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Weather forecasters are STILL banging on about 5G clashing with their sensors. As if climate change is a big deal


Frying tonight (or when it arrives)


Gather round, friends. Listen close. It's time to list the five biggest lies about 5G


5G as a frying the body radio technology

Try this


It could be you: National Lottery hands £16m to England's Jodrell Bank



An astronomical amount surely ed?

Brit MP Dorries: I gave my staff the, um, green light to use my login



Red light surely, ed?

Quebec takes mature approach to 'grilled cheese' ban


Fromage Correspondent ...

Should be signed From age correspondent in Mapleland

Skype for Business is not Skype – realising that is half the battle


Not for me

Microsoft did a great job of turning me off Skype. And a number of colleagues who used it. No wonder they bury user number in Office

Mysterious Gmail account lockouts prompt hack fears


Anyone not had this?

Happened to all 3 of the family. Is there anyone out there who hasn't been required to sign in again?

EMC/Dell deal respectfully caps the minicomputer age


Wang from Ch11 to transformation

Indeed Joe T headed up Wang out of Chapter 11 and transformed it with the skillful acquisition of Olivetti's international systems business to form Wang Global. Then surreptitiously sold to Getronics and there's another story. He did well from the venture as you would expect of of Joe T. And then onto EMC ....

Kindle Paperwhites turn Windows 10 PCs into paperweights: Plugging one in 'triggers a BSOD'


You need to be prepared for any eventually with the Win10 beast.

12 July when KB3172985 (OS Build 10586.494) was applied, the system was wrecked. I had to resort to USB and lost all data.

As far a Amazon is concerned, I've ditched my Kindle. When I want to do a free download, Amazon routes it via itself and wants to charge me. It's not so much a tab as a business model for Amazon.

BT sees 35% sales gain as it digests hearty EE meal


Reform the BT Group to resolve the OpenReach issue? Sounds like Groundhog day

Streetmap's lawyer: Google High Court win will have 'chilling effect’ on UK digital biz


Time to regulate

The market dominance of Google means it's time to regulate. It's a big animal and this needs to be done at European level. The reference to the EU Competition Commissioner gives the right route. Just like the telco incumbents and the law passed to regulate from which we have openreach split off and a competitive field in telecoms / broadband, the same move needs to happen to Google. (Facebook, Apple too). El Reg, start a campaign. Go for the MPs who quizzed Google over its tax and give them this regulation prize to aim for.

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