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Southampton Uni shows way to a truly open web

Adrian Walker

Executable English over RDF

The problem:

"The skills of taking a data system and understanding how to map it into RDF so that it can be useful is bloody hard. It requires someone who can see the data, understand the structure, understand how it will be used and then map between two spaces in their head."

A solution:

Document what you want to do in Executable English, then _run_ it. Other people will be able to read what you did, and also get English explanations of the results of running it.

Here's an example that you can view, run and change, using a browser:



Agile Development’s Secret Sauce

Adrian Walker

Agile Collaboration in Executable English

Excellent article.

There's another agile collaboration tool online. It's a kind of Wiki for collaboratively writing and running content as business rules in executable English.

Results from running the rules are explained, in hypertexted English, at the business level.

It's at www.reengineeringllc.com, and shared use is free.


How the fate of the US economy rests on a Dell workstation

Adrian Walker

No Data, No Simulation

One of the problems in trying to build a detailed model of the situation may be that much of the trouble results from "over the counter" -- i.e. private -- contracts for swaps etc.

At an aggregate level, there are some computations (with explanations reaching into data) that you can run at our site, www.reengineeringllc.com . For example, there's a calculation that, if the bailout were given to US households earning under $25,000, each household would receive about $24,000. There's also a calculation that financial instruments have created about twice as much "artificial wealth" as all the real assets in the world combined.


How Google translates without understanding

Adrian Walker

A Wiki for Executable English Without Grammars

As the article says, it's possible to do useful machine translation without using grammars or parsing, much to the distress of linguists.

It's also possible to usefully support open vocabulary, executable English, without grammars or dictionaries, again to the distress of linguists.

This is demonstrated in the online Internet Business Logic system.

It works as a kind of Wiki for executable English content. Shared us is free.

It's at www.reengineeringllc.com , with examples that one can view, run and change, using a browser. You can also write and run your own examples, again using a browser.

Not recommended for linguists with high blood pressure (:-)


Writing the Rules

Adrian Walker

Rules in open vocabulary executable English over SQL

As a follow up to this most informative article on rules, folks may be interested in some emerging technology for rules in open vocabulary executable English over SQL.

The technology works as a kind of Wiki for writing and running applications in a form similar to syllogisms.

It's live, online at www.reengineeringllc.com , and shared use is free.

There's nothing to download, just point a browser to the site to view, run and change the business intelligence and other examples provided, and to write and run your own examples.

The underlying engine gives the rules a highly declarative meaning. For example, changing the order of the rules does not change what they do.

From the rules, the engine can automatically generate and run SQL that would be too complex to write reliably by hand. The engine can also explain the results of running the generated SQL, in hypertexted English, at the business level.



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