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BMW complies with GPL by handing over i3 car code

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Re: lack escalation

"Having worked (a long time ago)"

Times have moved on from targeting advisors on their Total Call Handling Time (TCHT) Although not completely extinct, there are so many other means to contact companies these days e.g web chat, social media, email etc.. so agents are afforded more time to spend with the customers. Companies now shift their focus to dealing with queries start to finish often advising agents to spend as much time as they need to resolve the query. I also think it's a bit naive to think there is no escalation process "because front line is all there is" - who do you think manages the front line, and who manages the managers?

As far as this particular query is concerned, it's not a subject that would be priority in any of the afore mentioned staff training so i would agree with Terence in saying the staff wouldn't be equipped to deal with that sort of query. Common sense would say look for your answers by aiming a little higher in the hierarchy and wait for a response from someone who is trained in what you're asking.

"What's that sir, you would like the building regs of our contact centre in Coventry? I'm afraid i can't help you with that"

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