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Vaizey: Legal right to internet access, sure. But I'm NOT gonna die on the 10Mbps hill

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Re: Whut??

Eutelsat Satellite Broadband 20Mbps Down and 2 Mbps Up is available now everywhere in the UK and Ireland and France and Germany, cost is £99 install fee and then its circa £39-49 per month depending on your data usage, just google Eutelsat Broadband for more details.

Why put up with less than 10 meg when you can get 20Mbps installed in less than a week anywhere in the UK

Your broadband speeds are up by 6Mbps, boasts UK watchdog Ofcom

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Openreach sign FTTC contract with KN Networks

The good news guys is that Openreach ( BT ) have signed a contract with KN Networks to roll our FTTC that is Fibre to the Cabinet, trial scheme is in London ( 26 weeks contract ) and with that all connected customers with copper lines will get 24m uncongested if you live within 2km of the cabinet.

Over in Ireland Eir have awarded a contract to KN Networks to run FTTH that is Fibre to the home, for all houses in Ireland by 2020, so copper lines are being removed and fibre is being run in, I have seen this happening and customers can now get 1,000meg Fibre broadband for less than €100 per month.

If you live in the UK contact your local councillors and your local MP and get them to put pressure on BT who are CASH RICH and who need to get up to speed with what is happening in Ireland.

I live in County Mayo, Ireland and by 2018 I will have 1,000meg Fibre to my very Rural House so I will have faster speeds than anyone in the UK. More details here https://www.eir.ie/eirfibreinfo/map/


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