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Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills

Matt Webster

RE: Myth


The system would be totally useless if it was as simple as changing lanes to fool it.


I totally agree... but then again, given what I've seen of the N3 project it's not difficult to imagine each camera running completely independantly of each other!

UK iPhone customers to get fairer usage

Matt Webster

Not all O2s fault

I don't think O2 can be blamed from calling their previous web packages 'unlimited'

Obviously most Reg readers would quickly notice the asterisk next to any unlimited package and read the entire T&C until they knew the exact limit.

If O2 had previously advertised it as a 200Mb limit most people would instinctively look for an "unlimited" package elsewhere, without even checking the true limit.

After all, its more logical to assume that a 200Mb limit is worse than an Unlimited* package, unless you're cynical.

I agree that nobody should use the term Unlimited unless it truely is. If I bought a Honda with an unlimited milage warranty thats exactly what I'd get!

BT blows £250m on wind power

Matt Webster

Lotus too!

Lotus in little old Mulbarton, Norfolk is currently planning on doing the same... Only being held up by local protestors complaining about everything from noise to spoiling the view!

I imagine BT will face the same problems! No they don't take up much space and they are a damm site more attractive that coal stations yet you'll still find some locals who are all to happy to use electricity - just not happy with the production!

Its like meat eaters who wouldn't be able to kill their own food!

Schools chief pushes Big Brother out of dinner line

Matt Webster


I imagine this also breaches several acts by not providing access to persons who have lost their fingers/hands/arms.

Also given how hygienic most school children are is it really sensible to ask them all to swipe at least one of their fingers on the same scanner as everyone else just before they eat their lunch?

Bigwigs haven't a clue on IT asset values

Matt Webster


I wonder how many know the 'value' of their IT staff!

Presumably the BOFH knows the exact value of their IT assets... and the % of the value which is in his basement!

Carphone Warehouse salesman dies in car boot

Matt Webster

@Americas in-boot handle

I used to work for Lotus engineering in little old norfolk and we did only have to insert handles on the inside of boots for the american market.... as well as a few other america only modifications.. such as

stickers on the tyre puncture repair to say not to drink it and warnings not to get into the boot in the first place

obviously this story proves that there are stupid people in the UK too... its just a smaller market of stupid people!

BOFH: Damsels in distress

Matt Webster

First Class!

Another first class episode!

Speaking of which... "the uniformed woman striding down from first class"

You mean to say that with all their wit and cunning they only flew economy class!!

Efficient data centers make companies less green

Matt Webster

Thin Clients

We use thin clients and a citrix servers which surely consumes less power than standard desktops!

Also does this mean that by dedicating our idle CPU usage to cancer curing research and never having an idle CPU we are in fact contributing to global warming? Anything which does not kill you, only passes the baton to the next thing!


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