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Openreach's cunning plan to 'turbocharge' the post-Brexit economy: Getting everyone on full-fibre broadband by 2025


Better insulation standards would bring down the heat generation capacity of a boiler.

However builders keep lobbying against better build standards for insulation, energy saving and energy reduction.

Rust in peace: Memory bugs in C and C++ code cause security issues so Microsoft is considering alternatives once again


Re: Eh?

I run clamav on my NAS box (running Linux) and some of my linux boxes as they provide backup space for my windows boxes... So far I've only picked up viruses from email backup and backups of Windows boxes.

Linux 5.0 is out except it's really 4.21 because Linus 'ran out of fingers and toes' to count on


OpenGL implementation status & personal experience

Personally I've had way too many problems with the nouveau drivers to even consider using them. I've still got one laptop that I need to sort out after an upgrade where everything points to this driver. I just can't get the desktop to start. Really need to find the time to do a backup and clean install.

I'm having no issues with the i965 drivers with Mesa on my fallback laptop.

I use the NVIDIA drivers on Linux when I need to do GPU debugging and performance analysis.

The following is a great site to see the state of Mesa support for OpenGL version and the different drivers:


Linus Torvalds pulls pin, tosses in grenade: x86 won, forget about Arm in server CPUs, says Linux kernel supremo


Any professional programmer will test on all the supported targets. If you have set up your build & test system correctly then the overhead should not be unmanageable.

When I did development for Java I also test on the target JVM (developed on the Sun/Oracle JVM, deployed on the IBM z/OS JVM with some interesting bugs too).

Hello 'WOS': Windows on Arm now has a price


Re: Intel sueing in 3... 2... 1...

Almost everything I compile is targeted at i5 or newer running Windows 7 SP1 or newer (ignoring Windows 8/8.1) depending on what the customer asks for. If they want something older or a different processor it costs extra.


Re: How much?

Picked myself up a returned Dell Inspiron 13 a couple of months back for ~£230. Usual price is > £500.

The laptop has a touch screen, tablet mode, full windows 10, 1TB drive, 4GB of memory. Absolutly nothing wrong with it at all. Did not look like it had even been turned on.

Installed Ubuntu on half the disk, as I need both OS's. I manly needed the laptop for testing software with an Intel GPU.

Ubuntu runs well. Windows not so well.

Chrome on both struggle after you have 5 or 6 tabs open.

Could do with at least 8GB of memory though!

BT pushes ahead with plans to switch off telephone network


Re: Digital Fibre Future

Love the mistyped date:

> All exchanges were not digital by the mid-1908s

Eight months after Equifax megahack, some Brits are only just being notified


Who was the data collated for

Having had my fingers burnt with this one I would like to know who the data was collated for.

So far Equifax has been very quiet on this.

The identity monitoring tool of thiers is not particularly good. It keeps emailing me to tell me that its found something. I'm reluctant to sign up for the more intrusive monitoring as you have to give them even more personal information and given that they have already lost a load of personal information it does not bode well for trusting them to keep the data safe.

Busted Windows 8, 10 update blamed for breaking Brits' DHCP


Re: Use Google DNS

I believe I never said that DHCP had anything to do with DNS.

You do however get your DNS setup via DHCP unless you set your DNS addresses locally.


DHCP and DNS may be the issue

I had a neighbour with this problem last weekend.

They had been sent a replacement router from BT but still had problems.

I changed their Windows 10 PC to use google's DNS servers and everything started working again.

All my windows PC's use fixed DNS servers and I've not run into this problem so far.

I've not had any real issues with my HH4 and FTTC. The only real issue I have with the HH4 is the complete lack of being able to configure them to my liking, such as pointing at a set of DNS servers that are not BTs. Any suggestions?


Re: Use Google DNS

I've been using Google's DNS on all my Windows PCs at home for ages.

I've been changing my neighbours to use Google DNS when they have been having connection issues.

My first assumption was a DNS server issue at BT.

BT broadband is down: Former state monopoly goes TITSUP UK-wide


Bt down in west sussex

No internet since 3pm.

BT website down. BT help lines not responding.


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