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Too many leftover screws? Ikea website backend goes TITSUP

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The site seems to have just flat packed up.

Who fancies a six-core, 128GB RAM, 8TB NVMe … laptop?

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Re: Hope they More Reliable Than The Old Model...

I'm currently typing this on a Dell Precision 7510. I've ben using it for over two years and have suffered no hardware faults.

There have been a few minor software issues, and the pre-installed Ubuntu failed to get past the initial "Select your country" screen and wouldn't boot after that, but a fresh Ubuntu 16.04 on a USB stick fixed that.

I wouldn't mind the updated version, if not just for the reduction in weight.

Take-off crash 'n' burn didn't kill the Concorde, it was just too bloody expensive to maintain

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One of my greatest memories from childhood (late 1970s) was when my parents somehow wrangled an unofficial behind-the-scenes tour of Heathrow. We were shown around a number of hangers with various planes in. We were able to go on board the planes, as well as walk around under them.

The last plane we were shown was a BA Concorde that was being cleaned up and serviced between flights. We walked under it, then climber the surrounding gantry and went on board.

Because of maintenance work being carried out, the nose wheel was retracted and we were told that we could go into the cockpit and take a seat at the controls, but only two of us allowed in at a time in case the plane tipped up and caused damage.

After that we went out on the gantry around the Concorde and the best bit was we were able to stand right in front of the plane and look in the cockpit windows. Then I reached out and shook the Concorde by the nose. Awesome!

A pity I've never flown on one, or even seen one fly. Just plenty on the ground,

Who will fix our Internal Banking Mess? TSB hires IBM amid online banking woes

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I've been banking with TSB for nearly 40 years. In that time I've only seen a small number of minor cock-ups (two staff issues, one computer), but this one is just ridiculous.

I've been trying for days to make a transfer to another account (not TSB) before that one goes overdrawn, but it says my password is the wrong length. I've also been trying to pay off my TSB credit card, but get the same problem.

Also, the site is really slow. I get templates showing, then when I select an option it just shows as a blank screen for ages before the details appear. Someone has made a bad technology decision here.

Today when I try to log in (normal login screen, all details correctly entered) I get "you have successfully logged OUT".

I don't want to switch, because the staff in my local branch are really nice, and usually very competent and I know this isn't their fault at all. *sigh*

At Christmas, do you give peas a chance? Go cold turkey? What is the perfect festive feast?

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I agree with most of the above comments, I do enjoy a nice goose at Christmas. Yes, even with yorkies* and gravy.

We also sort out a platter of various cooked/cured meats, breads, cheeses and things to nibble on.

We also have a few "exotic" items in the form of sausages. This year we have Wild Boar, Reindeer, Goat, Llama and Horse.

I may even cook a vegetable to go with all that meat.

* Available from your local kennels

OVH goes TITSUP again while trying to fix its last TITSUP

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Re: "something to which answering questions from customers does not usually contribute."

Cheap they certainly are, very good value. That's why we use them and also why we use another supplier in case of failure. Last night was fun...

Boss put chocolate cake on aircon controller, to stop people using it

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I once was handed an inkjet printer to fix. I found it was full of old dog food and doggy hair. It turned out that it had been used at home and the family pet had taken an interest. That took some cleaning out but I was able to get it working again. I suppose I was lucky that it was just food and hair.

Hot news! Combustible Galaxy Note 7 to return as 'Galaxy Note FE'

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Here's hoping that FE stands for Fixed Everything.

Would you believe it? The Museum of Failure contains quite a few pieces of technology

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Re: Sweden

The Vassa is still an impressive ship though, safely propped up in a dry-dock where she belongs. I visited the museum a few months ago.

I didn't notice what OS the PCs were running.

Two new Raspberry Pi models emerge steaming from the oven

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"Are they going to make sufficient quantities of these"

As the Compute Modules are designed as a mainstream commercial product for industrial scale use, yes they will be available in large quantities. That's kind of the point of them.

"My experience of selling hardware based on a Zero does not endear me to further use of RPi products for my next venture."

You're using the wrong product then. The Pi Zero was produced as a sideline for a (supposedly) small hobbyist market. It isn't mainstream at all and wasn't designed for people who wanted to market products around it.

What should the Red Arrows' new aircraft be?

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Four Concordes in formation was pretty awesome.

Raspberry Pi 3: Four days old and already flying

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Re: Great if we can ever actually buy one

I ordered my Pi Zero last Thursday and it arrived on Monday :-)

Raspberry Pi 3 to sport Wi-Fi, Bluetooth LE – first photos emerge

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If it's just BLE/WiFi it's of no interest to me.

I see the ACT and PWR LEDs have moved. That'll mean the (rather nice) official case will need a redesign, which is a shame as otherwise it looks like it should fit just fine.

Prison butt dialler finally off-hold after 12-day anal retention marathon

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Which network was it on? Could it have been a 3rd?

Picking apart the circuits in the ARM1 – the ancestor of your smartphone's brain

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I managed to get a look at some bits of the Acorn internal memos concerning the ARM2 and its support chips on the original Archimedes design. Very interesting. Discussions about what audio capabilities (stereo output and/or input) on the IO chip and "how much sand it would require" :)

I found the ARM1 to be a great chip to use on my BBC Micro and went on to create stuff on the ARM2 and 3 on my Archimedes.

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