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What is sexsomnia?


It happens to Females too...

According to the article the study was mostly on males...I am female and I have had similar experiences with my husband and others previously:

While "out cold", at least I believed I was, my husband enjoyed my caresses and apparent moaning. He, wakes up and does what any man would do...he even says he thought I was awake though my eyes were closed...but I moved and responded...In the morning I have memories of dreams that seem sexual in nature but I can't remember them clearly. I ask him if we had sex, and he responds, "yes, don't you remember..."

Then there are times when I have woke up during the act of sex and been extremely mad because I didn't want sex and I had made that clear before going to sleep. But when I get angry he just says "well, I thought you had changed your mind by the way you were acting..."

Now it is difficult because I believe that this must be happening to me since I have faint recollections, but I never know if my husband is going to use it as an excuse to start things on his own and blame them on me...



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