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Does Google make hardware just so nobody buys it?


Want a mediocre keyboard cover with it? That's an extra $200.

Fruit flies use the power of the sun to help them fly in straight lines


Fruit flies fly like an arrow.

British egg producers saddened by Google salad emoji update


Google needs to put bacon bits on the salad emoji.

Firefox 57: Good news? It's nippy. Bad news? It'll also trash your add-ons


Partial list of “legacy” extensions I'm using: Context Search X, FireGestures, Flagfox, LastPass, Open With, Status-4-Evar, Tab Groups, and perhaps most importantly, Tab Mix Plus.

I've no reason to stay with Firefox when all of these stop working. Goodbye Firefox, hello Vivaldi!

Mozilla whips out Rusty new Firefox Quantum (and that's a good thing)


And the collateral damage is customizability. No more add-ons like Tab Mix Plus or Status-4-Evar.

Might as well switch to Chrome, then.

(Actually, I already switched to Vivaldi. Not quite as customizable as Firefox used to be, but stil much better than Chrome or new Firefox.)

Windows 10 with Ubuntu now in public preview


Or just use Cygwin already.

Works just fine, you can start Windows applications from the command-line, df and top work, etcetera.

Microsoft Surface Book: Shiny slab with a Rottweiler grip on itself


> and weirdly, an Alt Graph (Alt Gr) key, a throwback to pre-GUI IBM PCs.

No it isn't. It's still very much in use as a modifier key on international keyboard layouts.

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