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Drones will be able to carry 120GB footage of you in the shower if Seagate has its way


Re: "Drones" ... "footage of you in the shower"

What reaction did you expect to your Daily Mail headline n'est pas?


Re: "Drones" ... "footage of you in the shower"

"Shame on you.

You're better than that."

Once upon a time, maybe. No more! Sad days.


Re: Not much news..

And cameras. Don't forget to ban cameras ... like this one https://youtu.be/_P18JOsdlFU


If you're worried about Drones then you're going to poop yourself at these ... perfectly legal ... available from your local Curry's Digital for £220 and completely, and totally silent.


Now stop worrying about noisy and heavily regulated Drones use! FFS.


Re: Where are the Drone Jammers then?

Seriously? ..... Really? .... You're actually buying into the ridiculous sensationalisation?

YouTube any flying drone and tell me that you and everyone in the area will not be able to HEAR let alone spot a drone hovering outside your bedroom window. Go on. Just do that simple little thing.

Before you go out a commit an OFCOM offence you probably ought to do some research also on radio signal jamming and the limited amount of legality that surrounds that. Also shotguns, how'd you fancy doing time for using one for destroying property.

Self-driving Google car T-boned in California crash


Re: Is there a story here?

Remove the Neanderthal from the white van's driving seat and a lot of this kind of stuff simply goes away.

True. I read it somewhere.

Hey British coders: DevOps – you're doing it wrong


Why Am I Confused?

Every time I see the expression "Dev-Ops" I just want to bang heads against the wall. If this cannot be consistently explained, let alone consistently deployed then its just the next in a very very long line of IT BS doing the rounds yet again. I've been reading about IT aligning with the business for nigh on 40 years. Hasn't anyone actually got it done yet? Well, that is, outside of any IT shops that I seem to know or exist in. I've had my fill of snake oil decades ago and am not partial to it these days. Dev-Ops. Really. Next!

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