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US lawmakers furious (again) as mobile networks caught (again) selling your emergency location data to bounty hunters (again)


Re: Lock him up

"the people" vs. "the corporates".

Always has been, but most of the sheeple don't get it, and make the corporations stronger all the time. Electing officials that have gone so far as to give corporations rights as a person, but no responsibilities of such (it was a way to allow massive donations to political funds).

OK, Google. Music in 2019 isn't what it was, but Play nice, will ya?




was their best song :)

It's the end of 2018, and this is your year in security


Follow up to CA please

I know the company changed names, stayed in the same hands. But I'd like to know what happened to all the data Cambridge Analytica mined.

Most likely they still have the data, are still using it for political manipulation. But I'd like to know.

Any chance for a follow up story?


The Obama-era cyber détente with China was nice, wasn't it? Yeah well it's obviously over now


okaly dokaly

"China has returned to the cyber-attack arena"

Think all that back door'ed hardware was engineered and made in the last year? Iol nope.

Chinese Super Micro 'spy chip' story gets even more strange as everyone doubles down


I remember

when the US gov was installing malware into the bios of hard drives years ago - interrupting shipments after leaving warehouses - before they got to customers. So, is it possible, yeah, would china do this if they could, hell yeah, would the nsa? likely has for years.

Bloomberg needs to submit more details, but the accusations are doable.

Microsoft 'kills' passwords, throws up threat manager, APIs Graph Security


One device to rule them all!

Since it is reliant on ONE device, I call it SFA.

When a criminal gets your unlocked phone - They own "everything" you have access to.

No doubt hardcore crims are very, very happy with this.

Developer goes rogue, shoots four colleagues at ERP code maker


Re: A gun is involved in every single mass shooting.

Please bash any law or stats you want, but be accurate.

Your thinking people are using guns to defend against other people with guns, which is not correct. If you read the reports, it is primarily people using guns to counter un armed assaults. Yes there is defense of knives, and guns, but at a much lower rate.

Your mother will not be able to fend off the rapist even with a knife, but you don't love your mother anyways.

The Reg takes the US government's insider threat training course


how fucked up is that

Identifying personality traits including being polite and helpful as a NEGATIVE. No wonder our government is so corrupt and evil, they keep all the good people out. wtf

Feel the shame: Email-scammed staffers aren't telling bosses about it


Re: Testing the staff

That's to bad. We do this testing every few months to ensure we are training people well enough to understand the way hackers try and fool them, and how to report the Emails to us.

If they don't take the expected action, there is no berating, it's all about making sure we are keeping our people informed enough that they know when they are being phished and how to respond. We change our training to make it more useful as needed. For the benefit of securing employment for all of us. If the company goes down, everyone in it is boned. Don't bone your fellow employees. - our phishing test emails always come from outside. Free Pizza if you fill out this form lol.

Israel cyberczar drops hints about country's new security initiative


It's made in China,,,,,,

Tesla fingers former Gigafactory hand as alleged blueprint-leaking sabotage mastermind


I see Teslas

"You're far more likely to see a Nissan Leaf than you are a Tesla"

I see at least 2 tesla every day on my way home and to work. Yet to get one of them to race me. If I catch them on the highway I have a chance (60-120mph) from a dead stop they will beat me off the line - if the driver has enough balls to push it hard that is.

Citation needed: Europe claims Kaspersky wares 'confirmed as malicious'


Criminals are in charge

and they are clearing out anyone that won't put a back door in for them.

Which means MacAfee, Cisco, RSA, Redowl (Raytheon), Microsoft, and Google, are approved for government contractors to use.

VPNFilter router malware is a lot worse than everyone thought



If anyone has an infected device; would you try having virustotal scan your IP, to see if that detects it.

I searched this morning and found no mention anyplace of how to detect if this is on equipment.

Stingray phone stalker tech used near White House, SS7 abused to steal US citizens' data – just Friday things


Who's is it?

Equipment everywhere and nobody is saying who it belongs to?

No part numbers to trace, fingerprints, logs or activity of where the data is going?

Did anyone even look at the equipment?

My bet is, its a US 3 letter agencies equipment.

Court says 'nyet' to Kaspersky's US govt computer ban appeal



"The government countered that neither act was unconstitutional, and lobbied the judge to dismiss the suits as unfounded."

When ever I hear "lobby/lobbied" that is a soft word for bribe/bribed in the US.

I agree that no government should run a foreign security tool, but meh, the reason to dump them was BS. The replacement will be much weaker than KL and have NSA backdoors galore. Just like everyone the US gov does business with (RSA and Cisco come to the top of my mind)

FBI fingers North Korea for two malware strains


Re: Credibility

The Sony hack evidence was all made up by one Noris corp executive (see stories about the companies implosion) so that is very old news.

I don't doubt this is NK, just because its been around since 2009 and hasn't amounted to squat for 9 years.

Big bimmer bummer: Bavaria's BMW buggies battered by bad bugs


Re: Are You Surprised

So, when at home drop the keys in the new key holder - metal box on the desk. (faraday cage).

Just like that metal sleeve I keep the CC in, in my wallet.


New law would stop Feds from demanding encryption backdoor


placing bets

That this will be doing the exact opposite than intended by time it passes (reworded) just like the Patriot act was manipulated into an "allow evil doings/non patriotic stuff" that will make people hate us

North Korea's antivirus software whitelisted mystery malware


Sounds more like the NSA

" SiliVaccine has whitelisted one virus signature that Trend Micro’s products could detect. Just why North Korea’s government wants software that won’t spot some viruses is not hard to guess: a totalitarian dictatorship can only sustain itself with pervasive surveillance and leaving a backdoor that allows viruses in would facilitate just that."

Welcome to the planet of pervasive surveillance and backdoors that protect it's evil overlords.

Power spike leads Chinese police to 600-machine mining rig


Not Chen!

Oh no not Chen, he made great swords. (there is only one Chen in china right?)

Massive cyber attack targets mid-Atlantic nation 'Berylia'


Never forget Berylia

NATO and all it's corrupt governments will turn on you and make you a slave more than you already are. Tyranny is all the coked up greedy know, that run these governments.

There is no god, no peace, only greed and we shall destroy all those that rebel.

Lust for wealth, oil, gold, all your resources shall be subject to law, and by law I mean taken from you.

Death to hope!

Furious gunwoman opens fire at YouTube HQ, three people shot


Re: Of all places

gun crimes went down, due to less guns - yep. Violent crime did not, and rapes went up. So it's a win if you are a rapist.


Re: Of all places

paper, this is Scissors, what do you consider an "assault gun"? Classification in the US is fully auto, which is illegal for 99.99999% of people in the US. The permit to own one takes years, is denied to all but the richest collectors, and so rare they garner very high prices. Much cheaper to buy a dozen 1930's revolvers and just drop them as they empty. Get your head out of your ass.


Re: Of all places

Joaney is lying: The NRA is 5+millinon people that pay dues, support safe use and laws - not companies. Just like car clubs, they are run by people, not car companies.

Feel free to contact any NRA member or office. But propaganda is pure BS and easy to look up for people that don't want to be played by trolls like "Joaney I've"


Re: Of all places

its amazing how much people hate the truth

It's baaack – WannaCry nasty soars through Boeing's computers


Thanks Reg

for calling it what it is "NSA-augmented ransomware"

I like this more than the softening words about evil stuff my government does.

Guccifer 2.0 outed, Kaspersky slammed, Oz radio hacker in the slammer, and more


Wrong man

So hilldogy killed the wrong man. I hope she at least apologizes to Seth and his family. As if she has ever apologized in her life.

BOOM! Cambridge Analytica explodes following extraordinary TV expose


Re: Obama

bashing obomber and hilldogy on thereg will only get down votes. To many US DNC puppet trolls here.

We're Putin our foot down! DHS, FBI blame Russia for ongoing infrastructure hacks


News vs Conferences

All I see in the news about hacking is blame Russia, BUT, when I go to info sec conferences, review FBI reports - its 95% China, China, China. Gov agencies working to destabilize; infrastructure, governments, military. Nearly every hack blamed on NK was eventually traced back to China - but it didn't' make news on the follow up analysis.

If nothing else China is doing a great job of keeping the US and Russia at each others throats. What else could be better for them?

Audit finds Department of Homeland Security's security is insecure


Re: Shrug

As much as I like to bash gov for dumbs stuff, you are correct.


Re: The DHS is insecure?

Fish & Game, may be the best run agency the gov has. And the least amount of management :) Coincidence? I think not.

Crims pull another SWIFT-ie, Indian bank stung for nearly US$2m


Here comes the Block Age.

In 3 years when international banks have moved to blockchain logging for transactions it will be much harder to get money out of the banking system anonymously. Would-be hackers best set up your fake name banking accounts now if you can, there will be no anonymous withdrawals in short time.

Google reveals Edge bug that Microsoft has had trouble fixing



It's only about driving people to Chrome to get the ad revenue. They could care less about the actual bugs or anyone security. (proof is in how much malware they push from google play store) Strategy

Magic Leap's staggering VR goggle technology just got even better!


google is evil

If google hadn't bought out the Oculus Rift, we would have product. All google did is kill a cool product with money and BS, then more money and more BS.

I'll be on a holodec in space before google has a product on in the market.

Microsoft working to scale Blockchain for grand distributed ID scheme


not again

This is for destroying anonymity, nothing else.

first it was Intel with the ID on the CPU, now MS with block chaining us, bah.

Still not on Windows 10? Fine, sighs Microsoft, here are its antivirus tools for Windows 7, 8.1


Need W11 business edition

yeah it doesn't' exist. But it's what we want. No crappy bloated interface, no entertainment crap, no built in Skype, no Games, Just an OS that is manageable and can run business apps. But nooooo, they gotta shove weather and TV widgets on the desktop. Fing MS, give us a desktop equivalent of the Server OS.

New click-to-hack tool: One script to exploit them all and in the darkness TCP bind them


Shodan is evil

Shodan has long been, if not created for the sole purpose of exploiting others.

#1 use of it, hacking web cams, #2 looking for exploitable PCs and servers, now maybe loading crypto miners.

I have had nasty conversations with Shodan from them port scanning us every day for a year. They denied it, and said they scan things at most once a month - Unless they are hired to scan - anyone can hire them to scan anyone - I hope they all get cancer and die slowly.

Apple: The exclusive sales channel for an, er, AI toothbrush


next up

AI toilet paper...

If people are so dumb they need help brushing their teeth, there is no hope. Maybe they will be like vapes, and explode lol.

HTML5 may as well stand for Hey, Track Me Longtime 5. Ads can use it to fingerprint netizens


Carrot on a stick

So they waved HTML5 in front of us with the promise of getting rid of the exploit known as Flash, only to fool everyone into installing universal super tracking software.

Another round of click-fraud extensions pulled from Chrome Store



I wonder if google sent anyone notice of what they downloaded?

I'll bet a snickers bar the answer is: no.

'Mummy, what's felching?' Tot gets smut served by Android app


Re: Google should be sued

I have yet to hear of anyone receiving a notice from google that an app they downloaded from them was malicious, None. I have followed this situation for 4 years now.


Google should be sued

Google needs to be hit with a class action lawsuit for NOT notifying people that they have downloaded malware - at least once it has been removed for their store.

Google requires a valid Email address to get files from them, they make a profit from traffic on the site.

Google playstore serves more malware than any other site on the internet, yet refuses to be responsible to their customers for the content they provide.

It's time to hit them the only place they care about - their wallet.

Iranians resist internet censorship amid deadly street protests


This weekend

This weekend Iran will purge itself of all people between 13 and 30. Peace will be restored, there will be plenty of jobs and food. It will not be talked about.

Google to crack down on apps that snoop



Google is the company that has served thousands of malicious apps on their play store, still does, refuses to notify users even when a malicious app has been removed from the store, so that people will still be infected. And they are now threatening some of the malicious apps to play nicerer or what? going to remove them, but won't fucking tell anyone they've been infected.

Google play store is like a Dr Office that is more likely to make you sick than anything else.

Creepy Cayla doll violates liberté publique, screams French data protection agency



Does the Amazon Echo and Google's talking trashcan fit into the same category?

Guilty: NSA bloke who took home exploits at the heart of Kaspersky antivirus slurp row


Re: Pho no!

I had to do this evaluation recently incase our company was required to change AV tools. Trend (new version) had more similar features that any other product that didn't required Cloud portals to use them (enterprise versions). I am happy with KL, and trust them more than the NSA - who intentionally, without denying it at all: leaves back doors everywhere they can at everyone's expense. I want an AV tool that detects those assholes.


Re: 67?

He's not smart enough. He's in jail.

Kaspersky: Clumsy NSA leak snoop's PC was packed with malware


Re: Worriesome...

It's called license management.

Not unlike the license plate on your car that your insurance company tracks you with.

You know what's coming next: FBI is upset it can't get into Texas church gunman's smartphone


Re: FBI can't unlock smartphone

That law that he just un-did, also prevented anyone from owning a gun that has ever been identified as depressed at any point in their life. When my father died I was depressed (who wouldn't be) I went to counseling (since it was free from work) for a session just to talk it out. By that one instance, at anytime my license could be revoked. "That law should have been fixed and not removed", but it was poorly written. The press doesn't report things that aren't drama, but you can look it up if you feel like it.

Vlad the blockader: Russia's anti-VPN law comes into effect


Re: Cutting the cables would be Putin's and Xi's dream

you are correct!


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