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Line by line, how the US anti-encryption bill will kill our privacy, security


Re: Awesome article

The real paranoid one is the one who distrusts human beings as a species so they put everyone in the virtual animal cage in case they need to monitor protesters, political organisations, or just have some fun when they get bored.


don't you love the hypocrisy of this bulldookie? nobody is above the law?

yeah, except the thieving coniving predatory persons in the ruling group that illegal steal our privacy and sell it to who knows who - and then allow wallstreet thieves to crash the economy and pay what? pay a small percent of their take!

oh they hypocrisy... The law for decades threatened americans with treasonous punishment for shipping encryption overseas. Now the dummies like censormaster Feinstein (BDS UCB) who also want to limit freedom of expression and speech, want to punish us for using strong encryption - you know, like the kind they actually have overseas.

i love the part that says "All providers of communications services and products (including software) should protect the privacy of United States persons through implementation of appropriate data security and still respect the rule of law and comply with all legal requirements and court orders."



Re: Because terrorists!

FEINSTEIN is actually acting in a treasonous manner. BURR is actually acting in a treasonous manner. Together they are threatening the privacy of all Americans, killing American ingenuity and creativity, and generally acting like imbeciles who don't know they have their heads up their own ____.

And... these "predatory third world control freaks" are killing American business while shipping jobs overseas. In the spirit of SANDERS & TRUMP, firing the entire legislative body save for very few, will put America on the path to being Great again.


Re: Second ammendment right...

lol! First we get life in prison for shipping stron encryption overseas (as if the people outside the u.s. are so stupid as to not conceive their own) Now these primo azzajoles want to give us life in prison for using strong encryption.

WOW. Privacy rules as long as you don't mind getting permission to schedule your high level business meetings from the likes of imbeciles like Feinstein (the censor master) and Burr (i hear the guy is 100% complete eejit).

Lloyds online banking goes TITSUP*


What was the operating system and database sys?

i am guessing microjunk

Batten down the hatches! OpenSSL preps fix for high impact vuln


anything and everything beats microsoft windows


Public ownership of internet resources will prevent the privateers from robbing us of free speech.

Public ownership of internet resources will allow generations hence to be guaranteed a platform to stand on.

Privateers are thieves.

Stop using USB sticks to move kids' data, auditor tells Education Dept


inability to handle security has made paper a better option

we done outsmarted ourselves

Amazon attempts rule fudge to take exclusive control of new dot-words


after greed crosses the boundaries, it gets comically absurd

When the world runs out of things to do that make sense, the market for the kings new clothes becomes fashionable.

13,000 Comcast customers complain to FCC over data caps


COMTRASH is one company i really want to see BANKRUPT

i will toast the day COMTRASH files for bankruptcy

Ad-blocker blocking websites face legal peril at hands of privacy bods


confused - - - -

please tell in client server terms who is block what?

currently i understand this to mean if i arun adblockers, which i do, the server is detect this and forbidding me to see the website?

And then something grabs your personal data???

not seeing this.

'I hacked Facebook – and found someone had beaten me to it'


the thief is also a cheapo

$10k? it was worth $1M.

someone got fleeced again.

ps- i have never used fakebook and never will.

The web is DOOM'd: Average page now as big as id's DOS classic


the Never-Ending Web page. WHY? simple-

It's an advertising popularity SCAM.

1. it forces the search engine into endless digestion, indexing, propmotion

2. it causes impressions to add up since easier to scoll than click which gets the advertiser paid

3. it increases the user side temp storage which, when tracking takes a look, increases the score which increases the payments from the advertiser

The whole operation is easier to input and leaves all the more complex sorting to the search engine.

The American economy is probably 80% scam.

Advertising does 2 things;

- it informs people of new products or changes

- it enforces rising prices which helps wallstreet issue debt

Subscription models are best for a democracy.

US anti-encryption law is so 'braindead' it will outlaw file compression


Re: Just a point of clarification...

i strongly object to even the use of the word "think" because it is presumptive to believe that the imbeciles and morons now infecting our government can rally do that.

i propose instead to replace that line with

it "strongly urges Congress to resign their positions prior to being recalled from office"

TRULY - these predatory law schemers who promote illegal wars, death, wmd, collateral damage, and robbing the american economy of value, homes, retirement, savings and letting the wallstreet thieves pay a small fine, WITH FRIENDS LIKE THAT, WHO NEEDS ENEMIES?

Bay Area man forced out of his $400 box home


Re: fire hazard

however larger more fashionable cardboard boxes which are rain or sweat dampened work fine. But technology will find a way to reduce the space between atomic particles by 90%! This will easy the shortage of resources. Some protesters express concern that humans may become food for crows but most scientists agree that a repellent will be available by then.

Next time an alien ship lands, i'm get'n on board.


condo prison cells at Alcatraz feature luxury units under $250,000.

and quite expensive if you aren't sharing one. The pricier ones have the best view. Includes toilet, sink, and secure doors. Kitchen privileges are available at extra cost.

Welcome to the "humans can be like insects too" planet. Always carry a shovel, you never know when you may need to dig a hole to camp out in.


Microsoft: We have a bullet ready for 12 competencies


microsoft still peddling their bag of tricks

When the aliens land, they will look thru microsoft code and patents for their entertainment. Meanwhile earthlings are getting the real trojan under the guise of a window which carries the backdoor the spy guys really want installed.

microsoft. don't trust'm. don't like'm.

Prof Hawking to mail postage-stamp space craft to Alpha Centauri using frickin' lasers


Re: it will not work

Quite plausible. Then we are in for some real sheet. Laser pushing an object with that sort of accuracy? Sounds like a prelude to zapping incoming asteroids, or hitting enemy alien invaders lightyears away before they get to us, or assassinating a country leader giving an outdoor public speech with a zap trick shot bouncing one off the moon, or how about the reverse- a tractor beam?


it will not work

it does not matter how big the laser is because as the earth turns, being able to even find the thing much less stay on it, is going to be impossible. THERE ARE TOO MANY VARIABLES FOR MOVEMENT.

The equator rotates at 1000 miles per hour, less going north south, near zero at the poles. So an astro from the space station is going to put the stampship say out on a stick and down on earth they are going to spot it and zap it from time to time, right? WRONG.

funny thing is this - they will get the money for the project and do some periodic zapping and tell the world that everything is going according to plans and calcs and they themselves will really never know if that is correct. Yeah, after earth changes orbit, season, revolution etc they are going to home in on a button light years away no problem. CAN I GET A REFUND?

Lauri Love backdoor forced-decryption case goes to court in UK


control freaks going nuts because they are Stupids & Lazies (S&L's)

This is what happens when you put people in position of power and authority who are S&L's. S&L's do not exercise proper control of their resources and seek to blame others for their failure. Did Love try to break into something or was he just knocking on the door to see if anyone would answer? Either way, not a good idea. But to break the social compacts of the relationships of life on earth by seeking total control of everything is worse and the S&L's either fail to recognize that or don't care, and they don't mind abusing others (cough invade iraq, spy on everyone, rendition and torture). The real breakin criminals are them.

New strain of data thieving malware Qbot unleashed


old systems are a blessing in disguise

and easy to work with.

Take windows 3.x for instance. Using a really good memory manager, you don't need anything newer unless you are doing MM. And if you are doing MM, use a different system. And if you are on a network, use something like zone-alarm, it might get in, but it cant get out.

FBI 'zero-day iPhone hack'


another lie from the fbi?

they must have realized that using cellebrite would have ruined their chances to prevail in their never ending attempt to hack privacy.

Microsoft has made SQL Server for Linux. Repeat, Microsoft has made SQL Server 2016 for Linux


microsoft is soiling LINUX

mark my words.

whatever microsoft touches, they ruin.

their interest in LINUX is only so that when things go wrong, they want LINUX to be their scapegoat.

Because LINUX is open source, microsoft is free to do this. But it is a trap and the EULA needs to be strengthened to protect LINUX from microsoft.

Read America's insane draft crypto-borking law that no one's willing to admit they wrote


they would BURN the Bill of Rights if they could

Monsters are never concerned that what they do might squash free will, independence, the American Way, free enterprise, free speech or what Jesus taught. Monsters that occupy congress are so immersed in power that collateral damage of the deaths of the youth of America is the price people have to pay for their greedy abuses. Oh yes, do you think imeciles like Feinstein and Burr give a royal carp about the Panama Papers other than their dammed lip service? or that their wallstreet bankster peemps robbed Americans of home values? or that their dumya master falsified WMD and illegally invaded a country? HALE NO.

These monsters are no better than mubarek (whom they paid and worshipped) nor bashar al-assad. All they really want is to condition Americans to take a beating so they can promote their yinon.

Bash on Windows. Repeat, Microsoft demos Bash on Windows

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