own money, and therefore knows to be careful with it's device"

A lot of young people I know start off with this Apple phone and that hooks them in to the Apple ecosystem. Killing off the iPhone SE will also kill off a lot of purchases from younger people and then they won't be there to buy into the more expensive phones because they never got locked in in the first places. A bad decision by Apple (far too many of them recently).

Dust off that old Pentium, Linux fans: It's Elive

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Dust off that old Pentium, Linux fans: It's Elive

Hey, if we're on the subject of reviving Linux distributions, I'd like to see the return of Pear Linux on 31 October this year if only to scare the living daylights out of complacent Cupertino (who aren't listening on so many issues).

Pluto is more alive than Mars, huff physicists who are still not over dwarf planet's demotion

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Re: It's a big round ball wizzing round the sun innit?

"Since Pluto crosses Neptune's orbit presumably they will demote that as it hasn't cleared its neighbourhood"

Any definition of a planet is going to be arbitrary in some way or other. Personally, I'd be happy with a ten planet solar system with the substantive worlds of Pluto and Eris being upgraded to full planet status.

I'd draw the line for planet status at 10^22 kg mass to include Pluto and Eris but exclude all the significantly less massive bodies like Makemake, Haumea, Sedna, etc.

European nations told to sort out 'digital tax' on tech giants by end of year

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Re: Tax the Turnover

"This will make high-margin businesses very happy (banks, the luxury industry, and incidentally Apple and Google), and will bankrupt low-margins industries, like retail"

The proposals have been explicitly designed to only hit a wealthy subset of large tech firms that are in the habit of using various forms of tax avoidance. At least this way they get forced to pay something just like other businesses have to.

Hundred-million Kiwi Oracle project on hold after Deloitte review

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A long term lock-in to Big Red never turned out to be value for money for anyone in recent history.

No do-overs! Appeals court won’t hear $8.8bn Oracle v Google rehash

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"And being a troll would require Oracle to be an NPE. Whereas Oracle do in fact sell Java based products"

True, but this most recent case is still an act of speculative and malicious money grabbing by the notoriously anti-open source Oracle which is why I hope that they go on to lose at the Supreme Court.

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Re: On the one hand

"On the one hand, I think this case was wrongly decided, in a way that causes harm to all software developers, and I hope that the ruling doesn't stand in the long term. On the other hand, this is a battle between two awful companies, and I'd love to see them continue to burn money to spite each other"

I agree though this time the choice is between bad (Google) and worse (Oracle) because of the obstacles that will be created for developers by an Oracle win. I hope that Google does go ahead with the Supreme Court final appeal and that they go on to win.

Linux 4.18 arrives fashionably late while Zorin OS shines up its Windows

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Re: Zorin OS

It's named after the two Zorin brothers' surname (Russian-Ukrainian) who live in the Republic of Ireland and who produce this Linux distribution.

I wish them well since they are offering another choice aside from the usual Windows/macOS duopoly.

Well, this makes scents: Kotlin code quality smells better than Java

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"Newer versions of Android Studio allow you to automatically upgrade your Java code to Kotlin, so it's reasonably likely old apps have switched to Kotlin automatically"

Google promoting Kotlin at the expense of Java comes as no surprise since it enables them out of the malign clutches of litigious Oracle.

Amazon, ditch us? But they can't do without us – Oracle

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Re: Of course they're still spending...

"Not only is it a big customer to lose, it's also one that has the capability to develop it's own solutions, and then to sell them to your other customers as well..."

At the start of this year, Amazon released Amazon Linux 2 for their own on-site deployment so this is part of a larger trend to be independent of external suppliers for services. Nice to see though that the overly litigious Oracle got bitten where it hurts.

*does Muttley laugh*

Some of you really don't want Windows 10's April 2018 update on your rigs

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Re: Use Linux...

I did advise a small business recently to stick with Windows 7 and not "upgrade" to Windows 10 when one of their computers died because of all this Win 10 updates mess. I do feel sorry for all the home and business users of Windows 7 because support for that operating system will end in spring 2020 which isn't that far away now.

The only advice I can give when that happens is to consider upgrading to Win 8.1 with Start8, keep a Win 7 machine permanently offline and continue to use it, use Win 7 inside a virtual machine on another operating system and take a look at macOS and Linux distributions that work out of the box like Mint Mate and Lite.

Another German state plans switch back from Linux to Windows

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Re: The problem is not Linux itself...

"... it's the lack of applications on Linux, and the compatibility of existing ones with their Windows and Mac counterpart. Web applications are only a partial solution"

There are a number of native Linux applications, such as the WPS and SoftMaker office suites, that actually do have pretty good Microsoft compatibility.

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"They can do what they want, but I'm going to be laughing when they botch a Windows update :P"

For their sins, so shall they be visited for nine and ninety years by a pestilence of borking Windows 10 updates.

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Re: Tax office...

"2) Unfortunately in Lower Saxony they gave out Windows laptops while in the office they used Linux. So two operating systems install sets + software need to be maintained"

As with Munich, that smacks of poor IT mismanagement so the the pressure then understandably grows for a coherent system.

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Re: Corruption is the word

I don't know, I have a soft spot for Lower Saxony. Not only was there a significant British military presence during the Cold War, it also had a Scottish-origin state premier - Ministerpräsident David McAllister.

If we go back even further, we see that today's Lower Saxony is effectively the province of Hannover reincarnated which also had historic ties with the UK (Hi, William Herschel!).

I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit

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Re: Vogon

"There's no version of the future where the UK stays in Europe or even close to it, without substantial reform of the rEU. You can't unite a country by ignoring democracy, whether you agree with the result or not"

Democracy is not both lying your way to victory and corrupting democracy by blatantly disobeying spending laws. That is crookery.


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