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Those facial recognition trials in the UK? They should be banned, warns Parliamentary committee


"we support an open debate about this"

"we support an open debate about this"

No, you don't. Much like a drive towards a cashless society.

"including how we can reduce the privacy impact on the public"

Reduce impact by not doing it, shithead.

Want a good Android smartphone without the $1,000+ price tag? Then buy Google's Pixel 3a


Re: As an iPhone user

Yes, this. I would never buy a new car unless I was loaded with case. As soon as you drive it away it has lost value. The same is true of high end tech. Get something a few years old, save the planet and save buckets of cash. A 12 month warranty from Music Magpie included.

Airbnb host thrown in the clink after guest finds hidden camera inside Wi-Fi router


Re: To be fair to AirBnB I don't think they can be held responsible for people doing this

"It's the market's responsibility"

Neoliberal claptrap.

Timely Trump tariffs tax tech totally: 25 per cent levy on modems, fiber optics, networking gear, semiconductors…


Re: *NOT* Emabarrassed American!

"It's NOT "free market" over there,"

No, nor is it a free market in the USA. Most neoliberal states such as the US are not free markets because they simply do not work for all people.

Amazon throws toys out of pram, ditches plans for New York HQ2 after big trouble in Big Apple

Thumb Up

Fantastic Decision!

Lets hope this is 'Peak Amazon' and finally the scumbag billionaires are put in their place by the not-so-scumbag politicians.

Build the wall... around your DNS settings, US govt IT staff urged by Homeland Security amid domain hijackings


Donald Trump the A-hole...

This is what you get when an entire country is run by a capitalist pig.

Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently


Re: Google are cunts


We use http://www.abelhadigital.com/hostsman/ to block ad servers at the DNS level. So fuck them.

It walks, it talks, it falls over a bit. Windows 10 is three years old


Re: "the Windows 7 hold-outs should finally feel able to make the upgrade"

Still a big fat NO to Windows 10 here.

Michael Dell? More like Michael in-Dell-nial: No public cloud, no future


Cloud based CAD workstation anyone?

Not much RAM in your cloud based graphics card is there?


Re: Public Cloud

Agree entirely.

Drone complaints to cops are up twelvefold in three years


Fix it with an air-rifle.

Residents should be at liberty to shoot drones if they pass over their property with something like an air rifle, unless it's a drone-cop who have a search warrant.

Microsoft still working to fix Outlook sync issues


Re: Has El Reg finally soured its relationship with Redmond

"Or you can say that we are at fault for choosing Microsoft."

Yes, that's it. When you go cloud hosted you are subcontracting your responsibility to a third party. We are cloud hosted on an Exchange platform but NOT one that is operated by Microsoft. To my mind the worst place you can have your Exchange mailboxes are Microsoft.

Ofcom finds 'reasonable grounds' that KCOM failed to maintain 999 services


Piss up, brewery.

KCOM couldn't organise one.

DNS devastation: Top websites whacked offline as Dyn dies again


I wish this was true...

Many ISP's - to name BT for one but probably most, simply do not respect published TTL's.

We've seen issues where we set low TTL's during a site migration but the ISP's simply don't go back for another lookup. You end up having to fanny about with DNS providers until enough time has passed for the providers DNS to re-do the lookup in its own time.

Farewell Patch Tuesday fragmentation: from October, MS will roll just one monthly patch


Here we come Linux...

Fight back people. Ditch their increasingly awful operating system and lack of customer focus and talk with your feet.

Cloud will NOT eat the tech industry, Michael Dell declares


Agree with Mr Dell.

Cloud is over-rated. There *are* real places for it, like cloud-hosted email, of course web sites and public facing web applications, but for privately hosted data, cloud does not make sense on any level that I can see other than *convenience*.

Addressing this benefit directly: since when was convenience the pinnacle of achievement? How about security, privacy, and so on?

Microsoft offers admins free Win 10 upgrade lube

Big Brother

Already shafted....

Microsoft have been shafting us all for the best part of 20 years that I can recall, no surprise their wrinkled old dicks need a bit of lube to encourage their crud-stick of an O/S onto your hardware.


The case for ethical ad-blocking


Re: Use the hosts file as an ad blocker

I use 'HostsMan'. If you do too please make a donation:



Are you serious?

"When is ad-blocking ethical?"

Er, that's easy. 100% of the time. I will decide - as far as is practical, when I do not wish to see an advert. If I can skip adverts on the PVR, then I will. Same principle for adverts on the web. If I am driving along and am advertised to on a billboard then there is not much I can do about that, but that's life.

To all marketing types out there: Suck it up and go get a proper job. Stop promoting consumerism, it is a fundamentally flawed proposition.

Free Windows 10 upgrade: Time is running out – should you do it?


Shove it up yer bottom.

Microsoft should take Windows 10 and it's 13 PAGES of privacy settings and shove it where the sun doesn't shine. After 20 years supporting Wintel PC's I've gone Mac. I'm giving myself to Win7 EOL to ditch MS.

Oh dear, Vodafone: Sales dip in UK


Extortionate pricing...poor service.

A few months ago I ditched 2 x £20pcm contracts with Vodafone and got two new contracts with Virgin at £3 per month each. They were also unable to move contracts from one business to another because "their system will not allow it". If there is any justice in the world Vodafone should bleed customers until they realise what poor service they are giving.

The 'new' Microsoft? I still wouldn't touch them with a barge pole


Re: The problem is there is nothing better.

jb99 I understand what you are saying however as a long time Windows user in the IT industry I am satisfied with my recent Apple experiences ion iMac and delighted with Apple's response to the FBI case.

On the face of it at least, Apple based technology is right for people, whereas Microsoft based technology is right for whatever the Microsoft Agenda is.


100% Agree

Very eloquently put and sums up my feelings too. I have been in professional IT support for 20 years and I am tired of them fuc*ing us about.

I am giving myself until January 14, 2020 (Windows 7 EOS) to move as many people as I can away from Microsoft, probably will move to Linux / OSX where possible.

Steve Ballmer: Get the Facts. I 'love' SQL Server on Linux

Big Brother

What a dumbass...

"Ballmer is also reported to have described the threat posed to Windows as having already passed. "

What an idiot. Windows 10 is the biggest single reason I am planning a switch to Apple and Linux based systems as soon as I possibly can.

Ad-slinger Opera adds ad-blocking tech to its browser

Big Brother

Try HostsMan...

I'm running HostsMan alongside Opera... don't need that third party adblocking.


Microsoft seeks Comcast subpoena to nab activation pirates


They could just Google it...


And then start playing Knights and Dragons :-)

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