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Is this the last ever Lumia?


Windows10 Mobile.

In the future your mobile device will be the answer to all. No computers at home just your mobile. If Microsoft don't get this right it's all over for them as it will be the biggest sinking ship in the history of mankind. (No joke!). The players for that kind of a future is already panning out. Looks like China will have one or two of these companies that will build these devices. Maybe two in the Americas but also 1 or two else where could possibly Africa. It's no longer about Operating systems it's about who will have the mobile phone market. MS has left it very late and if the Win10 fails on mobile their dead and buried. So, Mr MS get your finger out of your **** and sort Win10. I love the Idea of this OS but it is very bad at the moment with no stability in sight after 6 months of waiting for a stable Win10. BTW the version number no longer has any value as the phone will just go through the motions of auto updating from what I understand. If I'm wrong you can let me know here! @TerraHawk1963


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