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If you don't like apps touching, Qubes 4.0.1 is a good place to jump in


Qubes is lovely indeed but it feels a bit sluggish on less than serious hardware. A fast SSD connected through NVMe rather than SATA is particularly recommended - plus copious RAM, obviously.

Hot fuzz: Bug detectives whip up smarter version of classic AFL fuzzer to hunt code vulnerabilities


Interesting stuff

On the test-data-stochasticity spectrum this sits somewhere between coverage-guided fuzzing and old-school deterministic test inputs. Explicitly supplying a format specification spoils the elegance of it but if effectiveness improves, what's not to like? Oh, right - you have to have the format specification in the first place. Other than that, nice work indeed.

Your software hates you and your devices think you're stupid


The Panasonic micro-hi-fi in my living room has a tiny segmented display that outputs a jerky scrolling HELLO when turned on and a jerky scrolling GOODBYE when shutting down. During CD playback it displays... minutes and seconds the current track has been playing, which is utterly useless. Either track number or time remaining would be more useful. I even suspect both of those could be displayed simultaneously (as long as the track is shorter than 10 minutes or its number is less than 100). Oh well...

Flying on its own, Thunderbird seeks input on new look


Re: Stagnant is good, dead is better

Well, there is always something to improve. As an example, Thunderbird offers partial support for the Maildir storage format but it's languished for years in a semi-complete state. I even contacted the team to ask if I could make a donation specifically towards fixing the remaining issues. They had no way of assigning donations to Bugzilla tickets, unfortunately. I still sent some money their way, I think it's important for Thunderbird to keep going.

As for a visual refresh: as long as the budget is modest and well spent, why not? It did work as a PR hook, obviously, which is a good thing in itself.

Repairable-by-design Fairphone runs out of spare parts


@David Roberts

Proud owner of a Fairphone 1 here. Software support has been rather tragic for a simple reason. FP founders are mostly design/marketing folks and had no software chops when they started. They licensed a reference design from the manufacturing partner which saddled the FP1 with components supported only by binary blobs from open-source-hostile companies. Later they hired some coders to try upping the Android version from 4.2.2 to 4.4 but even that floundered in the end. FP2 has higher priority, I imagine.

Many FP1 owners seem to be disappointed but, being a first shot at the concept, I think the FP1 has been quite a success. It has certainly served me well.

BOAR-ZILLA stalks Fukushima's dead zone



Confirmation of who constitutes average whisky consumer helps resolve dispute


Re: Blended

@A. Coatsworth: Oh come on, "Dead Pony Club" and "Tactical Nuclear Penguin" are superb names no matter what you use them on!

Cisco's cloud whisperer CTO Zorawar Biri Singh blows free

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Four reasons Pixel turns flagship Android mobe makers into roadkill


Re: It's the age old problem...

LG have invested in webOS, Samsung pushed Tizen for a while... but yeah, they seem to lack both stamina and charisma to win over app developers. Android has a massive network effect by now.

Dodgy software will bork America's F-35 fighters until at least 2019


What's the problem?

"deficiencies, 158 of which are Category 1 – classified as those that could cause death, severe injury, or severe illness."

I thought the whole point of a fighter jet was to cause death, severe injury or severe illness.

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