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Linux reaches the big five (point) oh


Re: Guess he's from Norfolk then?

No, Dave Allen's Irish - and he lost his digit by sticking his hand in a water wheel when he was a kid.

Real talk: You're gonna have to get real about real-time analytics if you wanna make IoT work


Very disappointing...

this was the RSS feed link I followed:


Osborne on Leave limbo: Travel and trade stay unchanged


Yes, yay independence. We will not have to adhere to ALL the EU's rules but we will have access to the market and that's what Boris has been suggesting all along. Our vote was almost useless anyway and the world's a lot bigger than the EU.

You aren't in a good position there and I'm not saying things are in good shape now though - nor for the other EU countries. This will take time.

'Hot Tech Talent' IT job board ads caught up in sexism allegations


Not my favourite episode.

Dice shouldn't back down: they publish a charity calendar featuring 12 of the hottest geeks in their company to raise money for cross-eyed people, so that the photographer can get off with that girl from the fourth floor he fancies.

He won't be able to get it up though, because he won't be able to get the images of those half-naked geeks out of his head.

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